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Topic: Easy access...., ... good or bad?
the Grand Wazoo

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Posted: Dec. 22 2002,4:13 am

Okay, let's see what this turns into.

Leilah and I had an interesting conversation tonight. Along the lines of whether it is better to have the ego bubble burst when you are younger or when you are older.

Hear me out on this one.  :hippy:

When we were first getting into things... metaphysical... we were both young. we had no internet and had to look for knowledge the hard way, tracking down obscure books and references via libraries or used books, or rare book dealers.... Basically - information was not easy to come by like it is today.

Is this good or bad? Does the elusiveness of certain information make it more - worthwhile? impressive? does it create more of an impact if you find it in some old book after searching for years for it or if you can look it up in a moment online?

Does someone searching for the necronomishit today go back all the way to HP Lovecraft and realize it is fiction or do they take the word of numerous websites that claim it is real? Do they ever see the humour in the numerous pastiches that have been published?

The internet is a worthwhile tool for information, and disinformation. Does someone brought up in todays world know enough to recognize the difference?

Back in the stone age (when we grew up) - information was more difficult to come by and one tended to live a portion of their lives in a certain isolation from the rest of the world - enabling you to form your own beliefs and experiences and also to lock out the rest of the world in lieu of interacting with the subtle world of energies and impressions. Getting to know and be exposed to that which is beyond the physical, and more importantly - that which is beyond the pixel...

Any thoughts?  :worm:

Ron Wood

Mystifies Me

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Posted: Dec. 22 2002,6:45 am

I personally turn to the internet only when I get so frustrated over looking for something for so long I can't stand it any more, and I REALLY want to know.

    I do think it is more satisfying to find it the old fashioned way. It seems more profound, and allows the word "occult" to retain it's true definition. But if people prefer the internet, good for them (but yeah, I agree there are too many falling for the "Necronomicon is real"/ H.P. Lovecraft was a necromancer/black magician" type stuff).  :shake:

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Exulansis; Altschmerz

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The Puchan Quark

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Posted: Dec. 23 2002,2:42 pm

As one who grew up in the echo of library stacks, I turn first tot he internet, but I am usually pressed for time and can search while working.  Often its my method for narrowing the search before going after the source document.

However, once that is done I still prefer to do "in depth" research the old fashioned way and read it from the book.  

Other than the mere logistics of research through libraries and private collections, is the fact that each institution culls their selection according to their own resources and focus of interest, which results in de facto censorship.

As for the internet generations appreciation of their resources, I don't think they have been taught how to discriminate according to the reliability or quality of their sources.  We all know search engines don't do this, so I hope they are learning at least by trial and error.

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NOLAs Raven
Luna Witch

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Posted: Dec. 23 2002,3:02 pm

I say ya gotta take the good with the bad.  There's always gonna be people out there that think they know what they're talking about.  I believe in today's time using a combination of books and the internet and going with your gut instinct can be the key.   :color:   Only through time will one become seasoned.

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Beast of Xvim

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Posted: Dec. 23 2002,11:07 pm

Sometimes we give more value to those things that you worked hard to learn, or something that was really difficult to reach. Don't you feel more up on the scale or learning when you fill up a test and got all the answers right or at least most of them, than have all them right in the cheating way?

Internet is a good tool of information, yes, it worths more when you have in your own hands the material you need when you look for it.


In a way, not way....

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Nephillim of Darkness

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Posted: Dec. 24 2002,5:55 am

I would have to say that I miss the way things once were. I miss the "thrill" of searching for the old books, the smell of the libraries sub-basement and all. The instant-gratification granted by the internet/www truly leaves something to be desired. The mysticism of it all no longer seems to be there-- a simply search on Google tells you everything you ever wanted to know. And to me, reading this screen is simply not as phantasmagoric as finding the old books and sacred writings as I once did. I recall the old ways before the computers, and I truly miss them.

I prefer the old way. Yes, computers have indeed made it easier to communicate with those of like-mind, but they have made it all seem "hollow" and easily found. The "quick-gratification" seems empty to me... so empty... and so cold...

And though I love computers, I often find myself regretting their existence.... the world used to be so large, and now it is soooo small..... :(

Rev. Lord Dellamorte
The Temple of Azrael

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Posted: Dec. 29 2002,2:33 pm

You have to differentiate between entertainment and a person who is on a spiritual path. A person who is on a spiritual path will find it impossible to get information before it's time or probably won't seek it for not knowing it exists. Things have a way of happening on a schedual when a person wants information that bad. Doors open and close to lead the seeker to knowledge. Search engines can't stop a knock at the door from distracting a wayward seeker. As for bursting the ego bubble, die young, keep you're mind pretty.


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Lady Death

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Posted: Dec. 29 2002,7:04 pm

As far as I'm concerned, nothing beats searching for that one elusive book...and finally being able to hold it in your hand. Something you can't do with a webpage...which, unlike books, may disappear when you look for it the next week!

Think of it this way, if EVERYTHING we ever knew was on a webpage, how the hell would history have ever been recorded and stored for future generations. We all know the fickleness of websites. One day they're here, the next they're gone. All that has ever been transcribed has and will continue to change life as we know it.

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Posted: Dec. 29 2002,10:06 pm

Nothing really compares to the deep level of satisfaction upon finally holding a book in your hands after a long treasure hunt....or even stumbling upon a few phrases that prove to be a personal touchstone. As accessible as the Internet may be, it's pages ARE fleeting. I appreciate it, but don't value it as highly as something I can touch or see or smell--perhaps it's also in my perception. I don't connect with it on the same level. Probably has much to do with age and how those first valued discoveries came to us...... :pinkmouse:

Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who only dream by night. -Edgar Allan Poe-

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Posted: Dec. 30 2002,3:00 pm

OK....let me honest here "I miss the drugs!"   :hippy:  (First getting into things!)   I think you can relate.  But in my opinion NO bookstore could provide what WESTGATE and Amazon does !!!!  I too love perusing in old bookstores...love the aroma of old books...but hey when I want it I want it NOW!!!  Perhaps I'm spolied...  :2bounce:   opinion given.......I want BOOKS OF THE DEAD...and I want 'em now......seems lately I don't have patience to peruse.   :cry:   I've lost a lot of what I used to be.......


dark angel...~O~.....

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