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Topic: I will not cater to cell phones...., F^ck the new normal....
the Grand Wazoo

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Posted: Mar. 09 2015,8:08 pm

I will not - simply NOT code any site to conform to cell phone standards. There is no point.

We have these things called computers, with access to wonderful monitors/screens. Why should I have to cater to something that takes us back to a resolution of 480 pixels?

I know this is the way the world is going, but progress does not always equal progress....


Ron Wood

Mystifies Me

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Owned by Donn & Than

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Posted: Mar. 10 2015,10:49 am

We don't even OWN a cell phone.  They're brain friers.  Total health hazards.  As if the cancer rate isn't going up fast enough from our toxic food, but now we have all this EMF radiation to worry about that we can't escape.  Sheesh!  Even the so called 'smart meters' (which occasionally set houses on fire) are blasting us, and how do you escape wi-fi?


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Lost Soul

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Posted: Aug. 25 2015,2:57 am

I have my own cellphone.

And that's just in case, if something seriously would happen to me or my other half. Also it's usefull for getting information via short text message, about my payments from work.

The bad part is that I dont use this phone too offten. Sometimes I send a picture via instagram to my profile, or check my mail once a week. But that's all.

I don't have at home the original type of phone, so maybe thats why I use that electronic crap. And I'm not one of the people that NEED TO HAVE IPHONE. I just use a handy phone, simples one and good to take with me. Some people have problem if they think that this kind of stuff is for fashion.

As my teacher at university says - He wish for the world without electronic stuff. And in some ways - he's absolutely right.

"Per aspera ad astra."

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