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Topic: Welcome to Night Thoughts, The Writings of Daniel Kemp

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Posted: Dec. 16 2002,11:36 pm

I don't know if this is the place for it or not, but I felt I needed a place to let the day settle into the night and off my shoulders. Nothing important.........most of the time. Just some of those.......night thoughts.
Today was another windy day, hurricane kind of wind, for the third day in a row. I actually went out and pulled the little metal shed off the fence for the second time today. It has hardly been so bad since I have been here. And as for winter, who knows when that is going to show up. Probably about the time I'm driving to Seattle for the holidays. Yep, that would be swell indeed.
Just finished watching Reign of Fire. I like flicks that are a touch above the "B" rating. Mad Max. Highlander. Escape From New York. And so on. This one was interesting mostly to see how Matthew McConahay (or however it is spelled) changed his look for the show. Nothing like the guy in U-571. Much beefier and less hair. Wrestler mania kind of guy.
The morning started out pretty rotten. Not so much for me as my little one. I woke up to find she'd become sick during the night and never bothered to say anything. Good morning sunshine!!! She and I stayed home today, otherwise she would have gone to pre school and I would have....whatever it is I do when I'm staying home because work is slow. We watched Stiitch. I have become a huge fan of the little blue beast. I bonded with him immediatley. Reminded me of myself, at least during the first of the flick.
I suppose thats enough till then.

My wings have fallen back to earth.
Will I ever know the worth
Of all that remains undone?

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Disciple of Death

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Posted: Dec. 17 2002,11:13 pm

:worm: Alas, here it is again.  :eyemouth: neat*

The infernal empire can "kiss" my swiss chesse Dracula!

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The Puchan Quark

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Posted: Dec. 18 2002,2:01 pm

Your writing made me realize why the representation in this avatar has been a part of me ever since I first saw it.  After the recent move I discovered that I just didn't sleep well without her image present.   The artist called her Cancer, but I think the image of night is as clear as that of the nuturer.

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the Grand Wazoo

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Posted: Mar. 09 2003,5:15 am

I just wonder - after spending a while reading over this forum - is there any possibilty of mankind recognizing the fact that divinity is divinity? Godhead is godhead, godsoul is Godsoul?

Does it really matter what shape/form/masque it wears?

Will we ever, as a race, evolve to the point where we can interact with each other peacefully, coherently - and more important - meaningfully?

These days - it would seem not. But will we ever escape the distinctions of good vs. evil and just come to the realization that we are all human?

Or does this just make too much damn sense to satisfy everyone?


Ron Wood

Mystifies Me

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Posted: Mar. 09 2003,6:39 pm

Unfortuanatly Daniel, this seems to be the case. What is most logical is the most difficult for people to accept. All the other stuff gets in the way...it screws up the world, and thats just sad.

Maybe one day...I dunno.  :shake:

"I'll walk you through the nicest parts of hell..."

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Lady Death

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Posted: Mar. 09 2003,6:52 pm

As long as mankind tends to view things as black OR white, I cannot see this changing in OUR lifetimes. Perhaps when people get over the urge to separate those things which have been, are, and will always be ONE...maybe then, people will begin to understand that we're still talling about ONE COIN with many facets, none less important, less beautiful, less "divine" than the other.

"Death stands above me whispering low, I know not what into my ear; Of His strange language all I know is, there is not a word of fear."

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Posted: Mar. 12 2003,1:55 pm

I often, unfortunately, fear as if these words are too true: "Mankind will destroy itself, it is their destiny". But only those who long- SOUL long, as so few (it seems) of us do, could understand how I wish that it could be so simple. That we could all realise we are all human and it matters not what mask we put upon the divine.

Exulansis; Altschmerz

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Posted: Mar. 18 2003,6:25 pm

Dnekm, your question is quite simple but still it could open a lot of gates for many people... I myself have felt once that there is ONE SINGLE POWER that navigates us all basically but leaves the very course to US!


No Hope = No Fear

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the Grand Wazoo

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Posted: Mar. 19 2003,3:27 am

Is it just me or am I just mad?

Divinity is different than culture.... divinity is what (I think) each of us feel, deep inside when we gaze out longingly (or not) upon the stars at night, attempting to comprehend existence, the fullness of its scope and our own place within it all.

It is that feeling that simultaneously engulfs one with a feeling of overwhelming consciousness and dwarfs one with a feeling of overwhelming, very centered minuteness.

Large and small, at the same time.

This is something beyond words, descriptions. Therefore beyond cultural differences. We all ascribe different words to such feelings of the infinte, eternal, godhead - what have you. Because we have all been raised differently, with different images, belief systems, etc...

But they all reference the same thing.

My only question is that why - if we all share some resonance to this concept, that of divinity - the knowledge and meaning of all things.... and of our own place in that which is eternal - our very localized existence within this lifetime, but not the entirety of our existence.....

Why cannot we perceive that there are simply many facets through which this is viewed? Each different facet is as of a pair of eyes, through which we, as incarnate mortals - see the divine through our own veils of mortality.

"God", "god", "gawd".... any interpretation of the divine - the absolute existence beyond all existences - that which we are constantly all part of and exist within - can have as many names, as many veils, as many faces as there are individual pairs of eyes doing the discerning....

No matter how we phrase our observations, it all comes down to the same thing in the end. We all look into the mirror which is eternity....

Ron Wood

Mystifies Me

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Posted: Mar. 19 2003,8:39 am

I agree with you completely, Daniel. To me that individual and unique perception is the beauty of it, really. And the particulars of those moments when we connect with the infinite often serve to color our experience as well, whether it's sitting beneath the sparkling night sky or in a quiet room with silent tears running down our faces as the realizations click. Reminds me of a poem I was quite taken by many years ago--- "Each in his Own Tongue"

Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who only dream by night. -Edgar Allan Poe-

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