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Topic: Heliophobe....anyone?, Is this a Necromantic thing?
Dangerous Sock-puppet

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Posted: July 29 2012,7:42 am

Quote (PaleLady @ June 16 2012,11:41 am)
Well, it is getting to be that time of the year again. Sunny. Hot. I hate summer :cussing: I have never had a tan. Ever. When I was a teen during the 70's, every summer folk would flock to the beach, with those heinous, silvery solar blankets, and bottles of baby oil and iodine mixed...all in search of that dark tan. I tried to withstand the heat in an attempt at getting tanned a few times, but all that I ended up doing was landing in the hospital with sun poisoning. :doh: My love for the night and it's soothing coolness has been with me from my early childhood.

Now I am 52. Much wiser. Still as pale as the moon, but with great skin (as you can see in my recent posting, showing off my bald head). And I still cannot stand the sun! I cannot stand the heat. My idea of a perfect day is cloudy and in the 40-50 degree range. Please, don't get me wrong. I am well aware that I have it easy compared to those souls in the deep South and out west, where everyone and everything gets baked. Some people say it must be a Goth thing. Or that I am morbid in my preference for all things dark and cool?

I sometimes feel very much alone in my desire to keep inside with the AC on, only coming out after the sun dips below the horizon. I would have thought that people would in general mature and drop the childish teasing of those who are different. But I was wrong. Even people of my own age kid me for being sun shy, for not embracing tanning, for only willingly coming out when it gets dark.

So how many of my fellow Necromantics feel the same way about summer as I do? :beer:

rip PaleLady rip

Its not a goth thing.. I fall asleep or get REALLY sleepy if its too sunny. It was hilarious one day: Rain and gloom all day and in the evening me and 3 others were going to the grocery store and then WHAM! The clouds parted, the whole sky turned blue/orange/pink and the sun beamed over us, very pretty... It was like watching something run out of batteries, I guess. I went "Oh no, the sun...." then I stumbled around half-sleeping in the store, managed to drag my feet out of there and back home and BOOM! Collapsed on the bed and slept like a log, woke up around 4 in the morning.
I made a joke about having "weather-connected narcolepsia". :P


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Posted: July 29 2012,12:10 pm

Sun give me migraines. I wear visord cap. Also, these days it seems like no matter what time of year, it is HOT in the sun locally. I remember when I walked aroung the block in the winter on partly cloudy days, it was cook when hit by the sun, freeze when the clouds covered it. Well, not really freeze. The past few winters have been very mild. Low 60's to mid-50s. (Around 17-13C) I like that.  Though now that I'm looking at the local temp charts, we had a few winter 'heat waves' where it hit the low 70s.  (Around 21C)

OK, last season we didn't have a winter.  And we don't have much of a summer, either.  The weather is getting more and more static by the year, locally.  LOVE IT!

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Rachael the RedHeaded Angel

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Posted: Sep. 01 2012,11:58 pm

I like sunny warm days and rainy stormy cool days and such. But I hate when its humid, hot and the sun is RIGHT over my head. It makes people go crazy. All those weird happy go lucky christian sunday sun worshipers come out.

I'm the palest person I've ever seen, I have never seen anyone paler than me :( ever...I don't like tanning at all and I cant tan..I just burn..

But I wish I had some light hint of color :s
My uncle says I have "moon tan"

In the Summer my eyes were opened
In the Fall I dug my grave
In the Winter I wandered into a world of wonder.
In the Spring I'll repeat the same.
But when will Autumn come?
And what will it bring?....

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Posted: Feb. 07 2013,1:35 pm

Moon tan :laugh: I like that.

Yes I would say I avoid the sunlight at all costs. It's not so much a phobia, as in I have a fear of it, but more of an intense dislike. It makes me uncomfortable. I definitely prefer the cooler shady places. I have migraines, fatigue, and a strong sensitivity relating to over-exposure of the sun which for me tops off at about 15-20 minutes. Some artificial lighting does this to me as well. I have never been in a tanning place so I have no reference to give for that. I don't just burn, I blister up so bad I have scars. My skin is sensitive to a lot of things sunlight is just one of them.

A medical professional had told me some years ago that it is perfectly healthy and safe to avoid sunlight so long as I take vitamins to make up for the deficiency since sunlight is filled with vitamins for us. I will list a link or two if anyone is interested in further study on the matters of how and why the sun can make you sick, and some things you can do to make up for the lack of vitamins so you can enjoy good health and not have to go beyond your comfort zone.

This guy has a disclaimer saying he is not a doctor but has gone through a lot of research on the subject, so it's a good start.

How the Sun Can Make You Sick
This is an older news article from Baltimore that had some great info about what to look for when you are out in the sun too long, ie. signs of heat stroke, overexposure, etc.

What Vitamins the Sun Gives
This a nice link to the vitamins the sun gives off so if you find yourself feeling deficient this may help as a general reference. It's short but informative.

From what I have researched there are treatments and counseling services out there for those wanting to overcome this phobia should they desire. I don't know about you all but I'm perfectly happily with my pallor and prefer the cool darkness of night. No treatment needed lol

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Posted: May 28 2013,10:32 am

I figure it is time to unearth this topic, if only briefly. It is gettimg to be that time of year again, when I want to remain in my basement apartment and not come out until mid-September. It has been relatively comfortable temperature-wise here on the Connecticut coastline (I live several miles inland and cannot see Long Island Sound from here). Highs topping out in the low to mid 70's. But this morning the local meteorologist is claiming that over the next three days (give or take), we are going to hit the upper 80's. Translated into Connecticut speak, a hot and muggy oven. :pissedoff:

As I mentioned earlier, we live in a basement apartment. The owner of the building is a dentist, and he has already turned the central AC on. Luckily for me, he is a very fair skinned/fair haired guy and almost as intolerant of HHH weather as me! It gets chilly down here sometimes, and I love it. Since I am now disabled, and have no means of getting around on my own, I am stuck indoors. Which around now suits me fine. One of my medications has a side effect of rendering the patient highly photo-sensitive (love that!), so now I have even more of a reason to stay inside. I putter away on the PC, work on my medical journal, and take stabs at my gothic needlepoint kit. Oh yeah, and play servant to our two cat Gods :cat: .

For those stuck in the heat, and who hate it...you can still seek solace in the cool arms of Lady Night. There is always the little appreciated practice of moon bathing (it truly is a beautiful thing to do). And maybe more of us will be gathering here at Westgate while escaping the heat. I cannot think of a better place to wait out the nasty summer season!

Thank you for bearing with my annual HHH rant. :cussing:

rip PaleLady rip

Death is the liberator of him whom freedom cannot release, the physician of him whom medicine cannot cure, and the comforter of him whom time cannot console.

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