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Topic: Your Theme Songs, What would herald your entrance?
Friend of Death

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Posted: Mar. 26 2003,2:42 pm

WOW. that's a great song, wraith! :clap2: ...& seldom recalled today, too. one of my big Simon & Garfunkel favorites, though, is Hazey Shade of Winter.


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Posted: Mar. 26 2003,8:22 pm

That's a good one as well, Holden. There are so many songs that came to mind for this topic. I mentioned it to a few people at work with interesting results. Several of them had an immediate answer, which surprised me. I thought about it all day. Blood and Roses by the Smithereens is a favorite of mine, and Deliverance by Mission Uk just for the pure sound of it. In the end I chose one that had an impact on me in my youth. I haven't owned a copy of it for probably a decade, but clearly remember the effect it had upon me.

Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who only dream by night. -Edgar Allan Poe-

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Rev. Dr. N.
Leper Messiah

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Posted: Mar. 27 2003,12:06 am

wraith, your telling of mentioning this topic at your work reminded me of why I ever thought of it in the first place.   :idea:

Back in '93 I used to work in a music store (CD's, tapes, etc.), and, probably due to watching all the different types of people walk around the store, while being forced to constantly listen to the horrible "play-tape" of popular singles, which the home office sent every two weeks, (imagine having to hear the same Michael Bolton :puke: or Kenny G. :hang: type of songs over and over for eight hours a day! :banghead: ), my co-worker and I came up with the idea out of boredom.

Though my co-worker thought that MY song should have been that dark theme which follows Darth Vader around in every scene where he's walking somewhere in Star Wars, I decided upon the one which would best encompass my inner and outer self, back then and still to this day: "O Fortuna", the first movement to the great "Carmina Burana". The music would build as I walked somewhere, and hit it's famous peak just as I would enter through the door.

Unless, of course, I was driving somewhere. Then, I would have to be followed by the theme from the movie "The Omen"!  :headbang:

- If Jesus comes, he won't forgive me. "Nothing's true," is what he'll say. "In your mind, I see that something is changing and, in your time, you'll see that all this could have been a lie."


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Posted: Mar. 27 2003,3:34 pm

mmm, Simon and Garfunkel. How eloquent and peaceful.    :hippy:    And "O Fortuna" will always be a classic!  

well right now I was thinking "Nemesis" by Shriekback, but I think I've settled on just one... the first track off the album Semantic Spaces, by Delerium. Commonly called 'Rain', although I don't think its really called that. but anyhow... :rose:

Exulansis; Altschmerz

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Posted: Mar. 27 2003,10:17 pm

OK...guilty of lovin' Simon & Garfunkel....they had some really great songs... :2bounce:   Still lovin' Tom Waits!!!   :beer: Oh, Dr. N I love the Omen...soundtrack AND movie........ :headbang:  

 darky   rip    :rose:    rip

dark angel...~O~.....

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The Puchan Quark

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Posted: Mar. 28 2003,1:10 pm

The Omen used to give me the creeps when the soundtrack played during my "graveyard" shift at the hotel I worked at when the movie came out.  But I really like it now.  Someone at the office has Tubular Bells as their ring-tone on their cell this week.  I have GOT to find out who it is!   :beer:

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Lady Death

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Posted: Mar. 28 2003,8:40 pm

I'm with you, Darky! Simon and Garfunkel did some very poignantly dark music that folks never seem to give them credit for.

"The Sound of Silence"
"I am a Rock"
"A Most Peculiar Man"
"Richard Cory"
"The Dangling Conversation"
"Juniper & Lamplight"
"Somewhere They Can't Find Me"
"Old Friends"

Go here for a list of their song lyrics. Forget some of the radio crap you may have heard as a kid. http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Rhodes/9574/lyrics.htm

"Death stands above me whispering low, I know not what into my ear; Of His strange language all I know is, there is not a word of fear."

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Posted: Mar. 29 2003,6:20 pm

I suppose Aghast's "Enter the Hall of Ice" would do for the moment...


No Hope = No Fear

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Posted: Mar. 29 2003,11:01 pm

Sucidal Tendencies - No Fuckin Problem

In Darkness IS Peace

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Posted: April 09 2003,2:00 pm

Back in Black



'Tis midnight's dark hour; the hour by thyself appointed: delay not, therefore, thy promised embrace'

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