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Topic: Death of an Animal, what happens to them???

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Posted: Dec. 11 2002,6:27 am

Ah, I can relate to watching out for the ants---is still dark in the morning on my walk to work, and I look out for the snails. It is a deep burden to me to hurt anything. And I also agree about plants as well. I love going out so early under the dark sky and stars. The world hasn't become cluttered with people and cars and their noise yet. If you listen you can certainly hear and feel the wonder of nature, as well as have a much easier time connecting to it. Is the best part of my day, like gearing up spiritually before having to enter into the mundane goings on. I definitely don't walk alone. The air is alive with magic and joy.  :beer:

Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who only dream by night. -Edgar Allan Poe-

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High Necromancer

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Posted: Dec. 11 2002,1:02 pm

Wraith--I can relate. Once I thought I had run over a cat on the highway, and I sobbed hysterically for half an hour (even though I found out soon after that I hadn't hit it.) Just the idea of hitting one made me so miserable! Also, I am never alone in cemeteries--I've been joined by squirels, crows, even deer! Just seeing the way a crow looks at me tells me that Azrael has a special place in His heart for the animals too.


Dying is a wild night and a new road. --Emily Dickinson

The Puchan Quark

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Posted: Dec. 11 2002,4:47 pm

Azrael Knight,  that was the best thing you could have done to wait up for her and just be present while your roommate did what she needed to do to deal with the canary's death.  Thankfully it sounds as if she handled it very well.

Having been through one roommate's loss of a cat that what a nightmare for over a month, count yourself lucky and congratulations on having better judgement in selecting housemates.

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Lost Soul

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Posted: Jan. 26 2003,8:59 am

I think the death of a much loved pet is one of the hardest things in life a person ever has to deal with.  There is however a belief amongst certain native americans of a 'Keeper of the Animals', who is a kind of spiritual guardian to them.  I like that idea, it kind of makes think that such a place as 'Doggie Heaven' might actually exist.

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Posted: Jan. 26 2003,10:02 pm

I'm certain animals have souls. i have always had cats in my life, and when you have a lifetime relationship with these beautful creatures, you connect with them in a very close way. all they need do is look at you in their way, and you know you are communicating, not with words, just with unconditional love. a couple of years ago, my cat died, and he was the first cat that i had owned of my own that passed on. i was so upset, i can't even desribe it. it really tore me up. people who never owned a pet often do not understand how you can be just as upset by the death of a pet as that of a person. to be honest, i never felt quite as bad for a person dieing then i did for my fur baby. he was always there for me, through thick and thin. Any ways, i keep him with me always in my heart, and in a little earn in my home. i'm sure he is waiting for me.    :cat:

"I'll walk you through the nicest parts of hell..."

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Ravin X

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Posted: April 01 2003,12:40 am

I feel animals have an afterlife, because
after losing a special feline friend once,
i could feel the shape of his energy laying beside me,
i petted him, and he moved on..
it was like he was saying goodbye.  :rose:


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Posted: May 15 2003,3:08 pm

One of my cats recently died. He lived with my mother, but he always had a special bond to me. I´ve heard some stories about various animals somtimes sensing their Death way ahead and calmly wait for it in some sort of peacfull state.

Unfortunatley this was not the case. He had a severe painfull form of cancer and spent his last night screaming in agony. The weeks before that he went out hunting and defending his territory even more viciously than usual, as if he was in a hurry to compensate for not being able to do it anymore. Between the territorial fights he was extremly affectionate towards us.

Unfortunatley I was not in town when he passed. For severeal hours he was in a state of fear and pain wich broke into panic if my mother left him for only a second. Eventually she managed to get him to swallow a lot of painkillers wich almost sedated him. After that she went to the veterinary to put him to sleep permanently before the pain returned.

It would be intresting to hear if someone has any experiense of their pets or other animals behaving strange before dying. Wheter their own Death or the death of someone in their vincinity. I read an article about a cat in an elderly home wich always placed itself in the bed beside a person the hours before the person passed. Whenever some of the elderly seemed in a severe state the staff always asked each other if the cat was there yet. Perhaps the cat liked sitting close to Azrael? :cat:  rip

Friend of Death

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Posted: May 15 2003,4:47 pm

hi there, Killerrabbit...in my own experience, cats have tended to go off to somewhere secluded to die.


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Posted: May 15 2003,5:35 pm

The personalities of animals are just as varied as humans, and the degree of their bond with you probably plays a part as well. Some want to be near to you when their time comes, and some prefer to go off alone, whatever the reason. In my experience with rats I had one take great comfort in affection toward the end, but still prefered to crawl off, perhaps even to spare me the pain. He was very sweet. Another made it seem that being with me was meant to be, and passed very gently, his little spirit dancing away with joy. But the bond with him was very deep.
  I believe they have purpose in this life just as we do. They are also very sensitive in their awareness, and it wouldn't surprise me to find a few assisting humans to accept death.  :color:

Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who only dream by night. -Edgar Allan Poe-

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Posted: May 15 2003,5:52 pm

Topic Merged into already existing topic of same theme.

Welcome to our board killerrabbit. My condolences on the loss of your cat. :rose:

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