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Topic: Face to Face

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Posted: Mar. 04 2013,12:47 pm

Quote (Holly @ Feb. 28 2013,7:21 am)
I wondered why these boards had gone so quiet! I can't stand that mass marketed stuff either. A lot of people around me have this assumption that because everyone else does it I want to too! Fail :) Not so.

I guess I'm old school. I like forums. I also don't want every single person I know knowing everything about my life, which is what facebook does to you. You go to work and somebody says 'saw you on facebook, what's all this stuff about the angel of death!' :laugh:

LOL. Ha! No freakin' way. Too little privacy that way. :D

I agree I'm old school too. I love forums. I have facebook for the video games and I like to troll. It's just too easy on facebook. My friends don't mind they think it's funny. Well most of them.

One day I added a status that I was looking to buy a new corpse since the one in my basement had gone a little bad. I made it sound real serious and added a photo I found around the net... 14 people disappeared from my friends list. Those without a sense of humor need not apply.

I post and leave comments on facebook all the time about my darker nature because I could care less. Death should be talked about and I'm not afraid to shout it loud to any that is interested. Those that aren't will just ignore me anyway. rip

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