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Topic: Vacations To Dead Places, The Darker Side of Vacationing

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Posted: Feb. 23 2013,5:06 pm

I like to make a mental list of the more interesting places that I want to visit before I die and of course having the interests that I entertain I have come across a nice list both far and wide across the world that would be of possible interest to those that like the darker side of tourism. I got the idea for this thread from something I read on Cracked.com so here is where I got the idea: The 6 Creepiest Places on Earth

One of my favorites from the list is the Sedlec Ossuary or the "Bone Church" so I am going to add a few more links to/about it even though each location listed interested me. It is a popular tourist destination being one hour outside of Prague and the fact that it is a friggin awesome place to go see. Here's some more brain candy about that:
Their Website

This link had a few more pictures than the last even though the the later does have a gallery. The Bone Church

I would love to go and see the Sedlec Ossuary and so many more interesting places. There are so many across the United States (where I am most knowledgeable about since I live here) that we could have fun putting together a list of places not to miss due their darker vibes. Not to limit it to the US, for sure. These destinations that I will research and post from time to time will all deal with vacationing in what I am going to respectfully call "Dead Places".

Jump in, please, and list some places you find fit this description if you wish. I hope we come up with a great list of must-see places! It feeds the dark wanderer in me as I hope it feeds it in other dark wanderers.


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Lady Death

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Posted: Feb. 24 2013,5:49 am

Somewhere on this forum we have/had a lengthy topic thread about such things. Don't know if it's buried down in the page list or if it's a gonner from our many board swap-outs, but feel free to start it up again!

There's also quite a few links to such places on our LINKS page. I will chime in more later when I wake up some.  :headbang:

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Posted: Feb. 27 2013,3:14 pm

I have some time on my hands (I've finally applied for SS disability), so I can do some wandering through the threads if you wish. I love nothing better than helping those I love. And that includes you and Dan, big time! :rose:

rip PaleLady rip

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Posted: Mar. 04 2013,2:20 pm

Ahh... I wondered where I could find more on the topic since I didn't find too much. I will try for no redundancy since I couldn't find the site page listings. I'll look around a little more, too.

I have been to some interesting lesser known places since these are places around where I live that won't be on too many directories. I'm the one calling them interesting so I will dig through my pics stash and see if I can't leave a picture with the descriptions of the places or else if they have a website I'll link it too. Many won't but I will start off again with some that are on the map a little more.

So here is what this guy is calling
25 Creepiest Places on Earth

It has a few repeats from the last post I left but some other interesting places. I don't care what their government says I am still not going anywhere near Chernobyl but it's on there again.

The only reason I wanted to list this video is because of Shades of Death Road in New Jersey. I've been there. I don't remember anything happening at all except it has a cool name.
"Scary Places"

Now I have to go through my bookmarks since I have been collecting pages of interesting places, but I am out of time for the day.

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Posted: Mar. 06 2013,11:27 am

Aha!! I found the forum labeled "Sites".  :eyemouth:

Sites Page From Westgate

After looking through it a bit I see what you mean. There are a ton of sites on there virtual and physical. I'm going to go through them and see what I can find. I will leave the site page link to make it easier. I wanted to share an interesting place that I visit often. It is nowhere in the awesome charts like  The Capuchin Catacombs but it is an interesting place to visit to feel the energies there.

The History of Cheesman Park- Denver

This park was once a cemetery and if you follow the link above it will give you the history rundown. I wouldn't say the place is scary but it has a lot of interesting death related energies there due to it's history. It's location is now part of the grounds where the Botanical Gardens are in Denver.
More History of Cheesman Park

The above link has more info as well. I was walking through the Botanical Gardens grounds outside when I had an encounter with a little boy that seemed to be playing peekaboo with me behind pillars in the garden walk. I had asked him where his parents were but the child disappeared before my eyes. One person in the group I was with had mentioned seeing a little boy playing but the childs clothes did not match this century's style at all. Knowing the history of the area since it was once a desecrated (in my opinion and others I have spoken with as well, agree) cemetery for mostly the poor, but it had plots for the wealthy and middle class, which is now packed with capitol hill mansions, being in the middle of downtown Denver, not to mention they built the Botanical Gardens over it as well, gives it a dark feeling. I feel a lot of unrest in this area. Not only the grounds itself but the streets surrounding it have the same feeling. It is a place with a dark history indeed but nonetheless it draws a lot of people each year to enjoy the beauty of the Gardens and ambiance of the Capitol Hill mansions. If you get a chance to visit sit in the rose garden outdoors to the western most part of the grounds (the former paupers cemetery area) and sensitive or not you will leave with a special memory of what was once Mount Prospect Cemetery and it's restless inhabitants.

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