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Topic: Easy access...., ... good or bad?
Ravin X

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Joined: April 2002
Posted: Feb. 16 2003,6:29 pm

Definently a debateable topic.
I enjoy having the luxury of the search engine,
yet also have done things the older, harder way.
I remember the thrill of the search and actually
finding what i was looking for,
but must add, sometimes its just as hard on the
internet, sorting through pages of trash to find
that bit of truth, that its not quite "easy access".


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rot prophet
High Necromancer

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Posted: April 09 2003,4:56 pm

Quote (dnekm @ Dec. 22 2002,4:13 am)

"The internet is a worthwhile tool for information, and disinformation. Does someone brought up in todays world know enough to recognize the difference?"

One can only hope that the bringing up is a continual affair, and that thought itself will keep doubt about, for good measure.

But, we must wonder, with more Earth robes standing up everyday will there be more who want to know less (as knowing is so catastrophic at times), and if so how is that Not a situation to contend with?

Let's hope the capacity to discern doesn't wither.

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Posted: April 10 2003,7:45 am

Indeed the Internet is convenient at many point especially when it comes to find something... But there comes a moment when you start thinking of this how many other have been here or there before that so the sacral glee that your question(s) have been answered is gone irrevocably. Besides, the easiest way to find something is almost always followed by the easiest way to lose it  :laugh:


No Hope = No Fear

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Master of Shrouds

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Joined: April 2003
Posted: April 10 2003,5:36 pm

In  the old days, the journey and anticipation of looking for a book, or finding one that leaps out at you has sadly had its day  :cry:

Getting dressed in your gothic fineness, catching the bus listening to your walkman blaring the Sisters of Mercy, walking through the city on a cloudy day, bumping into other 'mages' and stopping to have a coffee while talking the occult, and then browsing the badly lit occult bookstore for that book that's been burning a thought in your mind.

With sweaty palms and a large amount of glee, you walk over to the large 'occult' section and peruse it's contents - the book you want it there! (amongst heaps of its kind)

You pick it up and feel and electric charge through your arm, you leaf through the book, and wonder at it contents, imagining what new secrets and skills it will depart to you. You walk to the counter briskly, throw the money on the counter, and make your way to a park bench to begin reading, too eager to wait for the 1/2 hr bus trip home!  :headbang:

10 years later......

Now in boxer shorts, by your lonesome, you can do a search for Angel magic, Druidry or Chaos......the old occult bookstores are now brightly lit with too many books on Wicca, a small part of one shelf is dedicated to 'Dark Side' magics....perhaps 3 books......

It's just not right  :cussing:

"I'm the resurrection-man, who steals his own corpse
and abducts himself to the beloved catacombs and vaults".

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Joined: Sep. 2002
Posted: April 11 2003,2:19 am

YEs I find that things will find you most of the time If any one catches my drift.  Want to hear some thing hilarious barnes and noble moved their "occult" section away from the "latter day saints" section. I guess too many preppie wannabee X-tains got caught by their mummy and daddy reading how to levitate their boyfriend's southern regions.  :laugh: They keep their tarot cards behind the cashiers desk so that you have to ask to read the back of the package to see what else they may come with, along with many other "questionable things" like Anton's book. Seperation of church and state is a big joke in Uduh.(what's hypocritical is the sex section is on wide display.) They are always trying to make things hard to access  for those that are non X tian. They even blatently  state how pompous they are. They put out a snow ski sign out for Brighton ski resort ( hmmm can we guess who owns the ski resort): 100" of snow   We think it's clear who God likes best! Oh yeah most of the books Barnes and Noble  and other book shops does carry here are non other than ( can you hear the trumpets?)  Llewelen.   :shake:

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Posted: May 02 2003,9:49 pm

i think that the internet brings like a community to groups of information. it's one thing to research and find the lines of thought you are looking for...it's very much another thing to communicate with people who are drawn to the same topic you are. on almost any subject the internet provides you with an instant community built around that topic. i think that's a good thing.

in my mind,in the underground in my mind

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the Grand Wazoo

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Posted: May 18 2003,2:40 am

The only downside to the instant community is that it may tend to eradiacte what is called "soul searching"....

Instant access to information cannot replace the distilling of information within yourself, individually - especially if that information was hard to come by in the first place.

Think about it - if you have to search out, over the course of years - information, track it down little bit by bit, through references in obscure books... or if you can access anything at your fingertips... which are you more likely to take the time to digest fully and make it your own? Something that you had to search for and put personal effort and time into? Or something that you know you can easily call up again via a search on Google?

Ron Wood

Mystifies Me

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Lucid Kaos
Soul Reaper

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Posted: Dec. 04 2003,3:48 pm

I am undecided about the internet EXCESS :hippy: I have always enjoyed the romp for hard to find books and the unending gallavanting for like minded individuals to interact with. Although I no longer search for books or like minded people much these days(preferring solitude)...I still look back on my quest(for lack of a better term :laugh: ) and can't help but smile and shake my head.

If I have found any treasure after all these years on the net, I would have to say that the treasure I have found is this website, the forum and my brothers and sisters that post here. :rose:

Media vita in morte sumus - In the midst of life, we are in Death

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the Grand Wazoo

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Joined: Aug. 2002
Posted: Dec. 07 2003,1:50 am

Welcome back ECLIPSE  :hippy:

And thank you for your comments  :eyemouth:

I have pretty much stopped reading anything "occult", and also look back on my search with fondness.

Solitude and introspection are a vital part of... giving birth to your own ideas and expressing what you truly feel. Which is why I view the "easy access" bit as.... unnatural? For one can easily flit from idea to idea without any real digestion of them. No stepping back, no contmplation - just the constant clicking of the mouse to see what else is new.

Or maybe I'm just old...  rip

What makes a book more special? Searching for it through bookstores (new and antiquarian), mail order catalogues from rare book dealers & personal contacts made over the years or going to Google and finding a .pdf file of it?

(not directed at you, just a general thought)  :hippy:

Ron Wood

Mystifies Me

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Posted: Dec. 08 2003,11:08 pm

When I lived in The Big City (Chicago) there were lots of nifty little dusty weird bookstores where I spent a great deal of time and money, so I love the atmosphere and the thrill of the hunt. But these days, I'm stranded in semi-rural Oregon, so I'm a BIG fan of Amazon. I am developing a rapport with some local book dealers, and we do have a university library here. But I miss those dim golden days in the stacks of the old U of C library, true university Gothic, with lots of nooks, crannies and hidey-holes. And the feel of a book in the hand is something no keyboard can ever reproduce. So while I accept the dubious blessings of technology, I prefer the hands-on approach. I'm so f*cking romantic. :color:

Let me guide myself with the blue, forked torch of this flower
down the darker and darker stairs where blue is darkened on blueness
even where Persephone goes, just now, from the frosted September
to the sightless realm where darkness was awake upon the dark

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