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Topic: Frustrations - Angel/human love ignorance!

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Posted: Feb. 26 2016,9:17 am

I spend quite a bit of my "internet" time on various spiritual forums, sharing what I've learned about self and life in whatever way I can, because I made the link between psychology, spirituality and metaphysical experiences and realised that a lot of people are excluded from greater spiritual experiences because of poor management of their own psychology. So I, foolishly, decided to try and help people break down those internal barriers.

You know what happens? People listen right up until the point they find out that I learned my spiritual awareness from Azrael, who's been my guide, friend, husband and yep...sexual partner...for years. Once they figure this out, they spend more time trying to disprove and discredit us both, and telling me he's a fallen angel or demon and obsessing over the fact our relationship contains (sacred) sexual contact, than they do really listening to what we have to say. If they did, they might realise the real issue - their minds are stopping them from connecting to get their OWN spiritual guidance (that's usually why they're asking spiritual questions in the first place!)

Does this aggravate anyone else? It's like...you mention his name connected to romantic or (sacred) sexual content, and your credibility seems to just go out the window. It's apparently fine if the spirit in question is your so-called "twin flame" or "soul mate." In fact it's fine for aliens, fairies and all manner of weird and wonderful creatures that people say are their non physical partners. But not OK for an angel, even though most of the people doing the criticising have never actually met a real angel or had any contact with the metaphysical world themselves. It grinds my gears to the point I've considered giving him a different name in public and not telling anyone who he is. But to be honest, it'd be a lie, and I can't be bothered to people-please. Certain people in this world need to learn that these angel/human intimate relationships do happen, whether they agree with it or not. This is down to the church preaching anti-sexuality nonsense, I'm sure of it. I don't think it has anything to do with real angels, it's just cultural religious bull.

I just think it's a crying shame that people seem to focus so much on the sexual aspect of our relationship and utterly ignore the message. I'd give up telling people...but the trouble is by giving up I just give the impression it's OK to continue in abject blindness to the wider realities available to living humans. It allows people to cocoon with their comfortable illusions and by being unknowingly ignorant, they affect society and culture in such a way as it would remain difficult for people like me who do have an unconditionally loving and sexual relationship with a "non-physical" entity to be open about it.

It's also a matter of breaking down barriers of psychology and cognition, which would allow us to rebuild a better version of the world privately and collectively.

Yet people only see the lovemaking.

Why DO people have such an issue with sexual union being a part of contact between angels and people? Making love to Azrael is beautiful, holy, sacred and unconditionally loving. He's the most gentle, constructive, brilliant creature. Everything he does with me intimately lifts me to a higher expression of myself. Our sexual contact teaches and expands and enlightens. And it's beautiful, beyond anything else I've ever experienced on Earth.

THAT is apparently "wrong"...and yet the cold, casual, meaningless sex people indulge in is socially, perfectly OK?

Ugh. Rant over. :) :rose:

Azrael - "I will show you just what I can do with my voice, Beauty."

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