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Topic: Why does no one..., ask the really interesting questions?
High Necromancer

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Posted: May 04 2007,11:34 am

please do not say sorry for speaking your mind, it is why i respect you and everyone here.

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Posted: May 04 2007,1:09 pm

Adar, do not ever appologize for speaking your mind. It is a sad world when we all feel we must apologize for what we say, for fear of offending anyone who is not part of our own mindframe and has a different opinion and would thus be ANGRY (ie, everyone). It seems no one can hold an intelligent, rational conversation if the person with whom they are speaking does not agree with their views. (So thanks to all of you who are on this board, it's nice to be able to say things and not be attacked)
Anyways. Dubya scares the living shit out of me, and all his ultra-conservatives that make it up there with him. There have been interviews with people in Iraq who liked Saddam - no, he wasn't the most moral of men, but I have seen Iraqi's saying that their economy was steady enough, and the school systems were the best they had ever been. Whether or not this is true I don't know, but if it is I think it is a sad state of affairs that one man can decide he wants to take down another leader and then lie - use the whole of the government to trick the people of his country in order to carry out his task.
My point of view has been as such: First of all, the TERRORISTS that attacked us were Al-Qaida (or however you spell it). It was bin Laden. They had the brains and the means necessary to attack us the first time...and the "president" knew it was coming! There was a warning that he just laughed at and threw away! Yet everyone got over that fact so quickly it was pathetic. I still do not believe Iraq had any w of md, but even if he did they certainly would not have been strong enough to reach American soil. Also, the president of (I believe) North Korea was threatening us, and he WAS IN POSSESSION of weapons that would have reached our soil. And yet no one made an issue out of that. I remember a couple of years ago he was on tv, it was on the news, saying all this and how he hated the US and all this shit. AND NO ONE EVEN ACKNOWLEDGED THIS IN A SERIOUS WAY. That guy seemed like more of a threat than Saddam could ever really think to be.
I believe in another post someone (possible Leilah) said that especially since Mr. Bush has come into office the world has just started hating us, more and more. And I don't blame them! Look at this man and what he has done! Not to mention all the people who FOLLOWED him, and still do! So many people are still so blind, though many have gotten sick of all the bullshit. The country is now prejudiced against anyone who looks even remotely middle eastern, especially all the dumb ass bible-thumpin rednecks who have all seemed to emerge in honor of George Dubya. This country sees what is going on in Iraq, and we the people say we want OUT, and he says NO as if he is a dictator! He is SUPPOSED to act in a sort of coalition with his people - after all, it is OUR country, isn't it? I'm sure the founding fathers or whoever have been rolling in their graves for years.
Apparently, although each president has done something to screw the people no one ever learns! No one asks questions or considers what is really going on. And the media...I can't even get started on that one.
I truly feel that Bush arranged 9-11. Terrorism creates fear, and fear creates following. People needed their government to be strong and protect them, and as Bush's popularity kind of went downhill in the first year of his office...To be connected with a family and then get a threat that one member of that family is going to attack you...How did we find Saddam and not Bin Laden??? We don't WANT to find Bin Laden, we never will, because we're not really looking. Okay, I've said too much and now the computer tells me I have no more time...

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Posted: May 04 2007,2:18 pm

Hey I'm not sure that Sadam wasn't just a plant and his real name was Gary from Illinois (Heh, heh,heh). Being a former member of the US Army SF (Green Beret), I can say that if we can't find Bin Laudin(?), it's because we're not really looking for him! The messed up fact that we trained him and his compatriates still fucks with me. In my opinion if we really wanted to get him all we would have to do is offer a Billion dollar bounty on his head and let human greed take over!!! But I guess when you're as good of a friend of the family and money as our Bushy-boy is, you can get pretty damn lax on your real priorities (like fixing elections in a more convincing way). The only thing Bushy has done for me is prove that some people should not breed!!! and to cast my vote for Cthulhu- I mean why settle for the lesser evil.
Jesus saves, Allah protects and Satan wants your soul! Cthulhu thinks you would make a nice lunch!
Vote Cthulhu! 08 (at least he is honest about wanting to suck out your soul!!!)

:clap2:  :clap2:

"Think for yourself!"

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Lady Death

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Posted: May 04 2007,6:11 pm

Cthulhu! or bust for 08!! LOL! I agree with y'all!
If there is one thing Bush learned from his religious conversion, is that FEAR WORKS WELL ON THE IGNORANT MASSES. Choose NOT be counted in their ranks.

"Death stands above me whispering low, I know not what into my ear; Of His strange language all I know is, there is not a word of fear."

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Dangerous Sock-puppet

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Posted: May 05 2007,1:00 pm

Mmm, on the other hand, one HAS to be quite dullwitted not to show some fear when Cthulhu is staring down on oneself  :eyemouth:  I must say though, that in the choice of Bush and Cthulhu..I“ll take number 2 anyday..Better the known evil than the evil-that-disguises. :P Besides, it“s probably easier to get Cthulhu of one“s back than Bush, and he doesn“t have any room for corrupt puppeteers behind him like Bush has (mind you, that“s what it looks like from overseas), though I bet that old Squidface do have room for corrupt puppeteers INSIDE him!  :laugh:


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Posted: May 06 2007,7:46 am

Quote (Ninetales @ May 04 2007,3:18pm)
Vote Cthulhu! 08

hahaha INDEED!  :beer:

Now that's a sticker I'd put on my car.

Edited by Kkaospixie on May 06 2007,7:48 am

"I have as much authority as the Pope, I just don't have as many people who believe it". -George Carlin

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Posted: Aug. 03 2007,6:44 pm

it's really sad when a person can say to themselves,"You know, I think my government paid a terrorist group to attack my country. To top that off it was done so that we could start a war with a country that had absolutely NOTHING to do with the attack, simply to deflect attention from the people who REALLY DID attack the country." Sadly, we pay the CIA and all sorts of secret service groups to go in and investigate things like WMD's. It's a sad day when you realize that you are TECHNICALLY smarter than those groups. I mean, I sat on my ass and said,"There are no WMDs in Iraq, are these people on drugs?" I could have been paid to give information like that...and these people were "actively" investigating whether or not Iraq had WMDs and if they were transporting them over to Syria, and blah blah blah. Pretty sad that I can sit thousands of miles away and come up with  more accurate answers than people trained and on the spot.  :headbang:   Fuck yeah man. :banghead:   I really believe 9/11 was staged. I don't believe we will ever find bin laden because I don't feel that we're really looking for him. I think they had him bomb the towers to start the whole fear of terror thing, so then while everyone's scared that we're all going to die (despite ALL THE VIOLENCE going on already in the middle east, africa, etc. and we still really don't have all that much to fear in respect of major violence) Bush can say, "Saddam killed my daddy and now I need to kill him - oops, wait, no, I mean Saddam has, erm, WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION and is planning on using them to kill us so we have to go to war with him!!! Yeah, that's it! All right, let's go find those weapons...yeah, we can't find them because they're being hidden in syria, but they're there! Let's go TEAM AMERICA!" Plus he's making shit loads of money from the oil and all.......ugh this shit disgusts me.

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Owned by Donn & Than

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Posted: Aug. 03 2007,7:50 pm

The WTC looked like a controlled demolition to me, when I saw it.  Like in those movies they showed me in grammer school, or something.  Now on the alternative news sites, they're saying the same thing.  I personally think it was an inside job, 100%.

The age of the U.S. is coming to a decline.  The politicians are trying to hold on for as long as they can, at everyone else's expense.

As if. . .

Man, if we were French, we'd be havin' another revolution.  If I had the bucks to blow, I'd get a 'Remember Bastille Day' T-shirt, but I really do have better ways to direct my resources.

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Posted: Jan. 09 2011,3:58 am

not necessarily wondering where the trillion dollars went in the federal reserve, but I thought that one the of the fundamental systems of the United States was the ability to cross examine other departments. Why shouldn't Congress be able to audit the books of where the hell this money went? & Why not? Also, is ignorance BLISS in this case? :alarm: (for example maybe someone was paid off not to n*ke us)

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