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Topic: My Beliefs and About Me, A short description on my philosophy
Lost Soul

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Posted: Nov. 19 2011,12:38 am

I see my self as a devoted follower of the Goddess and her Angels. And also Spiritualist. The Goddess embodies all the divine in my opinion. I believe that she takes a human form to make the universal divine essence easier to grasp. Angels are manifestations of the Goddess here to guide and protect us on earth. I believe in Spirits, mediums and "other dimensions/world" where the dead reside.

I am a little difficult to explain. I have extreme views in religion, philosophy and love. I love to write, read, and worship the Earth and the life that was given to me. I enjoy the beauty of darkness and what lies beneath it. But I am afraid of death, I love death and want to understand death. I am here to find answers to the most basic of human questions and explore the life given to me in every way.

I am a bit of a cliche. I wear all black. Drive a Hearse and spend more time in a cemetery then I do any where else. Not out of a extreme attention complex, but it is where I feel at home. I like being able to talk with people who just listen. And the dead do just that. I love imagining the way they lived their lives and how they passed on. I feel the presence of the Death Angel  when I do this. As though she is helping me to understand death and giving me the means to help others understand and not fear it.

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Posted: Nov. 24 2011,9:33 pm

this is what I like about most necromancers I have met, they seem somewhat different in background beliefs or practices and yet it does not matter.  do you use spiritualist techniques?

Pain is the only real teacher

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Posted: Dec. 12 2011,10:55 am

Would you care to further elaborate about your beliefs? Also.. welcome!

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