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Topic: The Necronet Online, Local meet-ups for Necromantic souls

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Posted: Sep. 29 2006,8:31 pm

My darling Leilah...I will be ordering in about a week! I can hardly wait   :2bounce:

rip PaleLady rip

Death is the liberator of him whom freedom cannot release, the physician of him whom medicine cannot cure, and the comforter of him whom time cannot console.

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Posted: Sep. 30 2006,11:41 pm

Lucian, how nice to see you're still here.  Afterall, it is home to many of us.   rip  

  How in the world can anyBODY enter a graveyard with a closed mind?  I suppose some can.  My spirit soars in a cemetery.  I feel close to the dead and close to my own demise.  Eventually when it will allow me passage.   :rose:

  "Our Name Is Melancholy?"  A classic.  And to think we know the author  :smoke: .  How honored are we!

 darky  :doom:

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Lady Death

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Posted: Oct. 04 2006,6:57 pm

Just curious, anyone here live in the Dallas/Forth Worth area? If so, can you post? Thanks!

"Death stands above me whispering low, I know not what into my ear; Of His strange language all I know is, there is not a word of fear."

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Lost Soul

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Posted: Nov. 01 2006,9:29 pm

Ok, I'll give it a shot also...long tho' it may be!

I'm here in the Fort Walton Beach area...read:  40 miles east of Pensacola, right along the coast...:color:

Love:  The Phantom of the Opera, haunting the woods on a dark, moonlit night, calling up the night creatures, whipping up some Wyld Magick on the beach under a full moon...

Detest:  Closed minds {duh!}, sand in my swim suit {ick!}, and anything that even REMOTELY smacks of grown men in long robes with pointy hats, regardless of WHAT color the robes/hats may be!  :pissedoff:

Should anyone haunt anywhere near where I do...lemme know! :eyemouth:

Lyfe & Death are Twins, walking hand in hand through time; to know One, embrace the Other...

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Posted: Dec. 16 2006,8:23 pm

Quote (Leilah @ Oct. 04 2006,6:57pm)
Just curious, anyone here live in the Dallas/Forth Worth area? If so, can you post? Thanks!

Funny you should ask that...

I'm from "The big D". Damn I love that expression.


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Posted: April 03 2007,10:30 am

This is a wonderful idea, being a follower of the Rokkr Hel tends to put you on the out-side of the general Asatru' community. So while many have a formal Kindred (asatru-congregation such as the Kindred I was Godhi of for the last 10 years, until I left my possition for personal spiritual reasons, lucky I had trained someone to take my place- my wife is now Gydhja), I no longer have a community to worship (honor) with and to be honest I miss it! So while I am focused on the Hel-Troth and germanic tradition, I would have no problem adapting to a more syncretic form of group praxis, not to mention just having personal in your face contact with another Necromancer or phile. I live in the Columbus Ohio area, so if anyone who lives here would like to meet for a coffee and conversation, contact me via the site.

Hope to see ya soon,
Hels'godhi :rose:

"Think for yourself!"

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Posted: May 05 2007,1:43 pm

Ninetales, though I am a little far away for a meetup, I am interested in your particular approach to ásatrú as I have not met anyone who followed specifically Hel, not even on this forum!
My interest has been piqued if you would like to contact me in PM or email.

Wyrd saves oft the man undoomed if he undaunted be...
Språk är en tråd genom tidens flod..

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Posted: June 21 2007,5:28 pm

Heilsa and Wassail Ninetales. it is always good to find a kinsman.

Knowledge is not Power. True Power rest on the kind of Knowledge one holds.

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Orion-Dis Soldelumen

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Posted: Aug. 13 2007,10:02 am

Heck why not. I am tired of constant bizarre looks when I try to talk to most pagans about my art.
Casey in MN I have no specific tradition just what the Spirits, Gods, and books have taught me. Have not read the westgate books yet but I plan on it.

Edited by Orion-Dis Soldelumen on Aug. 14 2007,3:16 am

Thanatos - "I visit everything at some point. Even Gods can die."  Hades - "All must return home to me sooner or later, remember that my fellow Olympians."

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Posted: Aug. 16 2007,8:05 pm

Well what the heck.  I seriously doubt that there is anyone, anywhere near this area, but if you happen to drive through a town called Sugar City, CO.  We do have 1 cafe...a bar, a post office and town hall....and that's pretty much all there is.  ~LOL~  Oh, and 2 churches...for 250 people...sheesh.  I think this town is split into 3, church 1, church 2 and those that don't attend church.  ~shrugs~

...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859 - 1930), (Sherlock Holmes)

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