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Posted by: skullflower on Sep. 04 2006,9:59 pm

I'm quite new to a place I live at and got no idea where to look for people who are interested in death element or necromancy.
Since this is the only high quality website I found in the internet so far that is about necromancy and death, I suppose it would be a good idea to create a topic where deathlovers would seek for people like them in their area. One would leave a message of where he is from and he might get an answer from somebody who looks for confederates at the same place. May be somebody would just occasionly know people from the same area and refer to them.
Posted by: skullflower on Sep. 04 2006,10:00 pm

to start with,

Vancouver, BC, novice interested in necromancy and death with some occult experience
Posted by: dnekm on Sep. 05 2006,12:20 am

Welcome, skullflower...

We used to have a section of the Azrael Project Newsletter titled the Necronet which was something like this.....

Maybe we can re-title your topic and make it a sticky post so it always stays on top?  :hippy:
Posted by: skullflower on Sep. 05 2006,11:09 am

dnekm, It would be nice, and I think I'm not the only one who's interested
Posted by: Westgate on Sep. 05 2006,5:51 pm

Welcome aboard Skullflower  :rose:


Consider this topic a place where anyone can arrange local meet-ups for like minded individuals.
Posted by: Samaelz on Sep. 05 2006,7:02 pm

Whats this? :twitch: You forgot the addy Skully.
Posted by: skullflower on Sep. 06 2006,3:43 pm

Samaelz, what kind of addy?
Posted by: Samaelz on Sep. 07 2006,2:42 pm

hmm, thought you had necromantic chat room or something. Well, here's my chat room...

< >

It's called the dark matrix or mirror mirror on the wall. We talk about necromantic things here aswell.
Posted by: Leilah on Sep. 07 2006,6:10 pm

Sammy dear, this thread is primarily for people who want to meet up in their local areas, NOT for chat rooms, okay?
Posted by: Samaelz on Sep. 08 2006,10:43 am

Oop's! Sorry.. You can delete my messages. I think I already put my chat address in the general topics somewhere.
Posted by: Rigor Mortuus on Sep. 23 2006,1:49 am

Okay, well what the hell! I seriously doubt ANYBODY who even knows how to spell Necromancy lives within 250 miles of me, but let's give it a shot.

Bend, Oregon. (4 hours south of Portland, Oregon) I'm a leo who's interested in raising the dead through my artwork, I love long moonlight walks on the beach and strawberry ice cream.

Single white male, cooks, cleans, only beats wife when dinner is cold... Wait, I'm not supposed to joke about that part? Oh well. I'll leave out the one about the ruffies and subsequent date rape.  :doh:

So, who wants to meet me off the Internet? :beer:

Okay, okay. I apologize to all those I may offend with this post.

I'm just joking about the whole strawberry ice cream thing, nothing to worry about!

Posted by: Morgan on Sep. 23 2006,2:23 am

Morgan O'Conner.  Hayweird Californicator.  Single nose, currently only writing poetry.  If your name ain't Donn Ui'Midir, Thanatos, Azrael or Macha the Red, and you haven't been in the same state of consciousness for at least 20,000 years, I don't wanna see yo' face. . .unless you're a cat.

(I just HAD to put this up.   I mean, maintaining my apex on obnoxiousinity takes work ya know?)

(Actually, I will do tea and/or latte parties for the sake of intellectual discussion provided the tea or coffee house is walking distance from my apartment.  I don't drive nowhere for social gatherings.  I'm not good for anything else, though.

Posted by: Jentzi on Sep. 27 2006,6:40 pm

*curls up* Mmmm, I doubt that I´ll find anyone necromantically interested here either, but I´ll do it just fer the fun of it.

Jennifer Neslund..Swedish, northlands. Doing what she feels like..Working with the occult arts, on occasion, and totally totally loves Halloween, though the wimps here in Sweden have tried to take all the fun out of it :P
Want: her missed and lost one, not much else. Oh, and if yer ever need a housesitter, she takes candy only as payment.
Posted by: Cwelan on Sep. 27 2006,6:43 pm

I don't think the chances are very high but U.S.A/midwest/Wisconsin here.

Posted by: Leilah on Sep. 27 2006,7:24 pm

Ladder, I KNOW that Samaelz is also from WI. around the LaCrosse area. You should PM him.
Posted by: Leilah on Sep. 27 2006,7:31 pm

Heck! I'll join in as well, though I doubt there is ANYONE out here for MILES! Anyone in Cenla? West Central LA.?? Alexandria, Leesville, surrounding areas? Yeah..right... :eyemouth:
Posted by: Cwelan on Sep. 28 2006,2:10 am

Sweet, thanks Leilah!  :2bounce:
Posted by: Lucian on Sep. 29 2006,6:42 pm

Dark Greetings One and All!

This is definitely a good idea Skullflower!  :clap2:

I and my (new) girlfriend are residing way out west...namely Fresno, CA. We are both Death Walkers and constantly talk with the 'pale ones.' My Lady runs the Central Valley Paranormal Research Group (found in the Yahoo Groups Directory) and is on good terms with several people who live in haunted places. We love to have intelligent discussions about all things Necromantic/Azreal related. Cemetaries around here are rather small but, those who reside there love to speak with those willing to listen. :rose:

We just got a copy of 'Our Name is Melancholy' and we are devowering the contents. Very cool L and D! :headbang:
Posted by: PaleLady on Sep. 29 2006,7:20 pm

Greetings Lucian!  I really like that last sentence...."those who reside there love to speak with those willing to listen."

That pretty much hits the nail on the head.  If you enter a graveyard with a closed mind and is nothing more than a graveyard.  But to go there, with your mind, heart and senses open and accepting, the dead will reach out and wrap you in love and knowledge.  :rose:

rip PaleLady rip
Posted by: Leilah on Sep. 29 2006,8:06 pm

Great hearing from you again Lucian ! I will definitely check out your Yahoo group. It sounds fascinating!

I hope you both enjoy the book as well :rose:
Posted by: PaleLady on Sep. 29 2006,8:31 pm

My darling Leilah...I will be ordering in about a week! I can hardly wait   :2bounce:

rip PaleLady rip
Posted by: THE DARK ANGEL on Sep. 30 2006,11:41 pm

Lucian, how nice to see you're still here.  Afterall, it is home to many of us.   rip  

  How in the world can anyBODY enter a graveyard with a closed mind?  I suppose some can.  My spirit soars in a cemetery.  I feel close to the dead and close to my own demise.  Eventually when it will allow me passage.   :rose:

  "Our Name Is Melancholy?"  A classic.  And to think we know the author  :smoke: .  How honored are we!

 darky  :doom:
Posted by: Leilah on Oct. 04 2006,6:57 pm

Just curious, anyone here live in the Dallas/Forth Worth area? If so, can you post? Thanks!
Posted by: Aluael13 on Nov. 01 2006,9:29 pm

Ok, I'll give it a shot also...long tho' it may be!

I'm here in the Fort Walton Beach  40 miles east of Pensacola, right along the coast...:color:

Love:  The Phantom of the Opera, haunting the woods on a dark, moonlit night, calling up the night creatures, whipping up some Wyld Magick on the beach under a full moon...

Detest:  Closed minds {duh!}, sand in my swim suit {ick!}, and anything that even REMOTELY smacks of grown men in long robes with pointy hats, regardless of WHAT color the robes/hats may be!  :pissedoff:

Should anyone haunt anywhere near where I do...lemme know! :eyemouth:
Posted by: Guest on Dec. 16 2006,8:23 pm

---------------------QUOTE BEGIN-------------------
Just curious, anyone here live in the Dallas/Forth Worth area? If so, can you post? Thanks!

Funny you should ask that...

I'm from "The big D". Damn I love that expression.
Posted by: Ninetales on April 03 2007,10:30 am

This is a wonderful idea, being a follower of the Rokkr Hel tends to put you on the out-side of the general Asatru' community. So while many have a formal Kindred (asatru-congregation such as the Kindred I was Godhi of for the last 10 years, until I left my possition for personal spiritual reasons, lucky I had trained someone to take my place- my wife is now Gydhja), I no longer have a community to worship (honor) with and to be honest I miss it! So while I am focused on the Hel-Troth and germanic tradition, I would have no problem adapting to a more syncretic form of group praxis, not to mention just having personal in your face contact with another Necromancer or phile. I live in the Columbus Ohio area, so if anyone who lives here would like to meet for a coffee and conversation, contact me via the site.

Hope to see ya soon,
Hels'godhi :rose:
Posted by: RoseMortem on May 05 2007,1:43 pm

Ninetales, though I am a little far away for a meetup, I am interested in your particular approach to ásatrú as I have not met anyone who followed specifically Hel, not even on this forum!
My interest has been piqued if you would like to contact me in PM or email.
Posted by: Dagulf on June 21 2007,5:28 pm

Heilsa and Wassail Ninetales. it is always good to find a kinsman.
Posted by: Orion-Dis Soldelumen on Aug. 13 2007,10:02 am

Heck why not. I am tired of constant bizarre looks when I try to talk to most pagans about my art.
Casey in MN I have no specific tradition just what the Spirits, Gods, and books have taught me. Have not read the westgate books yet but I plan on it.

Posted by: Arkine on Aug. 16 2007,8:05 pm

Well what the heck.  I seriously doubt that there is anyone, anywhere near this area, but if you happen to drive through a town called Sugar City, CO.  We do have 1 cafe...a bar, a post office and town hall....and that's pretty much all there is.  ~LOL~  Oh, and 2 churches...for 250 people...sheesh.  I think this town is split into 3, church 1, church 2 and those that don't attend church.  ~shrugs~
Posted by: EmilieConroy on Oct. 18 2007,7:36 pm

My heart is Azrael's but my life is Chaos!  At any rate, it's good to be back.

I'm in Philadelphia, PA here, and I can tell you that this is a very good town for the necro-minded.  Is it apathy or tolerance?  Either way, it works out well for those of us blazing a different path.

Anyone who wants to talk shop (as it were) can contact me at .
Posted by: Adar-mortis on Oct. 28 2007,6:18 pm

I live in Adelaide, South Australia...... so a long way from the rest of you....

But my "things" are history, religion, spirituality, Death, Ravens and all manner of other little clicks.

My Email is
My hotmail is

And finally.... my myspace is -

So, if you ever want a chat..... I am free to talk  :beer:


Posted by: MelancholyDesire on Oct. 29 2007,2:56 am

I live near Melbourne, Victoria in Australia.

Interests do vary from one spectrum to another. Obviously death/necromancy and the occult.
Other than that it would be bushwalking, nature, photography, cats, food and water... I do that often enough it should be recognised as a hobby lol :laugh:

my myspace is

Posted by: soulofwinter on Nov. 06 2007,1:06 am

I'm in Columbus, NJ...a small town in Southern Jersey...
Posted by: Pandora on Feb. 19 2008,2:59 pm

Hi guys! I used to be Maiken on these boards, and will answer to either name. I live in southwestern Pennsylvania and would love to meet up with other dark souls. is the best way to reach me.

Posted by: Lady Azraelina on June 18 2008,10:52 pm

Necromantic Greetings to all of Azraels Angels. I am a returning member and i am also an Azraelite. I am interested in meeting people off-line with similar interests and beliefs as myself. I am from " Brooklyn New York ". my interests are Azrael, The Dead, Vampires, Cemeteries, Ghosts, Hauntings,
Necromantic Art, Surreal Art, And the Victorian Era.

                                       Donna  :rose:  rip  :rose:

Posted by: Elie87x on Mar. 04 2009,4:32 pm

Lifes too short to be shy! -jumps in- XD Hey I'm Elie from Boston Mass! I'm probably the most energetic free spirit you'll ever find roaming around a graveyard. I'm into the middle ages, lord of the rings, spirituality, crystals, flowers, dancing, singing, playing music and entertaining others. I'm also a bit of a pyro maniac. Necromantic things, death, black and white art, metal, churchy dark chior music lol. I'm a fierce hunter towards the afterlife and I respectfully cherish Prince Azrael.

:rose:  :headbang:  :rose:

ps. Beware! I am not trusting of strangers and will "BITE"...
Posted by: Lady Azraelina on Mar. 07 2009,11:34 am

Hello Everyone, i am from Brooklyn New York, i am interested in Necromancy, Azrael, Cemeteries, Vampiries, The Dead, The Victorian Era , Horror Movies, Museums, Art Galleries, etc. I would like to meet like minded people off line for friendship.

                                                  Lady Satanica
                                                 :rose:  rip  :rose:
Posted by: Leilah on Mar. 07 2009,7:16 pm

You should write to Darky "The Dark Angel". She's in  Brooklyn as well. Look her up on the forum....
Posted by: Lady Azraelina on Mar. 07 2009,11:32 pm

Thank you Leliah for that information, i just sent her an e-mail.

                               Amorte, Donna  :rose:   rip  :offt:
Posted by: Kit on Mar. 29 2009,9:13 pm

Hi all. I'm currently residing in Barron, WI. Have lived in Hudson, WI in the past. May live in Eau Claire in the future (if I transfer there). I'm 19 and I'm interested in the occult, philosophy, theology, horror, role-playing, and I could go on and list a lot more but I doubt you'd all want a full resume on this post.
I'm a white male. Single... interested in women, but probably don't have enough time give a proper amount of attention.

I wouldn't say I have beliefs anymore; rather I'd say that I have theories. This is because the only thing that seems to remain constant in my beliefs is that I exist in some form or another. Even that is called into question sometimes. But to think there must be a thinker. I think I think therefore I think. Therefore I am. (my own little version of basic Descartes philosophy (not sure if I spelled his name right))

Otherwise my beliefs are rather erratic.
Posted by: Elie87x on Sep. 18 2009,9:24 pm

>.< gah this is complicated, I keep moving! Lol damn it! My life is so full of changes, I might be moving to new hampshire or north carolina this 2010 I'm not sure...either way, if you catch a cheerfully morbid loud's prolly me
:rose:  :cat:  :worm: :3 <333
Posted by: Chaeon on Dec. 30 2009,8:18 pm

I would love to hook up with Necromantics in the North Brisbane ( or just Brisbane) area of Queensland, Australia, or let alone via online practitioners from Sydney/Melbourne etc.

I don't meet many people that want to study or have reverance for this path which is sad. Most goth types I know want to be vampires or practise vampire culture (because it's vogue), and not many seem to appreciate cemetery/necromantic culture.

I'm sorry but Necromantics are way cooler than vampires  :headbang:
Posted by: Lucid Kaos on Jan. 07 2010,8:46 pm

Hello... I am 37yrs old and currently reside on the island of Guam. Interests include anything Death related, the occult(some what retired from that scene but still like to shoot the shit about it...and like Daniel I still have my Crowley Doorstops lol) I also dig classic literature and poetry, existentialism, all forms of spirituality....religion, when it cums to religion, spirituality, and the occult....I am somewhat of a walking encyclopedia of useless info and theories lol.....nowadayz I have a tendency to keep things simple....aside from bare bone rituals during the Dark Moon of every month....the majority of my journey is within and very personal though I don't mind discussing it to like minded individuals....on a mundane level...I love music and range is broad when ith cums to both.....also dig photography being out in nature, meeting unorthodox people, good food and drink(I am a chef after all lol) I am a Marilyn Manson(aka The Master) fan on an extreme level.....a world of warcraft junkie lol.....hmm....last but not least I have a love hate relationship with existence....if it is not drivin me up the wall and baffling me....then it is humbling me and allowing me to appreciate things that most people take for granted.....anyway blah blah excuse the babbling..we are after all in babalon, Babylon,
Posted by: Lady Azraelina on July 25 2010,8:54 pm

I Live in Brooklyn New York, i am looking for fellow Necromantics to embrace with me my passions of Azrael, Death related topics, Cemetery Tours, Ghost Tours, Hauntings, Vampires, The Victorian Era, Horror Movies, Museums, Art Galleries, Gothic Cathedreals. All True Dark Passions that fellow Necromantics embrace.

Eternally, Lady Azraelina

:rose:  rip  :rose:  rip
Posted by: Leilah on July 28 2010,6:38 am

You should PM Dark Angel. She lives in your neck of the woods! I found her on facebook. She's still out there, just having board password issues.
Posted by: April on Aug. 01 2010,2:34 am

---------------------QUOTE BEGIN-------------------
I don't meet many people that want to study or have reverance for this path which is sad. Most goth types I know want to be vampires or practise vampire culture (because it's vogue), and not many seem to appreciate cemetery/necromantic culture.

I'm sorry but Necromantics are way cooler than vampires  :headbang:

Hey, a person can be both!  :biggrin:  It was through being a necromantic that I discovered my nature as a psi-vamp, a consumer of psychic energy. And I do it ethically, by "feeding" on the energy in objects, in Nature, and sometimes the "ambient energy" in crowds, not by draining individuals against their will. If the vampires you've met are largely the "flaky" type, I'm sorry to hear it, :sad: because many in the vampire community -- and they're not all goths in how they dress -- are really fine people, deep and fascinating.

For years I had an obsession on Death, and on anything Death-related. It seemed to be the culmination of a life dotted with "creative obsessions." And my health was so poor, with chronic auto-immune disorders, I thought I would soon "marry" my Beloved. I was sure Death would be my last obsession. I thought, "What could come after this?"

Well, vampirism can. My health is still poor, but there are some noticeable improvements since I learned to consciously take in energy. I still love necromantic culture and art, of course; it inspires me, and that's why I'm on this Forum. But now I feel that my obsession on Death has pointed the way to a kind of temporary transcendence of mortality. It's like I've gone through the grave to a kind of metaphorical "undead" condition. I'm not immortal, needless to say, but I feel like I might survive longer than I'd thought. And, if the Fates are willing, do more of my writing, the highest purpose of my existence.

Ultimately, I "feed on" necromantic energy. I am energized also by vampire subculture. My story reveals the highest purpose of Death: sustainment of Life!  :rose:  :sun:  :star:
Posted by: russalka on Aug. 02 2010,9:44 pm

And as they say in the Tibetan Book of the Dead; "Death is the ornament of life." :rose:
Posted by: Lady Azraelina on Oct. 13 2010,6:17 am

---------------------QUOTE BEGIN-------------------
You should PM Dark Angel. She lives in your neck of the woods! I found her on facebook. She's still out there, just having board password issues.

What is Dark Angels name on facebook ?? I tried to look for her under Dark Angel and nothing came up ?? Is anyone else on facebook from Westgate ?? I am on under " Lady Azraelina ".

Amorte,  :rose:  rip  :rose:  rip
Posted by: Leilah on Oct. 13 2010,3:44 pm

There are a ton of Westgaters on Facebook. It seems many of them are too lazy to visit our site, so they prefer to go there. :shake:

I am there as Leilah

Dark Angel, however is NOT, she is on our forums here, so PM her through the forum.
Posted by: Moonlitrose on Oct. 14 2010,11:01 pm

Leilah, do you mind if I send you an invite on facebook?  I only hav family and people a trust and know on there. Its just a secondary way to connect for me... I would talk about more stuff here than I would never feel comfortable talking about there, though.  But I think it would be an honer to have you on a friends list.
Posted by: Leilah on Oct. 15 2010,6:04 am

Sure, Moonlitrose! I'd be happy to befriend you there as well.
Posted by: Lady Azraelina on Oct. 16 2010,11:57 pm

Thank you Leliah i sent you a friends request.

Amorte, Donna

:rose:  rip  :rose:  rip
Posted by: Moonlitrose on April 20 2011,4:31 pm

While there is still time, my facebook name is just my normal name... Melissa Petricini.  Not as fancy as my stuff on here, but any friend on Westgate is a friend of mine.  Just let me now you want to add.
Posted by: Leilah on April 20 2011,5:19 pm

Hi Melissa...thanks for the head's up! We will add you as friend if not already....We've got less than 2 weeks to get everyone on board.
Posted by: EmilieConroy on April 25 2011,6:31 pm

We have a little thing going in Philadelphia called Riverhead Necromantic (with a huge tip of the hat to Leilah, of course).  Everyone is welcome to check out our Facebook meme at < > and our page at < > (which is currently anemic, but means well).

Basically we're a group of variable membership that gets together on a mostly weekly basis to talk death and Death and ways of exploring the death energy as well as universal energy in general.

Did I mention a huge tip of the hat to Leilah?  :clap2:
Posted by: Leilah on April 26 2011,8:21 am

Hey Emilie! I didn't know that you YOU! I signed up and friended a long while back, but there was no activity there. Thanks, btw!  :rose:
Posted by: blackanimism on Nov. 19 2011,2:16 am

I'm from New Brunswick NJ, go by Justin in waking life.  I'm also struggling to meet other necromancers but I think I'll find some people eventually.
Posted by: Moonlitrose on July 10 2012,9:43 pm

Thanks, I will add them to ^.^

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