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Topic: Which is the Track you'd love to be burried with?, Same
Fiancee of Thanatos

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Posted: Aug. 28 2009,9:50 am

Since I am hopelessly nerdy :idea:, I would like the following:

The opening part of my memorial service, perhaps a sort of processional for the guests, could be the hymn "Shall We Gather at the River" -- although without the words, or with new lyrics (if I ever write them). I don't care for most of the traditional words (not bad, just not my cup of tea), but the music is lovely.

The service itself may take place right before, or shortly after, my body is placed on a scaffold (or something resembling a Parsi "Tower of Silence") to be consumed by birds. Perhaps the ritual would culminate in the act of laying me out on that final bed; perhaps people would rather lay me out first, then hold a service afterwards -- and  not at the site. Either way is fine.

It should be a simple service, with people sitting in a circle and remembering me. There should be poetry readings (of my poetry and other relevant poetry), fond recollections, jokes...

Then, at the conclusion of the service, or at an appropriate "climactic" moment, people should play Mozart's "Masonic Funeral Music." Since Wicca, my religion, is derived in part from Freemasonry, Mozart -- an initiate of Freemasonry -- was the closest thing to a Wiccan in his day. And he's my favorite composer. So there could be no better tribute to me than this piece. It possesses a profoundly sad, wandering quality, but it ends on a beautiful note of perfect, divine serenity.

"Death is the mother of beauty." -- Proverb

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Posted: Sep. 03 2009,7:41 pm

Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and Meddle
Some mixed classical music, In the Hall of the Mountain King, Beethoven's 9th etc.

What, huh?

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Dangerous Sock-puppet

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Posted: Sep. 09 2009,4:50 pm

Mmm...Id pick Ulver, "Eos". Its from the album "Shadows of the sun".

I love that song, I love the album too, but that song is so..far away. I mostly feel like that.


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Posted: Sep. 11 2009,11:49 am

Quote (Jentzi @ Sep. 09 2009,5:50pm)
Mmm...Id pick Ulver, "Eos". Its from the album "Shadows of the sun".

I love that song, I love the album too, but that song is so..far away. I mostly feel like that.

That song and that album are brilliant. I bought it the day it was released and have listened to it almost weekly ever since. (long time Ulver fan here)


"Tis we, who lost in stormy visions, keep with phantoms...."

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High Necromancer

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Posted: Sep. 16 2009,6:27 am

We had a funeral for Gunnar (Reverend Dr. N) and we played the following, as per his wishes he once told me:

The End- The Doors
Who wants to Live forever- Queen
Cosmic Dancer-T-Rex

He also had written in a journal that he wanted "Mad World "  played from the Donnie Darko Soundtrack, but, we downloaded it and it wouldnt play. although I sent someone to FYE last minute, they did'nt carry the soundtrack, and he loved that song so much it brought him to tears when he was alive.

Other songs we played:

"Alone" by Gunnar N. (his own beautiful song he wrote and recorded)
"Wish You Were Here" Pink Floyd

And we played some of his original music by Darks Pandemonium. I think he would have really liked that.

"Death may be the greatest of all human blessings."

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Rachael the RedHeaded Angel

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Posted: Sep. 16 2009,10:34 pm

...enigma-gravity of love..

In the Summer my eyes were opened
In the Fall I dug my grave
In the Winter I wandered into a world of wonder.
In the Spring I'll repeat the same.
But when will Autumn come?
And what will it bring?....

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High Necromancer

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Posted: Sep. 18 2009,10:15 am

My brother who is afflicted by a very weird sense of humor, said he wants "Cold As Ice" by Foreigner.

I thought mine was bad enough:  "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen

But, I have some serious picks:

Gloomy Sunday by Christian Death (Gitane DeMone)
Flowers By Rozz Williams
Dust in the Wind by Sarah Brightman
Don't You Forget About Me by the Simple Minds
Cosmic Dancer by T-Rex was supposed to be mine, hehe, but Rev. Dr .N said he called it first, and since he was the first to pass away, it was rightfully his, I suppose, And it really described his life, and its such a beautiful song
I have even considered "Blood From The Air", by Coil, but that might make people freak out too much. the lyrics are:

A sleeping explorer
his wandering mind
crossed over the border
a mind like a cemetery
where the corpses
are turning
where the bodies
twist deep
in the frozen grip
of a dreamless sleep
then the lowest
comes up
like a wreck
from the depths.
He hears night calling
and has dreams
of waking
here in this brightness
that burns like
slow lightening
he sees words
burnt in ice
reads, "The World is
a Wound".
Effects of the animal -
Animal sound effects
He says, "Death
he is my friend
He promised me
a quick end".
Says, "The world is
in pain
and should be
put down
and God is a sadist
and that he knows it".
The depths of the
night sky
reflects in his eye
He says,
"Everything changes
And everyone dies".
And the night
slits her veins
and the
darkness drains
and the void
rumbles in
like an
underground train...
Forever comes closer
the world is in pain
we all must be shown
we must realise
that everyone changes
and everything dies.
(And the music itself is so dark and very creepy.)

I haven't given it too much thought, Only that I would definatly like at least one song that would be silly in that situation, to lighten the mood. I know I will not be sad, and I dont want anyone else to be. I will be rejoining all my loved ones on the other side, and those left here will see me again, when the time is right.

"Death may be the greatest of all human blessings."

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Posted: Aug. 15 2010,2:19 am

Somehow I sense that the silence of death will be music enough to my ears, and I will not care much for any artificial ambience.

This aside, once I had a dream in which I was watching a funeral procession, in which all of the mourners were chanting in a slow and rhythmic way... the chant was a series of repetitive verses which eventually faded away as they passed down the road.

It was only later that I realized what they meant, and their awesome significance in light of the situation.

The verse went something like this:

You've got to know when to hold 'em,
Know when to fold 'em;
Know when to walk away,
Know when to run.

You never count your money
When you're sittin' at the table;
There'll be time enough for countin'
When the dealin's done...

(repeat ad infinitum)

+Percurrimus foedus cum morte et cum infernus fecimus pactum+

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