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Topic: How Does Your Family Feel?, How do your nearest/dearest feel about your 'dark side'?
Disciple of Death

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Posted: June 09 2014,11:06 am

Of course my family is against it! Do they really love me the whole me? I tell them some things that I've learned or just an interest and they think this has something to do with my mental illness and think its best I get a vasectomy w.t.f is up that? They really know how to piss me off and ruin the the whole day. Isn't that ft up? They think my interest are to dark well their just to ignorant & prejudice against me and that's really sad! Me and my family don't see eye to eye all to clearly its a love hate relationship with their destructive compassion.

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Lost Soul

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Posted: June 10 2015,4:33 am

My family has honestly never been okay with it. At first they only knew I liked reading on the supernatural and found the way I dressed to be strange.  Later on they found out my career path and more interests. Most of them are entirely closed minded. In their words it was sick and unheard of. Almost as if I was the only person in the world like that. I now just have little to no contact with them. Their choice and not mine. Which happened shortly after I became a caretaker for a small town cemetery and started working my way into school for mortuary science. The state just had many requirements before acceptance. It doesn't make me think any less of myself and I can't change who i am over it. No matter what someone will always have something to say.

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