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Topic: changing user names, for those who wish to....
the Grand Wazoo

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Posted: July 30 2003,2:47 am

If you want to change your user name - please just ask us.

It's not that big of a deal (I have to take the board offline for a bit - I usually do this very late at night when no one is about). Please do not sign up as a new member.

If you forget your password, please do not sign up again as a new member - just contact us and we will find a way to sort it out.

I know that maybe not everyone realizes we can fix things likie this, or change names for you - but we can. And it helps us keep a better idea of how many users we actually have  :color:

Like I said - no biggie, but please in the future just ask us...  :beer:

Ron Wood

Mystifies Me

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