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Topic: Angel of Love, Azrael As matchmaker

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Posted: Aug. 10 2015,6:06 pm

Good Evening Everyone. It has been a VERY long time I know. I have been through a great deal. I was VERY sick for a long while. I also fled an abusive husband once I became well. I was with him for a long time. In the beginning he was charming but once we married it all changed. I fled the summer of 2013 after four trips to the hospital for domestic violence issues within months of each other. I called my mother the day I was discharged from my 4th hospital visit. I collected my cats and left all I had including my house which I bought due to a fan of my singing who left me in his will upon his death. I lost everything for safety and a new start. I had NEVER planned on dating ever again. LOVE just wasn't in my life plan and I wasn't going to even take another risk. I had severe PTSD from all I went through. I STILL have it. It is as if I have been to war and back. War changes people. Since I left my ex-husband, I have been praying to Azrael constantly....just for strength, and comfort. He was ALWAYS kind of my FIRST love!! Its been a rough road. ONE day, a young man contacted me THROUGHT this website. I had posted a poem about abuse in the miscelaneous sections when I first started experiencing abuse. It was called "IF". He is also a wounded soldier and understands the effects of war.  He contacted me via email and we met. I was reluctant but wanted to get out for awhile. He also was FAR from my type. I had nothing against him. I just wasn't attracted to ANYONE at this point. As we met a few more times......he was very kind, and comforting. He understood PTSD like the back of his hand. He wrote me poems and brought me flowers. He WASN'T threatened by my talentat all nor family or friends. One day he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was reluctamt and it took me a long while to agree. One day I DID. We had been walking through a favorite cemetary at the time.We both looked up at the sky and a CLOUD had formed almost an EXACT image of Azrael....scythe and ALL.....bones....you could see even the rib cage very clearly! It was HIM and I knew he (Azrael) wanted me to try to love again. It hasn't been easy but this man is the most patient and gentle person I have ever met. He doesn't call me nuts when my PTSD acts up. He just embraces me and does all he can to help me lovingly heal. Anyway....I just felt drawn to share this experience since I consider Azrael the most loving of angels....why WOULDN'T he send love the way of a person who really needs it.

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Posted: Aug. 11 2015,12:00 pm

Very sweet story.  Looks like you've met your soulmate.


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Posted: Feb. 26 2016,8:27 am

That's such a lovely, touching story :) I'm so glad you found some happiness after so much pain.

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Posted: May 01 2016,2:35 am

Your story is beautiful, powerful and made me happy.  Thank you for your devotion to Azrael and to yourself.  Enjoy your bliss and happy healing! :clap2:

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