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Topic: Death in the News, version 2
the Grand Wazoo

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Posted: April 02 2003,2:58 am

Please continue....  :hippy:

Ron Wood

Mystifies Me

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The Puchan Quark

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Posted: April 02 2003,8:43 am

This morning again roused urges to maim the press core. :cussing: 
Its wonderful to announce the rescue of a POW, but to announce that unidentified American bodies were found also is either cruel sadism, or total lack of feeling for the families of the rest of the POWs.  Why can't they keep their damn mouths shut till they know who it is and the families are informed?!?!  It doesn't take that long and this info helps nobody.

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Posted: April 24 2003,2:07 pm

i have been very sad by this whole war. i live in a hugh military area and the LOCAL news is full of tears and pride. my daughter just got out of the army in october after 5 years. if she were in a combat area i would have to be sedated. i see the fear in the eyes of the wives and parents who are interviewed all the time and my heart just goes out to them. i think it is easy to just remove ourselves from the war and go on about our lives. at the same time there are horrible experiences and death happening to people . i was not in favor of this war. in some circles here i am not so popular because of my war views. nonetheless...my heart is broken for these people whose lives are so shaken.
in response to the post br TAIN..i agree with you. i think that the reporting could be more sensitive to waiting families back home.

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The Puchan Quark

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Posted: April 25 2003,12:39 pm

Citymorgue, I have spent my whole life living around the military (father was a career USAF).  I have been in the group accompanying the chaplain for deasth notifications more than once, because the lost pilot was under my father's command.  I also was one who was informed of the death of a family member by seeing it on the 6pm new first during my freshman year of college.
I have NO patience with reporters being inthe face of the grieving!  

But on the other hand, I have a rather callous attitude toward the tear-stained faces of family members in hysterics because their spouse is honoring the commitment to serve that put food on their table, a roof over their heads and medical services most of us cannot afford in the civilian world.  Children are a different matter.  They were consulted in the decision.  But a military wife who puts on these shows should be ashamed and, frankly, ignored.  She was well aware of what the price could be.  Unless there is a death involved, that's one of the few instances where I think stoic forbearance should be expected.

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High Necromancer

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Posted: May 13 2003,4:05 pm

Did anyone see those rather stupid movie trailers where the girl goes "there's been a rift in Death's design"; the basic premise being that a bunch of people lived by "cheating Death" and now he's trying to kill them?  :bash: Can't stand these stupid movies that have zero plot and do nothing but promote ignorance and fear.  :cussing: And apparently it was a sequel, which means it's even dumber than the one that came before it!


Dying is a wild night and a new road. --Emily Dickinson

High Necromancer

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Posted: May 14 2003,12:08 am

HAHAHA! you mean Final Destination 2 aka
Death Goes to Hollywood 200!!!

Hehe...Think this belongs in the movie thread.(I'm waiting for the video release, the first one made me jump loved it!!!)

Ok aside from that...the news.
Death in 2003 is just a number, the grieving are just a photo op.
Movies, and television programming has not desenitized the masses enough, so they have to blow things up, keep people buying their giant sized lies and feeling nothing at all.
For some odd reason I felt for the people in this war, on both sides. Until I realized again that both sides are blind mercenaries for unjust rulers leaving the bloodied mangled lives of civilians behind, then my mercy cup is bitter and full of hate.

I think perhaps there should be a new Death Toll Meter, one setting for the century, one for the decade, one for the year, one for the week, and one for the day..and the news should just show the numbers like they do the lottery. Occasionally pointing a finger at whose fault it was. Maybe keeping tally of deaths caused by action/inaction/stupid laws of world leaders.

It just seems like lame punches to the solar plexus, these nightly reports colored : "today death occured, BE SHOCKED!, and drink pepsi, buy an SUV."

Oh but I have some death in the news!!!
The world ends TOMORROW!!!
Thats what a japanese cult says, the dumb asses.
Let me get you some link...
News from the UK
Geeks discuss, I debunk, and Panawave pics on page 2

ok I realy must find my tin foil hat, the overlords of tau ceti have known my thoughts for too long today!

Take breaks and stretch.

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Lady Death

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Posted: May 14 2003,7:13 pm

Hey here, Torzu! Glad you're back  :beer:

Geez! They do come out of the woodwork once and a while. After all, it has been quite a while now since the last "End of World" hoopla. I think the fact that the world didn't end as it was SUPPOSED to on the eve of the turn of the century kind of took the wind out of any further end-time schticks.

Glad to see ya around  :hippy:

"Death stands above me whispering low, I know not what into my ear; Of His strange language all I know is, there is not a word of fear."

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Nebulae Architect
Infernauts' Scald

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Posted: July 05 2003,6:07 pm

Barry White is dead... I don't have albums from him in my collection but still I will be missing his uniquely deep, velvet voice  rip

Nebulae Architect


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Posted: July 06 2003,10:01 am

My favorite bit of recently glimpsed "news" ---this was one of the tabs--was that Osama and Saddam were LOVERS!  Great manipulated photo, too!
And I know ALL ABOUT those tinfoil hats--they work better if you use them with a colander.
russalka :laugh:

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Posted: July 06 2003,4:18 pm

Quote (russalka @ July 06 2003,11:01 am)
My favorite bit of recently glimpsed "news" ---this was one of the tabs--was that Osama and Saddam were LOVERS!  Great manipulated photo, too!

Yikes!  Don't tell Satan!  Actually, let's tell him - then he'll kill Osama in a jealous rage. :cartman:

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