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Registration Date Feb. 18 2001,5:05 pm
This member's number 3
Last Profile Update Nov. 17 2007,6:47 pm
Last login date: Feb. 02 2016,1:58 pm
Last Post Leilah last posted in Westgate Announcements in Westgate T-Shirts are b ack!!! on June 30 2015,9:10 am
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Member Level Lady Death
Interests Encounters with anthropomorphic personifications of Death/the Angel of Death/Azrael/Grim Reaper/etal, necromantics, cemetery culture, unusual near death experiences,( not fluffy NDE's,), paranormal phenomenon, anything to do with death and dying, read our site...you'll see ;-)
Location The Wilds of Acadiana, Louisiana...post Katrina...NOLA Gypsy
This member's real name Leilah Wendell
Signature "Death stands above me whispering low, I know not what into my ear; Of His strange language all I know is, there is not a word of fear."
Home Page http://www.westgatenecromantic.com
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