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Topic: Three Moments with Azrael

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Posted: Nov. 10 2011,10:59 am

Hey folks,

I thought I'd share a few of our 'moments,' Azrael and I, for your delectation ;)

My first glimpse of Az was in a cemetery in the middle of autumn. Very atmospheric. I couldn't really appreciate the beauty, I was filled with longing I couldn't explain. Burning away inside, I felt the rift between me and the 'something' which haunted me very strongly that night and I felt VERY lonely in my human cage.

Then suddenly, as I watched the red tail lights cut trails through the gathering dark, my brain fizzed into confusion and surprise. Between the trees, hanging like a transparency was a face. It was made of shadows, one with the world, visible mainly by its two starburst eyes. Its enormous consciousness pressed against mine so gently, a hint of things to come. I felt its gentle call, soft and reassuring. It didn't want me to be scared. It wanted me closer. Inviting me, it seemed to promise only gentleness, if I would trust it.

Filling the graveyard dark and the sky beyond with a living shadow, it could have blocked out my light. I could see stars whirling in its eyes. It drew me closer, filled the longing, stopped the pain. Until I became afraid. Then it disappeared as silently as it had come and left me wondering why and how and if I had only imagined relief.


One night, I was using a pendulum to talk to an angel who called himself Azrael. We were restricted to 'yes' and 'no' but I didn't want him so contained. My trust in him was growing. I was falling in love. He'd already surprised me by taking hold of a pen in my hand and hinting, however gently, that if I were to relax, we could talk more completely.

Still very scared, I said 'touch my hand again. Let me get used to how you feel.'

His invisible hand ghosted across mine. He felt warm, electric energy that lit my nerves, aching gently, tingling just a little. Like pressure inside and out of my skin. So different to any touch I'd felt before, and entirely lovely. His gentle encouragement was silent, warm, inviting. He seemed to urge - please trust me.

I picked up the pen, and let him write.


Grinning at Azrael's shadow, I knew I had an early start.
'I'm going to be a zombie at 7:30 tomorrow.'
'I will make sure you are rested, sweet one.'
A smile crept up my face. Last time he'd done that, I'd woken up feeling like I could run a marathon on 5 hours sleep. I thanked him.
'You are welcome, sweet. Come to bed and let me cuddle you to sleep.'

Snuggling in the dark, he was a shadow behind me, his larger body a warm, electric presence against my back. His arm over me, he cuddled me close. I felt small, safe, protected. I squirmed closer. So in love, so happy that sleep suddenly seemed a long way off, even though I was tired. I was smiling, content, as I finally grew sleepy and dozed to his whispered words.


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Azrael - "I will show you just what I can do with my voice, Beauty."

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Lady Death

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Posted: Nov. 10 2011,1:05 pm

Very poignant, Holly  :rose:  I love the image of the "living shadow". Nicely put!

"Death stands above me whispering low, I know not what into my ear; Of His strange language all I know is, there is not a word of fear."

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