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Topic: Virtual Memorials, For Remembering those we've lost...
Lady Death

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Posted: Nov. 19 2010,6:41 am

My deepest condolences, Holden. May Azrael guide him on his journey home. I'll light a candle for you.  :rose:

"Death stands above me whispering low, I know not what into my ear; Of His strange language all I know is, there is not a word of fear."

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Friend of Death

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Posted: Nov. 19 2010,1:20 pm

thanks, Leilah. much appreciated. i had a dream about him the other night. we just had a normal, no big deal conversation. it felt good.


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Posted: Dec. 06 2010,8:51 pm

(lyliaun bows to Holden)

:rose:  :rose:  :rose:  :rose:

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Fiancee of Thanatos

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Posted: May 29 2011,9:49 am

On a different subject, I posted about a personal loss under "disaster tracking," only to realize this is a more appropriate place to give the URL. I grieve every day over the loss of a friend's child. She died when living with her parents in another state; I heard about their apartment fire from a mutual acquaintance back in February. Now her parents are back in town, and I see them about once a month at social gatherings.

Here's the story, online. The full horror of it never leaves me.


"Death is the mother of beauty." -- Proverb

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Posted: July 14 2011,8:37 pm

Awhile back, one of our patrons died.  He was very supportive of the arts, donated land and lots of money to help the sick, and was such a nice person.  My husband and I would have lunch with him when we went to Portland, and I will miss our conversations.  Azrael, as you are not bound by time and space, may Harold have an ecstatic release and a peaceful transition; he was a truly generous soul. :rose:  rip  :rose:

Let me guide myself with the blue, forked torch of this flower
down the darker and darker stairs where blue is darkened on blueness
even where Persephone goes, just now, from the frosted September
to the sightless realm where darkness was awake upon the dark

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