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Topic: Your Theme Songs, What would herald your entrance?
Lost Soul

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Joined: April 2003
Posted: April 12 2003,4:20 pm

Carl Orff's Fortune, Empress of the world the sickest most bad ass song in the world....Its the song in most movies where the hero dies or is doing somthing cool...I have no clue what they say in the song but i hope its somthing really cool

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Rev. Dr. N.
Leper Messiah

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Joined: Sep. 2002
Posted: April 12 2003,5:46 pm

Greetings Everyonedies,

Being one of MY absolute favorite pieces, I have the lyrics and translation to them from Latin on my site.

Just go HERE if you or anyone else is interested.

It's quite powerfully depressing, actually!  :cry:

- If Jesus comes, he won't forgive me. "Nothing's true," is what he'll say. "In your mind, I see that something is changing and, in your time, you'll see that all this could have been a lie."


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Posted: April 12 2003,7:05 pm

Thanks, Rev!!!  :beer:


No Hope = No Fear

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Joined: Jan. 2003
Posted: April 12 2003,9:14 pm

"Reptile", by NIN. (Actually, a LOT of songs by NIN, but I'll choose this one for now) Don't ask why...it just suits me at times.

"I'll walk you through the nicest parts of hell..."

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Joined: April 2003
Posted: April 19 2003,9:21 pm

break on through by the doors

in my mind,in the underground in my mind

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Lucid Kaos
Soul Reaper

Posts: 265
Joined: Nov. 2001
Posted: April 22 2003,6:26 am

Theme song...I'll throw in one plus an alternate. " Hallowed Be Thy Name" by Iron Maiden or "Under The Sun Everyday Comes and Goes" by Black Sabbath....On an earlier note Simon and Garfunkel will always have a spot for me "Dangling Conversation" and The Sound Of Silence are a couple of favs.

Media vita in morte sumus - In the midst of life, we are in Death

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Posted: April 22 2003,7:31 pm

Okay, I have settled upon just one for sure. It would absolutely have to be "Puritania" by Dimmu Borgir.  rip

Exulansis; Altschmerz

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Joined: July 2003
Posted: July 17 2003,1:53 am

only time by enya...ok so i might be a lil bit yuppyish  lol...or maybe sleep walk

~~`"One day, out of darkness, they shall meet, and read life's meaning in each other's eyes."`~~
           Susan Mara Spalding

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Lady Death

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Posted: July 17 2003,6:49 pm

I like Enya quite a bit. My personal favourite is "When Evening Falls" (I THINK that's the title). And I very rarely care for female singers.

"Death stands above me whispering low, I know not what into my ear; Of His strange language all I know is, there is not a word of fear."

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Nephillim of Darkness

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Posted: July 18 2003,3:56 am

Enya or Sade or Caroline LaVelle can sing over my grave anyday... or even that lady from the Cranberries... or.... ummm nevermind. I seem to have a thing for Irish/Scottish female vocals...

Rev. Lord Dellamorte
The Temple of Azrael

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