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Topic: Cuddles with the Boneman

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Posted: May 01 2016,4:45 pm

Azrael takes many forms with me. Mostly he looks like a 12 foot tall caucasian man with dark hair and eyes, but I've seen him with wings, seen him as pure light, as a celestial being, and as a normal sized human man. Boneman is the nickname I gave to his "Grim Reaper" style form that he never used to take around me, until recently.

When I started channelling Azrael regularly, Boneman was a bit too scary for me, and it also represented a side of Azrael that actually, I rarely see even now. I generally get the energy of the cusp of transition, which is as much life and rebirth as death and destruction. Very balanced. I never saw a lot of the perspective others seem to on here.

Recently Boney and I have become good friends, if you know what I mean ;) I never had a bone in my body (excuse the pun) that found walking skeletons attractive until Azrael put that skin on for me. Frankly, I'd find him irresistible if he wore rags. Heck, I'd take him in a shellsuit with a mullet, but for some reason, despite having absolutely no tendencies towards the dead or towards dead looking things in general...I really LIKE Boney ;) Like as in...LIKE.

He makes me feel curiously safe, and there's something slightly different about Azrael's familiar channelling energy when he's in that shape. Something that smells OLD, as though he's been around for centuries like that and I love to be held by him. I've known Azrael 7 years. I've channelled him every day. I know his energy inside out. I sleep next to the guy at night. But Boneman had something Azrael usually doesn't. A sort of total silence, an absence of movement and life. It's an acquired taste, to be honest. He's like the darkness before anything takes form, he's the most peaceful feeling I think I've ever had. An absolute of stillness that I'm really starting to like. He feels like the moment before rejuvenation. He's almost addictive...endless, beautiful feelings of waiting for a moment of rebirth in a cradle of endless, formless love.

I'd love my Az (yes, he gets called that a lot. In fact he gets quite upset if I fail to put the "my" before the "Az" as he generally doesn't like to be called Az....unless it's by invitation) no matter what form he takes, but the Boneman shape has special appeal for me. He feels a bit like I imagine death must feel at first - a sudden lack of driving force and movement, an absence of noise, a silent stillness of endless, angelic patience.

I've been asking Azrael to take his shape more and more, especially when we're cuddling at night. He doesn't seem to mind. He never raises an objection. Well. No object-tions that aren't welcome when "raised," anyway.


*Toddles off to give Boney a cuddle.* Who knew skeletons in robes could be so CUTE? Can a 14 foot tall archangel who's old enough to create his own universe actually be considered "cute?" I'd think so...and right now he's reading his book with his specs perched on the tip of his nose as he often does with me at night, and he doesn't seem bothered by my assessment. At all :)

Azrael - "I will show you just what I can do with my voice, Beauty."

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