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Topic: Does Anyone Know How To Call The Dead ?, Necromancy
Disciple of Death

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Posted: Nov. 23 2008,12:19 pm

How 'bout talking to our dear Azrael frist my lady satanica huh?  :eyemouth:  ha ha ha mmm yes*  :rose:

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Posted: Dec. 02 2008,2:35 pm

Quote (Lady_Satanica @ Oct. 09 2008,11:34am)
Hello Everyone, I have been away for awhile, due to the grief and mourning of my mothers death, which just passed on July 25th of this past summer. Anyway i am not taking it well, and its not getting any better either.

I have been trying to call my Mothers Spirit to come to me either in a Manifestion, or through a Dream. I have been praying and calling her name, but i am not having any luck. I also tried calling my dad who used to come to me before but he has stopped quite a while now. Many so called psychic mediums claim that they can talk to the dead, and also others who claim that they can as well.

Does anyone know how i may get my Mothers or Fathers Spirit to Appear to me, either in the waking world, or in the Dream world . Because i have been trying now for almost the past 3 months with no luck. I tried praying, Meditation, burning Candels and insence, i even have an ancestral altar set up, but so far no luck, can anyone help ??

                                                       Donna rip  rip


I am sorry for your loss, but I am compelled to share this with you.  Forgive me if I am out of line, or if I have interpreted things incorrectly.  I have often seen a similarity with those who have lost someone as well as those who I've been called to assist in their letting go and passing on.  Those who are passing on are usually more worried about the loved ones they are leaving behind than they are about what's going to happen to them.

And those who are left behind (aside from the grief of losing a loved one) often agonize because there was something they always wanted to say and never said it.  If you are one of those people, then there IS a way you can get the message to her without her re-appearing to you.  Simply get a candle, doesn't matter what kind or color, use whatever makes you most comfortable.  

Turn off the TV, the phone, the lights.  Make sure you will not be bothered by anything until you are finished.  Sit comfortably in front of the candle, and light the candle.  Focus solely on the flame of the candle, and address your mother.  Speak out loud, tell her what you want to say.  Tell her that you love her, that you miss her, tell her you're sorry, tell her whatever you want her to know.  When you're finished, then take a few moments to breathe and come back to yourself.  Blow out the candle and go about your day.  

Know that she will get the message.  Your mother has already moved on, but her soul, her spirit will get the message.  You can do this with anyone who's alive or passed on.  The healing effects for both involved are enormous, but please don't use this to harm someone, for you're affecting yourself just as much as the person you're speaking to.  

I did this with my father, who had abused me as a child.  He'd had a heart attack and they thought he was going to die.  Fearing that I'd never get the chance to say what I wanted to say, and knowing he was too far away to reach (across the country) I used this technique.  I fell asleep in front of the candle, completely exhausting myself in my attempt to purge and ultimately forgive.   I poured out all the rage and anger until there was nothing left but love and forgiveness.  And then I forgave him and let it go.

The next morning, I was told that he had a 'miraculous' recovery.  He still had to have surgery, but it wasn't nearly as bad as the tests had shown.  I, however, felt much better.  I actually lost 20 pounds of physical weight in that day's time.  I had been carrying around so much that I should have let go of a long time ago.

So yes, this is a very simple thing to do but also very effective.  If what you ultimately want is to speak with her, then simply send her a message and know that she WILL recieve it.   Perhaps then you can begin that road to healing.  

Again, I am sorry for your loss.


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Posted: Dec. 02 2008,2:39 pm

Forgive me, I just read the post where she visits your Aunt.  So perhaps she is still around.  That being the case, then know that she will get the message if you send it to her, and the method above is a powerful tool to send her just such a message.


I bring change, resistance is optional, growth is not.  Choose wisely.

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Posted: Dec. 19 2008,8:43 pm

Quote (Lady_Satanica @ Oct. 11 2008,2:08am)
I just never got the chance to say good-by to my mother, as the day she died she was unconscious in the ICU Room, and i was crying over her before she died, she died 3 hours after i left. She already appeared to her Sister in a dream, my aunt told me she was looking so pretty and young and she just smiled, but did not talk. I still long to see her.

Having just been through something similar, trust me when I say that even though she was unconscious, she KNEW you were there, she 'saw' you, and she FELT your thoughts. You did say goodbye simply by being there, and letting your emotions flow.

In situations of coma, induced or not, I believe - based on my own observations - that the soul leaves the body quite a while before the mechanics wind down...and sticks around for a bit afterwards. You may not see her in dreams for a while, but that doesn't mean she's NOT standing right next to you as you go about your daily tasks.

I'll site a specific example.... after my grandmother died, and I was sitting alone next to her body, I silently asked her to send me three very specific signs that would confirm that 1. She was present to hear me ask, and 2. She had happily gotten to her desination (where ever it may be - she was a devout Catholic). All three signs were sent no more than 24 hours after her death. "Coincidence" was NOT possible as they were complex requests - one of them totally defying all laws of Science. I saw her in a dream a couple days later...but my mother, and 2 sisters who were very close to her themselves, have not yet seen her. I think its different for everybody. Grief plays a part too... its good to grieve, but not SO much so that it disrupts your soul in a negative way.

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Posted: Mar. 15 2009,4:22 am

=( I don't care how many ppl tell me to be "strong" and get over my grandmas death or the fact I know someday my parents are going to go as well. The reality is there and devastating...

I'm not a nercomancer much but..in some ways...the Spirit realm is like the ocean, we don't understand all of it and only know so much about it's watery depths..but...every once in a while someone you love will send you a wripple and you'll know they are with you.
And your love is what you give them in return..
Just close your eyes and follow what you feel
kind of like with music..
You can't see music, but it's sound waves are always there..
kind of complicated to explain =s

In the Summer my eyes were opened
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But when will Autumn come?
And what will it bring?....

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Posted: Mar. 17 2009,7:33 pm

This isn't really just for this post, but just for anyone who may bee feeling the same way and read this.

A lot of times someone's "mourning" comes from their take on death in general.  How you really view death will effect how you feel when someone close to you dies.  If you view death as a loss or fear it, nothing but pain will come from it within your mind.  If you see it as "going to a better place" with God(or what you believe) and knowing that now they will always be with you now in heart and spirit, looking down on you always... you will not feel it to be so bad and actually spurn happiness.  

Something needs not "manifest" to show they are around or communicate.  Just a feeling is all it takes.  Don't want to sound crude, but wanting to see and hear one who has passed like a "beeper" is no different than telling them to selfishly "come back to life".

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the Grand Wazoo

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Posted: Mar. 20 2009,10:58 pm

I never got to say goodbye to my father and thought that would be more of a bad thing than a good thing.....

But, after many years, I have found it to be more of a good thing. Because in some odd way I got to say my peace to him in my own way - through myself - and also because he has become a part of me......

I feel that those who have touched our lives, whether they be cats or people, continue to touch our lives as long as we remain open to them.....

It is our remembering of them that enables the tenous link between our consciousness and their energy to remain. Things (animals, people, etc...) that have touched us will continue to touch us - always.... For they have imparted a bit of themselves unto us....

In my particular case, my father has become a larger part of my life than I ever thought he would - simply because down the road after his passing I have opened myself up to that level of communication than I ever could while he was alive...

It happens, just do not try to force it....

Ron Wood

Mystifies Me

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Posted: Mar. 24 2009,5:35 pm

yes I agree with Daniel don't try to force it. Things will come when they are needed. Make sure that you pay close attention to  your dreams and hidden messages,that can be a primary contact, don't fret if nothing comes for a while.


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Posted: Mar. 25 2009,4:48 am

"The Unquiet Grave"

Exulansis; Altschmerz

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Posted: Mar. 25 2009,4:08 pm

Neat poem.  Glad to have you back.  :rose:


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