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Topic: All new members, please read....
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Posted: Sep. 01 2002,9:21 pm

In order to join this board and recieve the password needed to post here, you must provide a VALID EMAIL. Be sure to recheck the spelling on your email sign-up, as we have had some folks not receive their password due to simple bad spelling of their email addy. It cannot be "private" nor made up, or your membership will be deleted. This is a security measure to keep this board free of spammers and flamers.

Seeing as we have many new members, I thought I'd add a FAQ to this board to prevent any confusion.

First FAQ is to read ALL of the announcements here on this thread.

If you are new to the board and just want to say hello, please use the topic "Dark Greetings" in General Conversation. Do NOT start your own "Hello" thread. Also, as we have multiple pages for all forums here, please take some time and read through the entire board (as well as our website) before beginning a new topic to see if that topic already exists. Duplicate topics, OT posts and spam will be deleted to keep our bandwidth within reason.

And please, stay on topic in each forum to elimiate our need for cleaning the forums more often than we must.
This board is primarily for the discussion of Necromantic/Death/Personifications of Death, death studies,  and related subjects, so please keep that in mind.

One of the reasons we have such a popular and friendly forum here is because we care about our family and want this to be an interesting, thought provoking and intelligent forum. We warmly welcome all of you to join us and hope that you enjoy your time here.

Thank you for your attention!

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