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Topic: Communions- Sexual Rituals of Darkness, Necroerotic practices explored
Fiancee of Thanatos

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Posted: Jan. 21 2010,12:35 am

I'm glad to see it "resurrected" too. (Ah, a thread about Death, brought back to life! A gentle irony, perhaps?) I've read some previous posts in the thread, and a passionate one (quoted here, below) inspired me to write a response having to do with my books...then it ended up going into much deeper -- and hopefully poetic -- thought.

Quote (THE DARK ANGEL @ June 15 2004,7:57pm)
 Many of you may live in "death's closet"... so to speak..... afraid of divulging your passion for the "Death Energy" because people may think you're strange.  Some may commune with the Death energy in the cemetery....that's ok and it's what I do.   Some may read all the books on "Death" that they can get their webbed little fingers on.  Excellent I do that too.  Some may visit a wake and touch or hold the deceased to be nearer to death.....that's fine I do that too.  But when you commune...I mean really commune with His energy do any of you feel so absorbed, overwhelmed, engulfed and swallowed whole by Him that you end up in an explosive union???  

Love Always,
 darky   rip  :angelic2:   rip

Oh, yes, how could I forget my books! I have roughly two whole shelves of books on the subject of "death and dying"; most of them fabulous bargains at book sales (consequently many have call numbers; they're library rejects). Some are about psychology and grieving; some about suicide; many on bioethics and euthanasia; and several on corpse disposal, in our society and in different cultures. My very favorite is the giant tome "Death to Dust: What Happens to Dead Bodies?" by Dr. Kenneth Isersen (now in an expanded second edition). It's hilariously funny as well as serious, with unusual stories (e.g. about the funerals of the famous), jokes, and LOTS OF POETRY!

Sometimes just reading the descriptions of what happens to corpses in Nature -- consumption by animals, insects, and microorganisms, or just dissolving into the earth -- gives me at least a tingle of sexual pleasure. Sometimes more! It brings me in touch with the essence of life: death as nourisher of life.

It just occurred to me: Death is inherently erotic because both death and sexuality are necessary for the creation of new life.   :baby:

That's nothing new, of course; it just struck me suddenly, as something that may not be readily obvious. Science backs up the close association: just read "Sex and the Origins of Death" by the biologist William R. Clark. He reveals that the earliest organisms, one-celled beings that reproduced asexually, did not die from genetic aging (or "genetic senescence"); they died from merely "wearing out" from environmental wear and tear over time. Sexual reproduction coincided with the origin of "death" as in "death from aging": programmed death at the cellular level (although the whole matter is very complicated, because some sexually reproductive organisms, including some types of trees, do not age genetically). This may have been to make sure that there's room for the next generation.   :baby:  :baby:  :baby:

Sex and death. Who could not see a linkage between these dancers in the dance of life?   :rose:

"Death is the mother of beauty." -- Proverb

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Posted: Aug. 16 2010,1:32 pm

This is an interesting topic, and one which by its very nature is highly subjective and personal in its approach. As such, I make no attempt to speak outside my own realm of experiences on the matter and can only explore it in a 'stream of consciousness' sort of way...

For me there has never been a separation between the deepest parts of the psyche when relating to either death (physical) or eroticism (spiritual). There seems to be a tendency for the average individual to read into this somewhat and mistake this for either a morbidity or a perversion (or both!) but neither can be further from the truth. From the concepts of 'Thanateros', to the metaphor of La Petite Mort, to the surrealist explorations of linking sex and death in art (e.g.: Salvador Dali, Jean Delville, Franz von Stuck, Gustav Klimt, etc), to personal experiences which make no distinction between the sensation of "Death Energy" and "Pure Bliss"... There is undoubtedly an inseparable connection between the two which needs only be experienced to be understood.

This experience cannot be rightly defined as a 'sexual' one, and to do so runs the risk of misrepresenting the lasting effect that it has upon one's psyche. In some ways, perhaps, sexuality itself is guided (albeit elusively) by this deeper knowing within our unconscious mind and guides us towards experiences that allow us to commune with this Being; ultimately it seems fruitless to try and analyse the experience intellectually at all, because it does not reside in the mind, but somewhere much deeper.

(...For some reason as I type this my mind keeps visualizing an Egyptian mummy. The brain has been removed and used for mundane purposes but the genitalia is left intact and carefully preserved. Exactly halfway between these two organs lies the heart, which will be weighed on the scales of Osiris...)

Back on track. I believe that a key to the link between these two compelling forces (Thanatos/Eros) lies in the fact that the Angel of Death will often appear in dreams as a haunting figure of extreme attraction. What makes this figure 'haunting' is the abstract sense that the dreamer actually "knows" them from somewhere but cannot place where... perhaps from another, now forgotten dream? Often this Angel will appear as the most darkly idealized sexual compliment to the dreamer, and will leave a lasting impression well after waking. One could even say that a person's choice in physical mate is always in some way a reflection of this dream-apparition.. imperfect but similar in some respect or another. What other reason would the Angel manifest in such a manner if not due to the inseparable relationship between Death and Eros?

It was suggested to me once that through life, through communing with these 'avatars' of the Angel, one progresses upon the path of their True Will. Each encounter becomes a guide, and one's relationship with them is a reflection of one's relationship with the Angel of Death itself. One learns through them and evolves in minute stages through the process of 'Petit Mort', becoming ever more attuned to the vibrational/evolutionary process that manifests upon the point of physical death.

I lack the eloquence to describe this further, but I believe it to be a key to reconciling the polarity of Death and Ecstasy.

*my two cents*

+Percurrimus foedus cum morte et cum infernus fecimus pactum+

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Posted: Aug. 22 2010,7:32 am

...More reflections on the matter...

It is entirely possible that the separation between Death and Eros is a Judeo-Christian perversion in itself, as I do not know of any other tradition in which the mysteries of Death are not seen as psycho-sexual in nature.

The cross itself can be seen as technically a symbol of sexual union, especially when its one of those neat looking "Celtic" crosses with the circle on it... seen quite often in traditional graveyard imagery... And then when one meditates on this correspondency in the context (for example) of the Guéde (Carrafour, etc) one can again see that there is no disassociation between Death, blackness, and sex - and it is by no means a morbid connexion.

[EDIT: I just finished reading this entire thread from the beginning and can only regret that my own contributions seem so 'dry' compared to the erotica of the first dozen or so pages. Aah well... A day late and a dollar short  :doh: ]

Edited by RustIronCrowe on Aug. 22 2010,8:24 am

+Percurrimus foedus cum morte et cum infernus fecimus pactum+

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Rachael the RedHeaded Angel

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Posted: Aug. 14 2014,2:53 am

/)(o.o)(\ omgosh ~blushies~

In the Summer my eyes were opened
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In the Winter I wandered into a world of wonder.
In the Spring I'll repeat the same.
But when will Autumn come?
And what will it bring?....

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