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Posted by: risingspirit on Feb. 08 2003,11:45 pm

Recently, I was gifted with one of the most beautiful dreams in my life.  I dreamt that I was moving far away from a neighborhood my family had lived in for many, many generations.  In this dream, my father was already dead, but as a spirit he spoke to me.  As I was packing to leave, he whispered to me in my mind to go to my great aunts house and retrieve the coffin of my great grandparents.  So, I went to this house, but my great aunt had been dead for a long time and tenents were renting the place.  I explained to the girl who lived there that the house used to belong to my family and I have come for a family coffin that was buried in the cellar.  So, we went down into the cellar, dug up the grave and dragged it into the living room.  There, I opened the coffin and there lay the skeletons of my great grandparents.  They were dressed in their wedding attire.  My great grandmother looked so beautiful in her yellowed and tattered wedding gown.  Just at this moment, a breeze came in from the window and blew their clothes and hair all around them.  It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen.  I was honored to be asked to do this.  But, I was not sure what to do with them.  I thought it would be really cool to bring them with me and keep them in my house or buried in my yard, but I was also thinking that maybe I should bury them in a local cememtary so they could stay in the land of their family.   And them I woke up! It was a fabulous dream that left me very paeceful and with a strong sense of connection. :color:  All warm 'n' fuzzy!
   Have any of you experienced necromantic dreams?  Would you mind sharing?  This was my first one. :rose:  Thank you!
Posted by: Sio on Feb. 09 2003,10:41 am

Wooo... that sounds like it was a sweet dream! :headbang:

I honestly can't remember having a dream that didn't involve contact (in some way) with d/Death. Some are very profound and I learn a great deal from them, some are subtle, and some are so real that they bleed into waking time.

I remember one in which I was curiously inspecting a stack of coffins in a dungeon type room. At this time, I was prone to sleep-walking, and I woke up in the middle of opening one of the caskets. I was conscious, standing in the corner of my living room in the middle of the night, but the coffins were STILL there. I could smell the decay... I could see the partially decomposed body inside the coffin that I had been opening. I blinked several times to make sure I was *actually awake, and the stack literally faded before my eyes.
The whole thing left me with a few unanswered questions, but it was a very interesting experience.
Posted by: THE DARK ANGEL on Feb. 09 2003,12:24 pm

Ooooooh just a few nights ago I had a dream I ran out of a community mausolem @ Green-wood Cemetery "naked!"  I felt free & elated @ the same time.  There were gravediggers watching me attired in uniforms.....but I didn't care and just kept running...kinda like the old shampoo commercial of yesteryear!!!  Paid 'em no mind....just went on totally embraced by the dead.

In yet another dream I was polishing have NO idea how relaxing/rewarding a feeling it is/was to polish warm mohaganey coffins.......oh my gawd......I've dreamed of the dead talking to me......if I could remember more of my dreams I believe them all to be about the dead/death!!!!!!!  I have a problem with remembering and I wish I knew what CAUSED me NOT to remember most of 'em.  I bet they're all beautifully related to the dead/death!!!!!!   :color:   Beautifully!

 darky   rip  :rose:  rip
Posted by: banshee49076 on Feb. 09 2003,4:06 pm

I had a dream.They brought me  to his place of being.The harbinger of death,the angel of death.They said we were to be together,that I was his,perfect just his type.I recal firelight upon stone walls,stairs,many,maybe hundreds.They took me to him,as we passed a dark door I heard the cries of children.They said to me,these are his children,Horrible things happen to the children of death.It is a good thing that you can bare no children to him.I remember the beauty of him,how overwhelmed by him,not like an ethereal thing but flesh,I remember a green field and rain,and I woke crying.I wish somone to help me interpret this dream.I am an insomniac at best.I never remember my dreams,but I have been having vivid ones lately with this as a forefront.I felt it so strongly I am writing a poem called the realm of Azrael.If anyone cuold help,that would be cool.I searched till I found this site because of my dream.I know it must all mean something.
Posted by: banshee49076 on Feb. 09 2003,5:03 pm

O.K.So I start reading some information on this site and I find all the different names and personafications of Death.I am a singer a writer a caster of musical spells,I am also part Irish,thus the name Banshee.The name of my group is personality disorder becauase I have allways felt as If I were three people.The logo I desighned has three female heads.A demoness,an elfish warior and an amazon like priestess.I made all these changes in a years time.Then the dreams lately.And yesterday I saw a crow so big and so black it was blue,I wondered if I was seeing things.Wakefull dreaming.Then I find this sight again,I know this is not a coincidence because I saw the information on the Morrigan,the celtic version of.That is my grandmothers maiden name.All of this is to much to be coincidental and I am a little freaked out.Is there  somone out there who can help me find some answers?
Posted by: Ravin X on Feb. 09 2003,7:36 pm

Hi Banshee!
Only one thought came to mind after reading your post,
Perhaps Goddess Morrigan has a message or strength
to gift you with.
My suggestion would be to do a ritual in her honor.
Ive read she is a goddess of a triad nature, which may
be your connection with her in your three.
along with destruction, she is known for gifts of fertility
and prosperity.
Posted by: Leilah on Feb. 09 2003,8:24 pm

Welcome aboard Banshee  :rose:  Interesting dream  :smoke:

There are NO coincidences, Banshee. You have definitely come here for a reason, what that is, has yet to be seen, but I'm sure it will avail itself in time.

Odd..about the "children" in your dream. It is often said that the LIVING are the "unfortunate children of Death", in that most "unremember" Him and thereby lead a life in fear of Death which greatly hinders their spiritual growth, hence their understanding of the TRUE MEANING of life itself.

Most that "find us" here, truly do desite to help mankind rid himself of the fear of death. Each has their own way. You say that you are a singer? Then you have your own unique way with which to "affect" people with the knowledge HE will impart to you as time goes on.

Teach His children well so that "horrible things" no longer plague them  :hippy:
Posted by: banshee49076 on Feb. 09 2003,9:53 pm

:laugh: So much better.I have been teaching myself to bring about and remember my dreams.I have so little understang anymore.I used to but these people came into my life and told me all magic was bad.All my books and studies I put away for fear of angering God,and I have turned my life over to him,making these drastic changes,then the dreams start.God speaks to us in dreams,I also know of great deceipt,that is why I am so confused.I will visit hear often.Thank you both. :headbang:
Posted by: risingspirit on Feb. 10 2003,9:32 pm

Wow! What cool dreams! Sio, how interesting to have SO MANY death dreams.("lucky!")  :color:   Thank you all for sharing....

  Banshee, I too have learned much about deciet.  And I have had my share of those telling me my magic was evil.  But, two things I know.....1- the Angel of Death never betrays.  He will be honest with you and a compassionate, benevolent being.  The only betrayal that can be spoken of in his energy are the lies and fear stories that are told of him by the living and the unsettled dead.   2-  Magic is neither good nor evil.  It is what the intent of the magician is.  Your personal magic can be for whatever purpose you choose.   I have learned  much about magic from Azrael as well. For, with my allegience and trusting of him, he has opened me up to vistas and places that I can not go to on my own.  But, once he opens the door and invites you in, with great respect and integrity, I believe that he gives permission to explore these realms now as one who walks in his "light(shadow)."   From your dreams it sounds as if he has invited you in, and he does not abandon either.  He will be your guide and is a powerful friend when one goes through a healing and/or discovering process.  I echo Lielah about the children in your dreams.  You have a gift, a magical gift.  Perhaps you are being called upon...called to His aide as an acolyte in the healing of Death upon this planet.  AMORTE friend! Welcome home! It is good to meet you and thank you for your part in this great need! :rose:
Posted by: banshee49076 on Feb. 10 2003,9:46 pm

:alarm: You made the hair on my arms and neck stand up.I've been having these dreams so vividly that I started to study dreamspeak again.I feel that they are arch type dreams and I am meant to pay atention to them.I am going through these changes in my job,I want to write and perform more harder metal music,and my band is happy being a cover group so i broke it up after four years.I am having to fight so many battles right now that it is overwhelming but you all have been so helpful.I have never fit in any where I have allways felt like a mutant,but I know I can do alot of things.I reach people with my voice.I think that is the tool I cast with.I pull them into me.That makes me good at what I do,but I think there is more to what I am suposed to do.I feel there is this thing inside of me trying to get out,I just dont know how to let it go. :headbang:
Posted by: Leilah on Feb. 10 2003,11:22 pm

Banshee...Next time you're singing, whether in a crowded room, or all by yourself in homage to Him, simply close your eyes..sing...and that part of you WILL come out. I guarantee it  :rose:

Rising spirit...Nice having you in our midst more often.... :rose:
Posted by: risingspirit on Feb. 14 2003,9:08 pm

Lelieh...thank you....Westgate is always my family :rose:

Banshee.....sometimes the best way to let go, is to let it DIE!!! :eyemouth:.....and then watch something new be reborn!  It is the natural cycle our witchy friend!  Oh ya, and bring on the music, hard 'n' heavy  :headbang:
Posted by: THE DARK ANGEL on Feb. 14 2003,10:09 pm

Whoa!!!  So nice to have you back risingspirit!!!   :2bounce:   You've been missed.

 darky rip    :rose:    rip
Posted by: Chaeon on April 04 2003,8:18 am

I've had several necromantic dreams in the last few months. None so far have been of Azreal, I believe, and they are in small sharp doses (but then again there is the theory that short dreams can go for hours and vice versa)

My most vivid dreams is meeting a *woman* who I believe is an incarnation of death, or maybe a 'servant', who has long black hair, pallid colour flesh, wears a black funereal gown, and had a wreath of dead roses on her skull. I seem to meet her in some sort of secluded forest, (and tho these dreams seem few and far between), once she took me to some type of crypt and led me down some steps where a feast was prepared.

Everyone in attendance was either dead or was some sort of necromantic and were dressed in funereal attire, and I took my seat at the table like I belonged there. I don't remember much of the conversation, but it was such an awesome dream and it has stuck with me ever since.

the way the crypt was decorated was awesome, with candelabras, ornate victorian style chairs, it was like I stepped back in time.

Just thought I'd share that!
Posted by: Ralvin on April 04 2003,9:19 am

ive had a dream with me all of my life, i had it for the first time when i was about 6. and another time when i was 8 years old. I STILL remember the dream and how intense and weird it was, well it deals with something about death so thats why im posting it ;p

Ok i was on sortof a cliff edge, over the cliff was a beatch and all i could see when i was a little inland was miles of ocean. I had a feeling that i was at my grandmothers house, the house made a C shape next to the cliff, and one side was opening up to the land... there was one huge climbable tree in the middle of the C. Well anyway, it was night out, with a full moon shinning on to the ocean, and i walked up to the edge of the cliff and looked down... there was large roots of trees and dirt hanging out of the cliff and then a Skeliton came out of the side of the cliff. It started climbing up, using the roots as leverage. A Large amount of fear came over me and i ran back into the C part, outside on the grass. I stood waiting to see if it would climb up and come after me. Well it did, and it he/it looked pissed at me. I paniced and climbed up the tree as fast as i could. I noticed that he had a large arabic style sword in one handm whitch kinda freeked me out even more... well i climbed the tree and he came right after me. (remember i was only 6 and 8 when i had this dream, both dreams where the same, 2 years apart.) i was almost at the top of the tree and i started crying... somehow i gained enough courage to just jump out... so i did, landed on my feet, and opened and ran though the glass doors to my grandmothers house.

I believe that this was a image of my past... to the present... ive ran from the skeliton long enough... that now i have to face it, head on. I dont know if i actualy have been though it yet or not though. Because i went though hell with a rage problem in 7th grade (now im in 11th and im fine and happy =P) by getting suspended and beaten by my father, put though hell... ect...ect...

I dont really know if i have faced the skeliton yet in RL... but it could just mean that when i do i will face death, Or Azreal, as a spiritual experiance...well i keep mumbleing on trying to make meaning to it, but nothing really turns up.

kk im done
-Ralvin :rose:
Posted by: THE DARK ANGEL on April 15 2003,11:19 pm

I haven't been able to remember "squat" lately about any of my dreams....I used to remember an occasional hearse in my dream.....polishing coffins to a shiny luster.......being in a funeral parlor......the dead......more hearses....more I wake up and feel as if the last eight hours I slept I WAS dead......I remember nothing.  This is really starting to tick me off..... :cussing:   It's the next best thing to being there.....dreaming about it.....although I do have my new skull..... :2bounce:   K........I believe I have lost it and said enough.  Gawd I love the dead..... rip   Far more than most!!!
darky over and out..........WAY out !!!   :laugh:

  darky   rip    rip    rip
P.S.  So who's gonna be the first to put darky out of her misery???  Hmmmm.   :shake:
Posted by: thecitymorgue on April 21 2003,3:13 pm

my best friend swears that if you dream about a death then there will be a birth and if you dream abot a birth then there will be a death. i have argued with her about it but she will not change her view. she really believes this.
Posted by: [m] on April 21 2003,8:38 pm

This i just my personal opinion, but, I believe it depends upon the other details of the dream. My wife found out she was pregnant by dreaming it. I myself foresaw my grandfather's death. Despite these dreams, I have had many dreams of death, that in actuality have heralded births. rip
Posted by: RavenSpire on June 30 2003,2:56 pm

I dream of my boyfriend, now lost to death. The dreams are more occurent around the time of his death.
Posted by: THE DARK ANGEL on July 02 2003,7:03 am

This one freaked me out.  As many of you know my boss took his life last September by putting a gun in his mouth.  I dreamed I had his baby.  It was a girl.   :shake:  Just for the record I had NO feelings for him in "that" way.  I love the DEAD remember.   I have absolutely NO idea what's up with that one.  But that is all I remember of it.

 darky   :alarm:    rip    :alarm:
Posted by: Kkaospixie on July 02 2003,1:25 pm

I have to share this dream I had last night.
Azrael came to me in the strangest way. He was being very humorous...
I dreamt that I was in elementary school except that I was the same age I am now. They were all lining up to get picked up from school and I am in line with all these children thinking "What am I doing here and WHY do I have to wait in line?" I began to step out of line and the teacher begins to yell at me saying that I have to wait like everyone else. I ignore her and then I see a white car circling the drive in the front, and I know that it is my Mom coming to pick me up..(keep in mind my Mother is dead). There is a security guard standing in the front in uniform and he shushes the teacher and tells her that I can come through just for a I step to the front of the line and I see my mother's car. The door opens and I see her beautiful face and she tells me without speaking that she will be waiting for me when it is my turn. The security guard then tells me "OK that is have to get back in line. I know you have been waiting a lot longer than these other people, but you have some more waiting yet." I begin to protest and then for the first time I begin to see the guard's face more clearly as he reveals himself to me. It was Azrael! He smiled and winked at me and I saw a sparkle in his teeth. I looked at his mouth and I saw that that he had chrome teeth in the front with a purple tint!!
I have never had such a light hearted dream. I woke up feeling so good and refreshed! I haven't felt this good in weeks!! :clap2:
Posted by: Leilah on July 02 2003,7:38 pm

What a doosie, Pixie! I'd say that was a cross between genuine message...and perhaps some funky food you ate that day  :laugh:  To me, the message is clearly coming from your relayed through the "messenger"  :smoke:  And I'm certain that you can see the message, even through the wacky glass.
Posted by: russalka on July 03 2003,12:00 am

What a fabulous dream, Pixie, I love the serious/comical juxtaposition!! A dream like that sure would put some spring into MY step. As for my dreams, I've spoken to almost all of the family dead--I ask them to come to me in a dream to let me know that they are all right, and they usually do. My first necromantic dream came to me as a child (second grade, I think) and involved our parish church filled with cobwebs and loaded with dead people.  I walked slowly up the aisle, just taking it all in, loving the way the sun shone on all the bodies, the rotted clothes, the dead flowers, and of course the ritual implements of the Catholic church all shrouded in dust....and I'm sure it was an autumn afternoon, with that beautiful hazy sun and the wind that is never still....(sigh)
russalka :rose:
Posted by: Kkaospixie on July 03 2003,9:34 am

It really was a dream that stuck with me that is for sure! Yes I do see the meaning, Leilah. I more like FELT the meaning from the second I awoke. Usually my dreams of him are so serious, it is was so different...
I forgot a part of the dream. Right before we got in line, I caught a glimpse of a wedding cake in another room. I was telling my brother about it and he mentioned that he was considering proposing to his girlfriend??? Strange how stuff like that just creeps in. :smoke:
Posted by: deadlytouch on July 25 2003,6:39 pm

I am not sure if this is quite the kind of dream being talked about...but I did have a dream one time that my best friend was walking down the stairs at our school and I was walking up and she simply stopped me to hug me and tell me she was alright...

The next day I found out she had been killed in a car wreck the previous night..
Posted by: Lenore on July 27 2003,7:02 pm

I am very sorry that you had to lose your friend that way. I am a true believer in death visitations, and I think you may have been visited by your friend. Perhaps her soul felt the freedom of Azrael, and felt compelled to tell you goodbye. What do you think?

Posted by: Lina on July 27 2003,11:26 pm

I just had a very weird dream, and I need help here.  I'me trying to figure out what was what.

To sum it up, I had commited suicide, only it wasn't "me" as I am in this life.  I was in a beautiful white church, and it was sort of as if the mortals were on the flat floor, like an average chuch, while the spirits (myself included) were in a "stadium seating" section above.  I could see "Death" (Azrael), and someone said that he wanted to make sure I was okay, he did that a lot, but didn't want God to know he was there (and not working?) but it seemed to be more of a rough guess on the speaker's part instead of the truth.  

What really struck me was a beautiful person in blue/green/white with blonde hair who seemed too beautiful to be real, and very androgynous.  I think it may have been Gabriel.  I'm not sure, but the entire experience left me shaken all the same.  Right before I woke up, I was kneeling in front of a mirror praying to whoever would listen to let anyone considering suicide talk to me if it'd be allowed.  It was like a sign or something, or a past life.  No matter what, it freaked me out.

Can anyone help me out with this at all?  Was it my past, or someone elses?  What did it mean?

:rose: Lina
Posted by: Westgate on July 28 2003,9:54 am

Posted by: deadlytouch on July 28 2003,1:05 pm

            ty...well at the time that this happend I was living out of town..and me and becky was her name where still the best of friends..I have to agree that I feel she had to tell me goodbye..

Posted by: deadlytouch on July 28 2003,1:08 pm

  have you lost a friend to suicide
Posted by: Lina on July 29 2003,1:18 am

No, I haven't lost anyone I was close to like that.  A friend of the family killed herself, but she looked nothing like the dream.  I'm going to ask my friend about her cousin (whom I never knew about until she killed herself and my friend told me about it), ask what she looked like and such.  It felt like it may have been my past or something, I don't know.

I'm most concerned about the angels in the dream than the suicide itself.  They've got me puzzled.  I think now it may well have been Gabriel, expecially after going back over the angelic descriptions in the Book of Azrael.  I wish I could give you a picture of him, he was so beautiful.

By the by - thanks for moving this post to the proper board.
Posted by: russalka on July 30 2003,5:56 pm

Hi Lina, I would suggest that you try to draw the image, even if you feel that you're not good at it--drawing is a great way to contact entities.  Pay attention to your feelings as you draw; it may help you to identify your angelic vision.
I had a wonderful dream fragment last night.  During times of emotional stress, I have dreams of enormous tidal waves--we're talking 200-300 feet here--and after a bizarre wave episode where the waves assumed amorphous shapes, behaving more like a lava light than waves, I found myself a passenger in a car cruising past the gates of cemetery after beautiful cemetery--all in those hyper-saturated colors, too. I was mentally calling hurt/suffering people to come to me, and then I realized that my job in this new life (the waves divided the old life from the new) was to be the Angel of Death. (!) I remember thinking that it was odd for Death to be riding around in a car, and then the dream ended. Felt GOOD all day!
rip  :eyemouth:  rip
Posted by: HOLDEN on Sep. 18 2003,4:33 pm

last night i had a bizarre, in retrospect pretty humorous dream in which i witnessed an open-casket funeral; the deceased was in such an advanced state of decomposition as to be almost just a clothed the weird (& funny) part was that every so often the dead guy would sit up in the middle of the eulogy & make wisecracks, none of which i actually remember...& at this distance i don't recall anything else.
Posted by: THE DARK ANGEL on Sep. 18 2003,7:09 pm

Oh I wish I could have attended that funeral in your dream, Holden.  Why can't I have dreams like that???  Been sleeping like the DEAD lately.   rip   Were you watching any kind of movie before you went to sleep...or perhaps reading something about um DEATH!!!   :headbang: ???

 darky   :alarm:    rip    :alarm:
             ~REST IN PIECES~
Posted by: Dellamorte on Sep. 20 2003,11:49 pm

I had a *very* lucid dream last night. It seemed even more than the usual lucid dream-- feelings and strong emotions were involved, you know the type that I speak of? Many people that I knew were in this dream (mostly family).... and to make a very long dream very short (I slept for 12 hours last night)... the whole point to this dream was to get to this certain mausoleum. Someone kept telling me that it was locked, and I said that I just had to find a way into it, at all costs. I do not even recall why I had to go there... I could see the mausoleum in my mind, and I was fighting tooth and nail to get there-- but my truck had broken down. My Grandpa and Mom picked me up and were trying to give me a ride in the wrong direction.

I finally ended up on a city bus and and was trying to put my money in the slot, but some guy in front of me (a shadow really) was taking all of the time in the world putting his in. The lady busdriver looked at me and said "I need your 50 cents".... I said, I am trying, but this guy is holding me back! I finally just handed it to her, and sat down in this over-spacious front seat and fell asleep.... I fell asleep in the dream... that feels so weird when you dream things like that. Have you ever dreamt that you were late to somewhere, woke up to look at the clock and you were late, only to *actually* wake up a few minutes later to realize the time was just fine to still be sleeping?

I never made it to the mausoleum for some reason.... :( But I have had a few other dreams about cemeteries in the last month or so-- and the one that still sits in my mind, because I am still trying to figure it out is-- the one where my sister was there and she was not wearing any shoes. No one was wearing shoes, and they would not allow me to wear my shoes.... or something like that. But this shoe thing has been in mind for well over a month now. Just today, I recalled the Beatles album with all of them walking across Abbey Road, and Paul was not wearing any shoes. That was their little thing to pretend that he was dead and all-- anyone else recall that? I just do not understand the "no shoes" in the cemetery thing....
Posted by: Leilah on Sep. 21 2003,12:08 am

If you are barefoot, you have not masks, not pretensions that the road you walk upon is paved with gold because all that you can feel is the gravel between your toes and you know that the path is real and the broken glass lies just ahead...
Posted by: russalka on Sep. 21 2003,9:28 am

Yeah, Dell, I remember the whole "Paul is dead" thing...supposedly, he was barefoot because that's the way they bury people in Italy. The funniest one was on the inside of Sgt. Peppers, though. Paul had an armband with O.P.D. on it (from the Ontario Police Dept.) and people were saying that it stood for "officialy pronounced dead!" As if they made armbands for that! :laugh:Ah, those innocent hippie days.....okay, sorry to stray from the topic, back to the dreams....  :hippy:
Posted by: Finis Gloriae Mundi on Sep. 22 2003,4:13 am

Last night I had a very weird dream, I can´t remember much of it, but what i can remember is that I found a toothless skull in a cemetery and I ate it (it was crunchy) I have very weird death related dreams lately but i can´t remember most of them when i wake up. Why did i eat that skull? it has no sense at least for me...
Posted by: Kkaospixie on Sep. 22 2003,6:17 pm

Finis, I really don't know about that one.
I used to have recurrent dreams about teeth, but they were the ones in my own mouth. They would be brittle or broken. Those were dreams of self doubt and failure, but since there were no teeth in the skull you ate, maybe it is the opposite of that. Maybe it is about success and feeling some sort of accomplishment..
I don't know.. shot in the
Posted by: Finis Gloriae Mundi on Sep. 23 2003,2:59 am

I don´t think that every dream has a meaning, but maybe, as you said khaos, the toothless skull could mean something bad, and by eating it it´s like that i´ve overcomed all the bad things the skull means, but why eating it? why eating a skull? even cannibals don´t eat skulls i think its weird
Posted by: russalka on Oct. 10 2003,9:22 am

Hi, Finis; I don't think that dreams are literal, they're more like poems.  Perhaps your eating of the skull means that you are incorporating new ideas/notions about death. When we eat, we "take something in to ourselves," and it becomes part of us.  That it's a skull, the seat of ideas, may mean that this is an intellectual matter/pursuit. The best way to understand dreams is to write them down and look for patterns.
That is a cool dream--reminds me of the skull candy we used to get--crunchy on the outside with a red chewy center--YUM! rip  :eyemouth:  rip
Posted by: risingspirit on Nov. 02 2003,10:36 am

Dellamorte, In many Native American traditions it is common and considered respectful to take off your shoes when walking around burial sites. They consider it disrespectful to walk in such areas with shoes on. I attended a funeral once with all white people and one native woman. She took off her shoes before she walked over to the grave and then looked in disgust at the rest of us for wearing shoes....Your connected to the Native American spirit right? Maybe it's a piece of the puzzle.... :color:
Posted by: THE DARK ANGEL on Dec. 01 2003,7:36 pm

I remembered part of a dream I had last night.   :2bounce:   I'm always so thrilled when that happens.  

I dreamt I bought a coffin somewhere other than a Funeral Home.  Probably online.   :laugh:   Knowing me.  I put wheels on it and wheeled my corpse into the cemetery to await his/her (???) burial.  NoBODY would bury my corpse for me because I didn't go through a Funeral Home to purchase the coffin.  I have NO idea who did the embalming.  Perhaps I did it in the part of the dream I forgot.   :banghead:   Oh I wish I could remember that part.  Gawd, I love it when I remember dreams and the ones I remember are about DEATH!!!   rip  My finest dreams.  

 darky   :rose:    rip    :rose:
Posted by: russalka on Dec. 03 2003,10:00 am

I had one awhile back where I went to a funeral and was waiting in line to see the corpse--who was sitting up and talking to everyone who came by--but was still dead. My FAVORITE death dream came as a child, though, where I was walking up the aisle of a church filled with dead people. :headbang:
Posted by: PaleLady on Dec. 28 2003,4:10 pm

I do not usually recall dreams the next day, but I had one last night that is as vivid to me now as it was when I had it!

I had passed away, and the impression I got from the scenery around my home was that I lived in New Orleans, in earlier times. I was clothed in what I can only describe as a gown from the mid-1800's style. I was younger than I am now, and had perished from some sort of fever.  Our home was on large parcel of land near the river, and I was laid to rest in a crypt at sunset. I was walking alongside the bearers, and could feel the warm breeze passing over me, hear the night creatures stirring at the edge of the clearing. But what struck me the most was that I felt a serenity I had never experienced during life, and there was no fear. I lingered by my coffin for a short while, and then as I was leaving the crypt I awoke.

It was so beautiful! I must try to recreate the dream tonight...and I must make it a point to visit New Orleans this summer as well.

rip PaleLady rip
Posted by: Finis Gloriae Mundi on Dec. 29 2003,5:18 pm

Hi everyone, last night I had this strange dream and i wanted to know what you think about it: I was waiting for my girlfriend to come home, but she didn´t come home, i was worried about her and i phoned her parents, they didn´t know anything about her. She was missing, and i felt desperate, i didn´t know what to do, then a kind of policeman who looked like the tall man from Phantasm but with brown hair and moustache came home and told me that my girfriend was dead, and he showed me pics of her corpse for me to confirm it was her. Then he went away, and I started crying desperately. Before I realized my girlfriend was buried and i couldn´t attend to the burial, but i thought i had to see her once more even if she was dead, so I went to the cemetery at night and opened her grave and her coffin, and there she was in the coffinn with the same clothes she had in the pictures that guy showed me, i needed to hug her for a last time , so i took her out of the coffin and hugged her, and then i was shocked her heart was still working, She was alive! she had been buried alive! but who would have done such a thing? then the policeman who looked like the tall man from Phantasm but with brown hair and moustache appeared, he was the bastard who did that, he had given her some poison to make her look as if she was dead, and he told everyone she had died. I didn´t stop asking him why he had done that, i grabbed a wooden and bronze cross from the coffin, and i jumped on him and stabbed him with the cross loads and loads of times until i was covered in his blood, then the telephone of the real world rang and woke me up, and that was the end of it.
Posted by: Dellamorte on Dec. 30 2003,6:54 am

Yet another incredibly weird dream the other night. I am not quite sure where I was, but there were about 6 people with me, and we were all sitting in a room discussing "passing on". Someone asked "are you all ready?" I could not see their face or feel their spirit in recognition.... it was weird. I joined with the others in saying "Yes", let us leave this world. We all drank something (unfamiliar to me)... and days passed within the dream.

Things became rather serious-- and not in a "dramatic dream-state" like way, but rather serious. I went and found this one girl laying on her bed, and I asked her if she knew what we had drank, so that I may find a cure for it-- because in the dream, I was really not ready to die. I recall thinking this and saying it outloud. She did not know-- but she asked if I would lay with her and hold her.... because she was not ready to die either.

I then found myself in another's room... this beautiful black girl cowering under the covers. I asked if she knew what it was that we drank in hopes that I could create a cure for all of us.... and she said that she did not know either, and that she did not wish to die yet. I did not wish to die either... "Please, just hold me...." There was something to live for, and I knew not what it really was, but it was there. The dream was very distressing in that I **really** was there, feeling that I was going to die soon because of what we drank, and **knowing** that I was not ready to die for some reason. There was something within the mystical holding of another that sparked the want to live.... I do not really understand, but the dream is *very* vivid within me still...
Posted by: THE DARK ANGEL on Dec. 30 2003,7:52 am

That was quite a haunting dream PaleLady.  I have such a problem with remembering them too.  I must be knee-deep in coffin, cemetery and the dead dreams and cannot remember them.   :cry:   That's too sad.

  darky   rip   :angelic2:   rip
Posted by: Dark Dreamer on Jan. 02 2004,11:58 am

I had quite an interesting dream last night, not exactly a necromantic dream but still very confusing. it was very very long, it must have lasted at least 3 or 4 hours. and i had a feeling it kind of left off from another dream i had about 6 months ago. ill type out the newer one first then a quick summery of the first one that i think it was connected too.

I was with chris and adam, two people im not espically fond of in real life, but we were all best friends in the dream, and we were going into the dinner part of a hotel room. I came across those too sitting at a table, and they were taking the cream of the desserts and using it as face paint? anyways they said "they'll never be able to find us now!" so i put some on as well.

Next thing I knew we snuck into a hotel room, and were searching every inch of it. finally we became discouraged and began to fight about not being able to find "it". and then I decided to look under the telephone one last time and there it was. (up until now i didnt know what was) it was a check card thing made for checking into hotels and food and all kinds of travellers expenses.

so i went out into the hallway, and my mom and aunt were there. And i screamed out in tears "this is why my summer trip sucked so much last year" while holding up the check card. and I had a "flashback" to being stuck on a bus while all my friends where going into a hotel room, and i had to be taken home while they got to stay.

Then my cousin matt came along and offered me a ride home, i accepted (this is freaky because both me and him are underage to drive) so i was telling him take this road to the village and then turn right to take the parkway, except this is a real road that i travel on alot to school and into a town called millbrook. when we got to the village that we had to turn right from, we discovered it was in flames!

there were cops every where so we put hats on and sat up really tall to make us look older (im 14, my cousin is 15 and 1/2) so we  coulda pulled it off just if no officers saw our faces. we bot passed a few and began to relax, but then one cop was too smart. he pulled us over and asked us for license and registration. my cousin was fumbling around for his junior liscence (which he dosnt get for another 3 or 4 months yet) and i said "calm down and just give it too him" and then the cop is like, you too are way too young to be driving. and then he got in our car and started driving.

he was saying stuff about fining us and throwing us in jail and towing our car and all that. but then this song came on the radio. its one that i love, but i dont know the name of it cause its only on in my dads car on the oldies station and i only listen to black metal cds in the car. which is a big jump that i like black metal and oldies and all that i know, but i got wide musical tastes!
Any ways, the song, it goes, "you tell me im wrong and i know im right, you tell me its black and i know its white, its always the same, its just a shame, that song" and it was as vivid as hearing it on the radio, just like it was playing in real life.

then me, my cousin, and the cop all start singing the song, and after a while we all become best friends with the cop. and we drive around for about 3 or 4 hours, all while becoming friendlier with the cop.

then the cop says "i think its time you get going home" and  then he stops the car and gets out. we bid our very long goodbyes threw the car window.

and thats exactly when i woke up. i know it was LONG LONG LONG but thats all that i could remember. i have very little idea what it all means, so do you think if any of you have the time you can read this and tell me what you think its about?

and the other dream that i felt it was connected to was basiclly me not being able to go on a trip with alll my friends cause i had lost somthing that i needed despritly. i had gotten to the hotel but i had to take the bus all alone back home....
Posted by: risingspirit on Feb. 14 2004,10:17 pm

Dellamorte, I can tell you what I see in your dream. Perhaps the women represent aspects of your female selves. The part of yourself that is nurturing and vulnerable. Perhaps the stuff you drank was alcohol? Perhaps the dream was an expression of the part of you that does not want to die from alcohol poisoning?  I don't know, it sounds like you did some self nurturing and your soul is searching for a way to heal from self inflicted injury(the mysterious liquid). Please don't get pissed. It;s just food for thought. Truely, only the dreamer can know the true meaning of their dreams. AMorte!
Posted by: Vendome on Feb. 15 2004,12:38 pm

A lot of my dreams would probably fall into this category, but the finest was probably about 11 years ago.  I'd worked all day at an auction, went back to my hotel room and fell face down into exhausted hypnogogic dreams.  I had often wondered about why we do not remember the exact moment of falling asleep, and after this occasion I decided that it must be because it was horrible.  There was the ability to see from every angle, and therefore know the scene perfectly, but the one thing that wasn't seen was the cat I felt walking over my legs.  The most exquisite fear followed, as I "saw" the dead man crouched at the foot of the bed and struggled to move my hand so that I would be able to defend myself should this interloper attack me.  His flesh was hollowed - corroded, it seemed - and I was not at all comfortable with the way he smiled at me.  I finally achieved some control over my body, and in one motion pressed down with every muscle and popped up so that i was standing on my pillow facing the thing, but neither he nor his cat were anywhere to be seen.  It took some years to realize who it actually was, and several more to come to the conclusion that our nightmares are seldom as frightening when they come to pass as they were when first perceived.
Posted by: Dark Dreamer on Feb. 15 2004,6:11 pm

very very interesting, science has begun to try to explain these kind of things as sleep paralysis, the feeling you cant move after or before falling asleep. its supposedly caused by when you dream there is a hormone released that keeps you from acting out the results of your dream, and when you awake, you find you cannot move. this is somtimes accompinied by "hallucanations" (sorry spelling sucks today lol) both in sight smell and touch and feeling. somtimes it feels that there is a presence of pure evil by your side. and most of the time, it can be extremly terrifying espically since you cannot move and such.

I choose not to believe what science tries to explain it as, for a number of reasons. but mostly through personal experiance. id like to say, i probably have some kind of deficioncy of this hormone because my parents say i sleep walk, talk in my sleep loudly, and kick and hit, all while in my sleep. but this usually only occurs when im having dreams. and yet ive had this case of being paralyzed, it happened along time ago, when i was first expirementing with astral travel.

I faded in to this state of feeling terrified and paralyzed for no reason. then off two my right i out of the corner of my eye, three grayish figures. i tried to turn my head to get a better view, but to no avail, i could not move any part of me. this lasted for a few moments (during which i admit i was terrified, which is a rare occurence for me, i seem to always keep my cool in situations that scare the hell outta everyone else) and then the figures faded and i could move again. very strange.

People have come up with a number of theorys about this subject. some say the feeling of utter evil is proof that demons or the devil himself is at the root of these "attacks". others give credit to space aliens. still others say its just a side effect of somthing they ate and/or alchohol. and still others go with the scientific explanation.

what i personally believe it is, is the prescence of demons, probably cause im kind of obsessed with them. ::insert evil grin here:: but thats just me. think of what it is for yourself, and maybe one day we'll find a suitable explaination for this phenomina.

or this could have been just a dream that you were a little too awake for :-D
Posted by: Vendome on Feb. 18 2004,8:42 am

Forgive the categorical statement, but I'm a psychologist...sleep movement occurs in non-REM sleep.  The body south of the brainstem is inhibited during REM sleep so you don't go trying to fly out the window.  When awakened, however, the mind combines the most recent moments of consciousness (i.e. the dream) with the current situation in an attempt to preserve continuity.  If you wish to experiment with hypnogogic sleep (which does not occur during REM, but in a state when one's awareness is exquisite), I have found that if one is absolutely ready to go to sleep, drinking a lot of soda immediately beforehand will release enough caffeine to keep one in the liminal state.  For whatever reason, sleeping on one's back also promotes it.
I personally see no reason why there is an inconsistency with acknowledging the biochemical sources of mental events and the other worlds.  Indeed, if there is any interaction at all between the physical and nonphysical, those biochemical processes must be consistent with aspects of the soul life, even if they only inhibit the body so that the spirit is not so constrained.

Posted by: Dark Dreamer on Feb. 18 2004,3:25 pm

lol thanks for the info, i read about this on a website, so maybe they didnt know what they were talking about and gave me the wrong info on the hormone thing. but thanks for clearing it up for me!
Posted by: lunanc31 on May 12 2004,2:04 pm

To open an old topic here I am a Narcoleptic and I have cataplexy with that. For those of you who dont know Narcolepsy is a sleeping disorder,I can sleep comfortably up to 19 or 20 hours a day when not on medication, cataplexy is at best to describe it, loss of muscle use. I become a blob of jelly. Any kind of strong emotion will trigger this attack.  I have also found that when I have these attacks I can travel. (astrally)  It was odd at first but I am still trying to prefect it.
Now along the lines of being paralysed when you dream. I have never had that problem until I got Narcolepsy. All the meds they were giving me made me have terrible nightmares and the fear triggered the cataleptic attack.  
Wich is the worst... you cant scream,breathe, move, or even wake yourself up. And the Narcolepsy has made my dreams so realistic I couldnt tell the difference at times between dreaming and being awake.
But what I deemed as a curse as a child I see as a blessing as an adult. I can do almost anything in my sleep now.
luna :eyemouth:
Posted by: Morgan on June 13 2004,8:14 am

I had a pretty interesting dream involving Donn about a month ago.  He was dressed in lots of layers with fancy embroidery.  He was pretty stern in this dream, and he was telling me that working with him was basically no bed of roses.  There was no messing around.  It was like a job interview.  It was a very vivid dream, and his then cold demeanour was a bit out of character, but circumstances are circumstances.  rip  :color:
Posted by: THE DARK ANGEL on June 15 2004,6:42 pm

I remember dreaming about a less than perfect/new hearse parked in front of my place.  Well, I looked it up in the "Dreamers Dictionary" and it said my burdens will be lifted.  K.  I was just ecstatic to be dreaming about a hearse!   :headbang:

 darky   :rose:   :angelic2:   :rose:

Posted by: Nyx on June 17 2004,10:59 am


SO, anyway, in the middle of this very strange erotic dream, I'm wandering around with a vampire (Spike from Angel, to be exact) and a few other people. There are the little girls that live in an attic in an old house, luring people in for thier mother (also a ghost) who would suck the life from them. Though I tried to tell my companions this...did they listen? No.
So they climb the stair to the attic, and while the mother is preparing to send them to the great beyond, I'm climbing the wall trying to save them from an untimely death. I look in the window, and Death is there, waiting for the moment, unseen by all but me. I scream, "DEATH!" And then everyone can see him, and he turns around and smiles (if I skull grin could be any wider) and screams back, "KAT!" So I crawl in the window and we hug, and have a plesant conversation while everyone is staring at us open mouthed. (In this dream, death was kind of both my husband and brother.) He waves the ghosts away, and as the others a filing out, Death grabs Spike and says, "Oh, and is THIS the guy that was bothering you before?" (Referencing the more erotic part of the dream) And when I say yes, he says, "Spike, I'd like to have a word with you." and drags him off and beats him up!

Ah, Death. The older brother everyone would love to have. :beer:

Crawling back into her tomb until the stars align again... rip

Nyx or: :cat:
Posted by: Leilah on June 17 2004,2:00 pm

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Posted by: Evendia on Sep. 16 2004,6:37 am

Usually my dreams are confusing, totally illogic and easily forgotten, except one that's been keeping me preoccupied for two months now.
I remember walking down a street in my hometown. There was no-one around but me and someone else beside me. I knew I was dreaming - something I usually don't realize - and I knew that the dream itself was of a serious matter. We talked, I can't really recall about what, but I was ecstatic for I had the feeling I could now get all the information I ever wanted; about everything I ever wanted to know. At some point I started talking about my mother and I asked him if everything was okay with her. The cryptic answer was a kind of 'warning' that she was going to be okay for the next four years. I began to panic in my dream and the comfortable feeling I had up to that point vanished and I woke up crying.

I don't really have a clue as to the nature of that dream. Is it something I should consider seriously? I've never had any 'prophetic' dream or spiritual encounter. I'm very much interested in these things - but I guess still too afraid to really accept certain things or signs.
Maybe it's just another dream of many, without (much)significance for I believe the one next to me looked like Morgan Freeman as 'God' from 'Bruce Almighty'. *cough*
Posted by: Drax on Sep. 16 2004,11:09 pm

Probably my most vivid dream happened last year. I was in High school (I still am) and the whole school was in our gym. Well, then all of these terrorists or something show up. I ended up getting shot in the head, and my body was dumped in the basement. Then, as the cops surrounded the building, the school's lights went out (it was dark by this time) and screams were heard coming from inside. It turned out that I came back from the dead and killed all of my killers with this scythe I had. After I raised up the scythe above the last guy (who was also the guy who shot me), but before I was able to bring it down, I woke up. I admit I felt a little creeped out, because the whole dream felt as if I was seeing a movie. It was very realistic. Not to mention the way I killed the terrorists. I'm not sure what this dream means.
Posted by: Vlad Tepes on Sep. 30 2004,6:48 pm

i must confess, although it seems a typical dream for a teenager it does meen alot to me.(vampyre dream)
this dream accurs about 3-5 times a year.
i wake up in a crypt (at a cemetary about 30 min walk from my house) and sit there for 15 minutes ACTUALLY feeling the muscles working at pushing the fangs out and pulling them back in. then i appear in a crowded area and everyone starts screaming and running. its a very jumpy dream but I always manage to find someone to suck dry by the end. When i wake up I always feel so satisfied. its like i won the lotto.
i have been fasinated by Vampyres since i was at the age of 6. i cant completely explain it (proberbly some signifigance to my life somehow) but being a Vampyre i feel would make me so happy.even just having the fangs would.
thats why i am buying a pair soon.

< vamp fangs >


Posted by: Morgan on Sep. 30 2004,6:58 pm

Where was this vamp fang thing 23 years ago.  Oh well.  Maybe if you ever get rich, you can have implants done.
Posted by: Vlad Tepes on Sep. 30 2004,7:04 pm

I am already saving for implants lol

Posted by: PaleLady on Oct. 01 2004,5:55 am

I had custom caps done by a great guy named Dnash in CT.  They set me back 100.00 at the time...but I love them!  Implants...hmmm.  Expensive and painful!   :doh:

rip Palelady rip
Posted by: Vlad Tepes on Oct. 01 2004,6:00 pm

I guess it depends on how much you want them in the end. personally, i want them bad.bad enough to get implants insted of caps.
ohwell each to there own.

Posted by: Azothoth on Oct. 25 2004,10:53 am

I'm not exactly sure how "necromantic" this dream was, but recently I dreamt that I was playing hide and seek with Death in Wal-Mart.  What the hell does that mean!?  The hide and seek part I can almost understand, but why Wal-Mart?
Posted by: RoseMortem on Nov. 06 2004,7:58 pm

I had a dream when I was 13 showing what was like what the apocalypse is but not how society tells it. There were two kids and a philosopher/scientist who lived in a tree house...Kind of like a tuathan druid. I wasnt even there..I was only watching it as a pantheist essence. It started out the two kids asked the scientist why the world was crumbling before them..why theres so much corruption..he really didnt know.

While they were in the tree house the sun set at an extremely early time...and the Moon came out...brighter and bigger and more pure than usual...And then all of its light reflections came down and passed over the world...set the whole entire 6 billion people in the world spazzing out of fear. Everything the moonlight touched died...everything, plants and animals and people all died, Eventhough most children didnt have a choice, they went anyway. Then the scientist figured out what was going on..he had a theory.

He went to tell the kids but they odd places though, some people didnt even seem to be touched. The kids noticed that when they died..all of their worldly possessions disappeared and they were only souls in essence and that everything they now saw that had died had turned into a huge new sort of Garden of Eden. The scientist let himself die and saw this world too.  

The kids and the scientist saw these people come before them..They were actually friends who represented themselves as the Guardians of the Gods and of the Soul..
They said they were the reason that different cultures had different ideas of their Gods..Because they are all the same God but since the Gods are pantheist, they dont have bodies to tell their secrets with, so they sent the people and animals that DID have bodies and the people saw different things

Apparently Gaia told Athena to tell Hecate, the Goddess of the moon to pass her light over the world and refresh it...If people were pure they were involuntarily accepted themselves to lose their world chains of possessions and allowed themselves to become refreshed and fix the world from its schism. Except most of the children because they still held childish innocence. The people however that didnt were those who had over the past years since the world existed had helped corrupt it with its evils and dependence of hate and want and worldy possessions...

Then the Guardians opened up an alternate Matrix and those who still had their bodies>>"The Evil Ones" Were pulled into it and became nothingness. When they left the world they had once touched was renewed, then the Matrix was permanently closed...
I represented Essence and Soul and therefore didnt have a body to be in the dream..
Posted by: darkus markus on Nov. 21 2004,12:10 am

i was quite astounded by your dream, RoseMortem--many things within its construct struck home with me - the treehouse with the Tuathan Druid and pair of children, your impartial observation and its panthesistic aspect, the disposition of the Guardians of the Gods and of the soul, how they found expression through the bodies of the living, how the moonlight of my patroness Hecates had one effect on some and another on the rest....the justice and the rationale portrayed in your Apocaylpse in the face of deception and of innocence.... i have come to this website to speak of a dream that i have just experienced that smacks of the Apocaylpse and find that your dream has preempted it--for as that which had gone before layed down the circumstance for that which did take place there was consideration for that which was to come and for that which is eternal.....
    i dreamt of a time to come and i was in an army of the "old guard"--my uniform was brown and i was a high-ranking officer, but one of little authority in the face of the army of the "new guard"--whose uniforms were of blue and silver- they were before us in parade but as i passed behind them between the crowds the older men would touch the black eagle upon my back out of reverence for that which had once been great but was no more of power and authority-the torch had passed unto the blue and silvers....
    then came the Apocaylpse--the Living Dead were  everywhere destroying every one through consumption--and no power seemed able to even hinder them in their length the undead surrounded me that i too might be devoured....i was crowded in and could see the grotesque looks of pleasure and anticipation as they readied themselves to eat me, and i was prepared to accept my ending at their hands.....but one amongst them cried out, "No! We cannot devour him!", for she wished to show compassion-- a thing that none amongst the Living Dead had done before.....i was the first to receive this act of mercy from amongst their ranks.  more to come.
Posted by: darkus markus on Nov. 21 2004,12:56 am

hello again, RoseMortem i am back again to give the conclusion of my dream--as i was stating in my former post, as the Undead were about to devour me one from amongst them stopped them all from doing so--they released me and went about their onslaught upon the living and none of them would touch me--as if all of them did know that Ellen had come to spare me in an act of compassion towards the living--an unprecedented development amongst the Living Dead....
 and so it came to pass that i bore witness to what did seem to be the ultimate destruction of the living--that is until the Ion Storm raced through them, decimating each and everyone of the Walking Dead that the Storm did come into contact with--the tide had turned in favor of the living--everywhere the Undead were going down--their power over living things was broken and the Humans took full advantage of the fact--they now began to butcher that which had once seemed to be invincible and they did so with great pleasure--but i set out to find my savior Ellen.....
     i found her in a barrel barbeque surrounded by her tormentors the blue ans silvers of the "new order" whom i dispatched in the midst of their contentedness.  i then opened up the barbecque and pulled the half-charred head and torso of a very much alive Ellen from it and held her in my arms as she cried and thanked me for giving her such mercy--and then she recognized me as the one that she had come to spare before the tide had turned....from that instance on we were very much in love and very much alone among friend and foe alike---but we resolved to start a race that was the synthesis of of life and death which would come to stand in the face of all  in the time that was to come....and thus my dream did end... i wish to also mention that never in my life have i ever known anyone named Ellen - i have never read of one or heard of one named Ellen either-- how did that name enter into my dream???   darkus markus the carcass
Posted by: THE DARK ANGEL on Dec. 03 2004,5:14 pm

I had a dream!  No, no, no!  Not Martin Luther King!  I remembered a small part of it seemingly the BEST part of it.   :2bounce:   I was squatting on a porch and I had a coffin lying there in front of the doorway.  I remember me smiling and opening the lid.   rip   There was something small and white....sort of round in the front and ceneter of it.  I remember being very happy.  I sure as Hell woke up happy after remembering that dream.  It continued to make me happy all throughout the day as I thought of it.  Haven't a clue as to what it meant but I'm still reeling!   :headbang:   Amorte.  Dreams of death and coffins always make me happy.  Well, death in a different way as compared to losing someBODY you love.  Understand?  

 darky  :angelic2:
Posted by: PaleLady on Dec. 03 2004,6:21 pm

---------------------QUOTE BEGIN-------------------
I had a dream!  No, no, no!  Not Martin Luther King!  I remembered a small part of it seemingly the BEST part of it.   :2bounce:   I was squatting on a porch and I had a coffin lying there in front of the doorway.  I remember me smiling and opening the lid.   rip   There was something small and white....sort of round in the front and ceneter of it.  I remember being very happy.  I sure as Hell woke up happy after remembering that dream.  It continued to make me happy all throughout the day as I thought of it.  Haven't a clue as to what it meant but I'm still reeling!   :headbang:   Amorte.  Dreams of death and coffins always make me happy.  Well, death in a different way as compared to losing someBODY you love.  Understand?  

 darky  :angelic2:

I understand, my dear Dark Angel!  I have dreams of Death quite often, and I ALWAYS wake in a great mood after them.  I had one a few nights back, but can barely recall it. I do know it was centered in a burial yard in New Orleans.  I cannot for the life of me figure out why so many of my necromantic dreams take place there. I must have lived a past life in the area...that's the only thing I can come up with. I have never been to NO...although I would dearly love to go. My first stop would be Westgate, to give Dan and Leilah big hugs, for all of the love, support and beauty they have brought into my life.  Then I would crawl about the burying places...just absorbing the feel of the place.

But I wander....sounds like a great dream to me, my beloved Darky.


Posted by: THE DARK ANGEL on Dec. 03 2004,7:46 pm

Hello there, my sweet death-defying friend.   :rose:   Makes you wonder what some of these dreams mean.  And WHY they make some of us happy when we wake up.  While other (non-necromantics) would be a shakin' in their boots.   :laugh:   Silly to be frightened of death.  While we here @ WESTGATE would welcome it.  Not so much that we WANT to die but we all know here that's there's a better place waiting for us.  No misery, no debts, no pain no illness and no suffering.  Hey, I'm so there.  I wish I could remember more of that dream.  I usually can't remember any dreams and I'm SO SO happy I @least remembered THAT part of it.   :headbang:   A few years back I had a dream (I'm sure it's posted here somewhere) about polishing a coffin.  It was exciting, exhilarating!  I'll never forget it.

 darky  :angelic2:
Posted by: bloodmoon on Dec. 05 2004,3:17 pm

i visited daniel and leilah yesterday loved the new decorum and things they added  .well i purchased one of the momento mori pendants i like alot and last nighti had a wild dream.i was visited by an unseen entity i was caressed held and totally aorused by some spirit unseen it was veryromantic and im not saying it was azrael but  it did happen fater i was at the house was anything but frighteming and i was very comforted.their house feels so peaceful . amorte   bloodmoon aka lisa :rose:  rip
Posted by: PaleLady on Dec. 05 2004,4:32 pm wonderful you got to visit Westgate! And your dream sounds great.  If you felt so much at peace there, most likely your dream was inspired by your visit.  I learned LONG ago not to question such things, just go with what feels right.

Enjoy your new pendant...wearing it will keep Azrael, and everyone at Westgate, close to your heart.

And to my darling Darky....fully agree with you on the dream issue. If only the "straights" could let go the fear, how much more meaningful and peaceful their lives could be. Ah well, at least we who are welcoming of Death and it's tidings can appreciate the beauty of the Necromantic dream realm.    :rose:

rip PaleLady rip

Posted by: russalka on Dec. 09 2004,7:08 pm

"...the beauty of the necromantic dream realm." Ah! What a beautiful phrase, my dear Pale One! I too, had a necromantic dream recently. It seems I was at Westgate, and a group of us were performing a ritual in front of the Golem of Azrael. I could feel the energy just whipping from person to person--like indigo lightning. I became aware of a mortuary fountain across the street from Westgate--it was white marble with black veining, and it looked very much like a rank of mausoleum crypts with marble vases which gushed water in front of every crypt. Very nice visual! I wake up happy, too, when I have a dream like that!  :beer:
Posted by: THE DARK ANGEL on Dec. 10 2004,8:14 am

I envy you ladies your wonderful dark necromantic dreams.  I'm on cloud 13 all day after having one.  Funny how birds of a feather flock together here @ WESTGATE.  Where in the world would we be without Dan, Leilah and everyBODY here?  Probably lost and trying to make some sense of our passions, darkness and devotions.   :headbang:

 darky   rip
Posted by: russalka on Dec. 12 2004,10:02 am

You betcha, Darky! As I have said before, I felt like I was able to "come out of the coffin" for the first time because of Leilah and Daniel, and am extremely grateful for what they have done! :headbang: I bet you have necromantic dreams every night, but just don't remember them! Have you tried setting an intention in your mind before retiring? Or keeping a journal and pen right next to your bed? It lets your subconscious know that you really mean business! :color:
Posted by: THE DARK ANGEL on Dec. 12 2004,4:34 pm

I can't keep a journal because I sleep like DEAD!  A fragment of a dream sometimes flows into my mind.  Like a hint of a dream.  Just last night I dreamt of blood.  It was in color.  It shot out of an animal so I'm baffled.  I bet I dream of the dead every night too.   :headbang: I wish I could remember them.  

 darky rip
Posted by: russalka on Mar. 03 2005,6:13 pm

I had a dream of Azrael the other seems there was this large space, like an airplane hangar, filled with boxes that people were unpacking. The boxes contained works of art, except for the one that I opened, which contained the female form of Azrael! We flew together, She was supporting me, and when I mentioned that I wanted to go back and take my cat with us, She was kind enough to do so! I felt so happy to be with our Angel, and it's always cool to fly! I'm STILL smiling about that one! rip  :eyemouth:  rip
Posted by: russalka on Dec. 27 2005,7:15 pm

Well, I'm glad to be able to revive this thread.  The other night, I had a dream where a white-robed figure approached me--she was an older woman, veiled like a nun and had large blue eyes.  I knew she was a dead soul, and she kept repeating: "It's not fair!"  I wept with her, that deep, soul-wrenching kind that hurts to do, and comforted her, sending her on her way.
There was also a sequence where a stone cemetery angel metamorphosed into Azrael, the stone becoming flesh before my eyes.
I love these dreams!  I always wake up feeling great after I have one of them, and am working on lucid dreaming. :rose:
Posted by: Jentzi on Jan. 09 2006,1:32 pm

Hmm..good thing I found the topic. I dreamed strange some nights ago.

It was some odd parking-space on someone's driveway, felt far away. I was coming towards it on foot, just looking intently at something that I expected to show on a specific spot.
It seems that the being walked from a distance too, first a small spot, but it grew, like a person coming towards you, but both the being and the spot were all in the same place, so I gather it was a moving between dimensions or planes.

I can't tell if it was the angel himself or a ghast, but that whoever it was it had a connection to death. No dark robe, but a robe that had moving colours. Not bright and shiny, but hints of it. Can't really describe properly to give it justice, but it was like a pearlescent gray shining surface with colours floating by in it.
I remember noticing that my instinct wanted me to be careful, but I talked to it anyway. Unfortunately, I don't remember what we were talking about, but I remember that I laughed anyway.

The dream ended in me waking up and a vague memory of a yellow hat the whole day.
I don't own a hat, so why I remember it is odd.

After this dream I have noticed that I sense spirits and astral entities alittle easier than I did before. Feels better.
Posted by: Oneiroi on Feb. 27 2006,6:08 am

All your dreams are quite amazing! I love reading of people's dreams. As you may be able to tell from my username, dreams fascinate me.

I have dreams of a masculine figure, in a red suit. His face is blurred and I sense death or some form of finality about him. I presume its a he, because that’s just the vibe I get. the red suit eludes me completely though O_o

A few days before my grandfathers death (about maybe a week and a half ago) I had a dream, with the Red Suit Man. We were in a completely white room. And the man was just standing in the middle of the room with his hands cupped together in front of his stomach. Though his facial features were blurred, I could feel that he was smiling weakly at me. Like he knew seeming that I didn't. Which actually got me quite annoyed with him XD I asked him his name (I can change my dreams and interact in my dreams sometimes), and he just smiled! There was something old about him, yet something new....a sense of him being love and death in one. Like....he was something I couldn't even try to comprehend.

Well, I was sitting cross-legged near him, like a primary school child. He looked down at me tenderly and then there was the noise. a Small flat line noise that got louder. Then, the guy decided to talk to me after a fashion! It was a kind of low speech, in muffled syllables. I couldn't even make out words and letters. Then the dream finished. I am still working out the whole red suit thing, as I know red can symbolise a lot of things *sigh*

Posted by: Rigor Mortuus on Mar. 29 2006,3:02 am

First, I would like to offer my greetings to all! I am a new voice, but have been watching the boards for the better part of, oh, I guess two years now. (Even though this name is registered, interestingly, Sept 11 '05. I guess I had something to post but never did.) So while you may not know me, as creepy as it sounds, I know you! lol, so it's good to finally say hello.

However, since we're on the subject of dreams here I thought I would contribute my own and see if anyone else has any thoughts on this.

I can't remember when I had my first dream of this type, but I remember it, and maybe five or six across the course of my life clearly.

When my dreams first started, maybe once a year or every 8 months.. It was a cemetery. It was absolutely magnificent. It was the largest, most articulate cemetery.. That's the only word that fits. Every detail was an expression of beauty. I think if I were to wander in my dream through this place, I'd never find it's boarders for as long as I roamed. However, the feeling, the energy from this dream was something I'm still not able to articulate. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

These cemetery dreams were so different, people think I'm crazy when I tell them. The cemetery, though it's in a different place when I dream (usually once every time I move, and it's in that location.. same cemetery, different look, different place, same energy...) But there are no ghosts or spirits. There most certainly are bodies buried, but the illogical part is that the cemetery itself is alive. The earth, the stones, the very markers are intelligent and sentient. And it GROWS. It moves, it shifts. Plots and stones and trees and monuments shift and change. The cemetery itself grows. One of the dreams I had, it overflowed it's fence and grew through the woods, popping up new stones, markers and plots, consuming the land, and turning into cemetery land. (Every one knows I'm sure, cemetery land is different than a regular open field.) It grew right up to the window of my bedroom.

Now, the feelings I got from these dreams when I was younger, I was convinced it was pure evil. When I woke up - and I was usually so frightened I had to force myself awake - the feeling used to remain for days at a time. But this feeling I once considered evil I love now.. I'll try to describe these dream cemeteries...

They're alive, sentient bodies in my dreams. I used to dream they would try to consume me and I would have to get out. That part didn't scare me. What scared me was the feeling of what was threatening to consume me, or I felt like it wanted to swallow me... It was DEEP. It was ALIVE. It was DEAD. It was infinate, the ocean to a fish. It was an all consuming... wave of emotion. I have no words to describe it. It terrified me. It was so huge, and so intelligent, and it wanted ME.

It's such a strange thought to me that somehow makes sense... And makes no sense at the same time. A cemetery not made of of parts or bodies or sections or stones.. But a cemetery as a whole, the entire thing as one sentient, living being.. An intelligent being. What an idea!

And as I grow and change, so do the dreams. These dreams have become treasures to me, little diamonds in an otherwise bland existence. (By comparison.) The dreams used to be about the cemetery growing and coming after me.. Then once I delved into the world of Necromancy and various other arts, I began to try to get in! When I was in Arizona, I had a dream where I had to find my way into the cemetery (as I was parked outside) and in the middle of a desert was this green cemetery surrounded by a hedgerow basically... In the center was a.. bulding.. of some kind. A death building. It was two or three stories high, and open, like a barn.. But it also had a basement that lead to its heart. I started down the stairs, but woke up.

As I grow older, the feeling that was once so pure and so intense, this.. depth.. doesn't stay so long anymore. It's like a drug almost. The more I'm exposed to it, the less potent it becomes. The shock and initial bliss.. It's like falling in love, and after time, that feeling of new excitement and discovery fades.. Or like a new car, that eventually becomes your old car...

I had a dream though here, recently, my first one in Iowa. It was completely different from the rest. I was with someone, a female.. I don't know who it was. I thought it was my ex, but maybe it was a sister I don't really have.. we were close. Twins in some ways. And it started off walking into a funeral home through a side door.

First part was a kitchen, and the place was disgusting. It was old, broken, and moldy like someone had left the dishes of a grand banquet a hundred years ago and never came back. The kitchen opened into the rest of the building.. Equally old and broken and dirty. I don't remember much else, except sitting on the floor back to a wall.. There was another tall man there, a funeral director and I think he was giving us a tour.

I can't recall any specifics after that. I said something to "her" and she didn't want me to go. I got up, went around the corner and walked into a room. The entire room was a crematory oven. The floor was the oven, and flames shot up to the ceiling but never broke free. I disappeared into it, to my death, and then woke up. It was that same feeling, one I've come to suspect is the presence of the angel of death.. but it was not strong at all.

Maybe it represented change, since after all, I moved to Iowa for a woman who is now my ex. I was "burned" in that relationship, and very badly. I think perhaps he acknowledge that to me, to let me know he's still here for me.. but maybe I'm just lonely and dreaming, lol..

Does anyone else have any input on these dreams? I've never heard of anyone else in the world who's told of dreams like this. So I can't exactly study it.. I just wish I could describe this feeling that always comes with these dreams.

It's not an external feeling, it's like the source is within me... And as such, I've never even come close to feeling it in real life. It's not something I've ever experienced in my waking world. I walk (and photograph) cemeteries regularly, and sometimes.. sometimes at night I'll catch a "glimpse" of the feeling.. But like I said, it's something that originates within myself, and thus something I can never capture by simply walking hallowed ground...

Thank you all for your reading, and in advance for your replies!

Posted by: Vis_vitalis on April 11 2006,5:29 pm

Just a comment.
I don't think you should compare your dreams to others' nor use others' dreams as guidelines.
Each person's dreams are symbols created by their own unconscious mind.
Even if you have reached something objective and/or collective, I do think your mind will filter it through its own layers of symbolism.
So discovering your own personal symbols is the actual first step to understanding any dream.

Posted by: Jentzi on April 12 2006,8:37 am

*nods* and have a good check on symbolism, not dream-kind but like common ones in mythology and so on..I've been having dreams about ships with undead sailors, crewmembers or pirates, rather alot of them...typical death-related thing, but as I totally missed to draw that conclusion I went pondering on it for about 2 years!

And mind you, it doesn't have to have with anything in your closest area or something close in time either, since the subconscious stores also alot of knowledge we just have around, but not keeping active until we meet or see or get asked something that triggers it.
Posted by: Samaelz on April 12 2006,2:57 pm

I think dream state is astral projection. So as long as I don't get away with everything -Anarchy- then yeah, its more inlikely astral projection.
Posted by: Vis_vitalis on April 12 2006,3:13 pm

Here's one of mine...

In my dream, my father suddenly died.
I was extremely devastated and could no way accept that.
I decided to invoke Azrael and bargain for my father's soul.
I performed a ritual and indeed, Azrael heard me and came to me. He listened to my plea very carefully and said that indeed he would return my father's soul providing I made love with him. I happily accepted, since I thought that the price was very small for my father's soul.
I undressed on the spot and Azrael transformed in a white skinned, blond youth, with perfect skin, like the embodiment of beauty. I stretched my hand and touched him, but instead of the alabaster skin of the youth, I touched bone... Beauty is so superficial, is it not ?
I was not daunted at all. I could understand what He meant.
Then He embraced me, kissed my forehead and vanished.
And indeed, after a while, my father came back just like that.
Posted by: Samaelz on April 19 2006,3:09 pm

Amazing! Just like a dream where everything can go your way *satisfaction Guaranteed*   :beer:
Posted by: Vis_vitalis on April 20 2006,2:26 pm

Indeed. Even when I'm lucid, I can't make things turn out that good. :p
But things always turn out good when Azrael is present.
Posted by: Morgan on April 20 2006,6:58 pm

Oops!!!  Booboo deleted.

Posted by: Morgan on April 20 2006,7:01 pm

TELL me about it!!!

Posted by: Vis_vitalis on April 21 2006,5:57 am

oh... Once I saw Him as a taxi driver.
And I even paid him... :p
Posted by: Morgan on April 21 2006,6:12 am

Once I saw him in a skeletal form, once I saw him as 'space'.  Space in a robe, with stars and nebulae, and everything.  Gatekeepers rock.
Posted by: Azothoth on April 21 2006,5:48 pm

I saw him in a Santa Claus hat once.
Posted by: Leilah on April 21 2006,7:45 pm

THIS was NOT a dream. I remember actually seeing Him AS Santa Claus when I was a kid of about 7 or 8. I remember because something woke me up and it was the sound of a tinkling bell dropping off our xmas tree and landing on the glass top of the tea wagon on which it sat. I glanced out my bedroom door and saw "someone" in a full Santa suit. Of course I assumed it was my dad, so I crept into my parent';s room, and they were both asleep and there was NO ONE else in the house to be suspect.

I crept back to my room and peered around the door jamb. He was just busily reaffixing the tree ornaments. He wasn't doing normal Santa stuff, like bringing presents.

Next thing I know is "He" is looking straight at me with those hollow black and purple "eyes" and then He just vanished into thin air.

I was at a point in my life when I KNEW who He was, so it didn't phase me, but I was pleasantly amused by the concept.

Of course, I told my folks that morning that I saw Santa....and they reacted the usual way, "That's nice, honey!"

Needless to say, I believed in Santa for a long time thereafter.

True story! I shit you NOT!
Posted by: russalka on April 21 2006,10:36 pm

:clap2: Too cool! Azrael in a Santa suit! Love it! :clap2:  Who says the Grim Reaper doesn't have a sense of humor! Great story! :headbang:
Posted by: Morgan on April 22 2006,2:08 am

If he/she/it didn't have a sense of humour, I would be toast.  :eyemouth:   I mean, with my 'nothing is sacred' ways of life and art?
Posted by: Samaelz on April 23 2006,3:31 pm

Fasinating. Boy I'd love to see Azrael someday to and just say hello or sip on tea and have an intellectual conversation with one another.  :beer:
Posted by: Vis_vitalis on April 24 2006,5:30 pm

I know I've referred to Terry Pratchett twice already but I really can't help it...

Anyway, in one of his novels, Santa Claus is...well... temporarily unavailable and Death takes his place.
It's called "Hogfather".

Posted by: Samaelz on May 01 2006,12:50 pm

---------------------QUOTE BEGIN-------------------
Indeed. Even when I'm lucid, I can't make things turn out that good. :p
But things always turn out good when Azrael is present.

You make me so jealous! I'd love to have a beautiful woman make me have sex with her out of the blue.
Posted by: Vis_vitalis on May 01 2006,3:18 pm

I do trust you mean in your dreams ?  :eyemouth:
Posted by: Samaelz on May 02 2006,3:10 pm

:eyemouth: (eyes roll up and around) Yeees, but its nice to think that fantasys can happen.

Posted by: Samaelz on May 08 2006,2:22 pm

Oh GEEZ! I look silly I totaly forgot the topic is about Necromantic Dreams. (Embarrased) :blush:
Posted by: Cwelan on Sep. 21 2006,4:38 am

There has been this graveyard I've been dreaming about for awhile now and it's on top of a hill sort of surrounded by patches of woods. It always has this nice fall like atmosphere about it whenever I'm there, the only problem is I have no clue why I keep dreaming about it.

Maybe it's because I keep feeling this pull to walk down to the local cemetery all the time and sometimes I deny it and decide it's to long a ways to walk there or to cold, or maybe not.

Also one of the times I had the dream there was a tower in the cemetery and death was inside at the top of it with me and we were sitting at kind of a plain but really old table and some chairs. It was rolling a ancient dice piece and sitting in front of me, I think it was trying to explain to me which ever way it landed has something to do with my own death or someone close to me at least, but I fail when it comes to remembering sharp details of my dreams. I always wish I could recall that part in more detail, bummer.

I can't help but wish for those dreams sometimes; they're always so interesting or just peaceful, heh.


Posted by: Jentzi on Sep. 27 2006,6:46 pm

*swings a leg idly*

I dream of boats with dead sailors on it..Or..undead, perhaps? It was a pirate-ship first, but some while ago it switched into a big ship with ordinary sailors, and we were sailing somewhere narrow, with big cliffs close to the boat. Ive also dreamt repeatedly about journeying IN water, sort of flowing with the stream, seeing humans on the banks, and small houses and everything like that.
And Ive dreamt of mummified talking snakes, about small talking skulls and a black sun (nothing bad except the nazi-wannabes that tried to threaten me) and alot of symbolic things, like a cave deep in a mountain with a pool of water and sleeping snakes in it, small colourful ones.

And Ive dreamt of a place where..well, everything was decay, but sort of like in nature, so it wasnt ruin, it was just like it should be..and I had a beeswarm that did what I mentally told them to do, and they cleaned out alot of spiders from a building, a stable or something, a farm-building, and then large holes overfilled with maggots showed up, meant to be food for the birds.

I think that was some sort of was interesting though..Im never scared, except when its ordinary stuff, that freaks me.
Posted by: Cwelan on Sep. 27 2006,6:58 pm

I can relate to that, ordinary dreams leave me with a weird feeling when I wake up, as if I don't want to live my normal life when I sleep.  :laugh:
Posted by: darkus markus on Dec. 28 2006,1:38 pm

I see that there is rising concern over the plight of the polar bears due to overhunting coupled with the rapidly melting polar icecap.... looks more and more like dnekm's dream concerning slaughtered polar bears is becoming reality.   :shake:
Posted by: russalka on Jan. 01 2007,9:44 pm

Sad to think that Daniel's dream was prophetic....gods, I hate what the greed-obsessed are doing to our beautiful home.  Too bad all the polluters (and hummer drivers) can't be exiled to some really shitty other planet; say one that had been totally wrecked by toxic waste, so the rest of us could live in harmony with Nature.  Now there's a nice dream for you!
Posted by: Dante on Jan. 05 2007,5:11 pm

That is a nice dream, russalka. Sounds like a paradise to me, where I could walk out of my front door and see trees and hear rivers, and see the stars at night, and be a part of nature, instead of skirting around her, focused on the next boring task at hand :(

As for the bears, what they do to the seal pups once a year always gets me right in the heart.  I mean...I appreciate the need to cull the population, but do it with a rifle shot, not by clubbing it to death...

I see dreams as one of the few remaining ways to escape...all the better if they bring comfort. Mine often do, death related or not. Ocassionally I wonder if life is a dream :)  Then I remember I don't feel pain when I dream.

Dante :rose:
Posted by: Morgan on Jan. 06 2007,2:06 am

Culling populations? Nature takes care of that. . .except for people and domesticated animals. We do seem to be rectifying that situation of human overpopulation, but we're taking everything else with us. DU is fine example. Iraq and the neighbouring areas are no longer fit to live in, and they're gonna die slow, painful deaths. And have you seen the DU baby pics? (I got several links on my blog, but I don't think I'll post them here. I already got suspended once for making people throw up with one of my picture links.)

Personally, I think the stats are lying, and the human population is already slowly dropping.  I mean, we can't have figures telling us the truth if it may interfere with economic investment and growth, can we?  Though the world economy seems to be imploding, being it is run on unsustainable debt.

I don't think life is gonna be remotely the same, in 5 years.

Posted by: Jentzi on Jan. 10 2007,8:32 pm

Nope it wont, but thats because we age.

Lately Ive dreamt of kind of half-futuristic cemetaries..Really pretty headstones. Its always the same place, and theres always a strange church with really weird things happening in it.

In the latest dream, I found myself writing on a stone that layed down..Not "here lies"-things or a persons life-story, but philosophical reasoning..With a normal pen. But the stone was made of sandstone sort of, so it was soft to write in, I remember the sounds. Then all of a sudden someone showed up, and I didnt get scared, but I remember that I thought that they could be spooked by me, so I left in a specific direction, walking down a slope to a sort of opening, with trees around it, sort of a plateau-thingie, but really small, grass everywhere, and a lighter-coloured bump on the edge of it.
I recognized the place then as a place Ive dreamt about before, long ago, and I knew that if I fell off the edge I would be racing cars and hiking through the woods again, so I stayed away from it.

Anyway, this person came down the slope, and asked me if I would like to work there, in a calm voice. I agreed, and we started to walk uphill again.

I never did see the face, and I didnt get much feel from the being either. I woke up with a headache though, and sis told me later that I had been talking in my sleep, but she couldnt hear what I was saying.
Posted by: darkus markus on Jan. 16 2007,1:41 pm

My dreams are filled with teachers... they impersonate various characters who judge the decisions I make and the actions I take in given situations, then rewrite the "program" accordingly.... My dreams are there to teach and to test prepare me for the waking hours.... my own little matrix while asleep to rate me, gauge me, and ready me for the next set of waking hours in conjunction with what has gone before and for that which is to come.   :cat:
Posted by: Dante on April 03 2007,8:36 am

Just thought I'd share my dreamscapes for the night.

I had a couple of dreams last night, very vivid and colourful and completely separate from each other.  (Normally, my dreams tend to follow on.)

The first was a graveyard, in which I was (like last time) driving by as a passenger on the road, looking up the hill at graves.  Started out as plain stones, much like the cemetery across town from me, and finished with ground level 'tombs,' the square sort, like coffins lying on the ground only bigger.  The sky behind them was dark and rolling with thunderclouds, though I didn't hear any thunder.  The sides had been knocked out of some of them, and the first bodies I saw were very much decayed, brown and papery, just ribs and papery skin but they had been strung up within the coffin by chains on their hands and feet.

Like they'd been buried alive.  There were two, a man and a woman chained in the same way, and I was mightily pissed, because I couldn't get out and do what I wanted to do which was cut the chains and let them lie as bodies are supposed to lie. And there were more :)  Before I knew it, I was looking at fields of bodies, that ranged from just hanging out of their tombs, completely untended in a wild, overgrown landscape, trailed with ivy.

Cemetery no more, the tombs tailed off, into stakes. I found myself looking at a thundery expanse of impaled corpses, high up on poles in the same way that vlad the impaler used to position his victims.  All skeletal, and all radiating the most terrible suffering.  I can't quite remember my emotions, but I know there was no fear.  Only sadness, and anger at the suffering and the urge to get out of the car and go up there, despite the fact that I knew I might see more than I was prepared for. Morbid though it might sound...there was also positive emotion.  I wont call it happiness, because it wasn't happiness. But it was positive, almost like feeling grateful. And content. Which just isn't an emotion I'd normally pair with a field of despite waking up with no ill effects or emotions, I felt somewhat guilty afterwards.

Dream number 2...

I find myself in a Cathedral, similar to the one at Worcester which I go to on occasion so I can sit in the crypt. Only this was darker, more gothic, sharp angles and complicated turrets everywhere.  All black stone, lit only by the dancing flames of naked torches.  Tall, thin windows, shadows everywhere, so deep and dark you could fool yourself into thinking something could live in there, feeding on the darkness alone. If you were so inclined :)

This was nighttime, and for one reason or another (memory is fading now) I find myself walking down a long line of dark church pews very quickly, past an altar, grabbing two torches as I go.  I light them at the ancient spiral steps down into the crypt, holding two up together and the door, already swinging open reveals an underground room dominated by the shadows of more pews, and a number of coffins/tombs.  

The architecture is more mechanical, chains and dark stones than befitting a Cathedral, wherever this is, it is exceptionally old and built to inspire fear and awe. Down in this dusty space, sitting on the pews as though they are only there for the next service are five, maybe six corpses, dusty and grey and mostly bone.  A flash of fear of going inside, but based on the idea that someone might lock me in sooner than the room itself.

And I walk inside :)  Holding the torches up so the light dances on the jutting architecture and throws weird shadows out like lace over marble. And I sit, next to a man who has been dead a very long time, chained to the pew like all the others.  And I put a hand on his ribs in a combination of fascination and a smidgeon of fear which dissipates even as he turns his head and looks at me!

I recall him talking at one point, but it's nothing I can remember.  I can remember his arm draped across my back, I can remember cuddling up next to him with a smile on my face, and his fingers tapping lightly on my arm. He was saying something I understood, because I don't recall any confusion at all, and not a jot of fear as the other bodies also seemed to grow some kind of borrowed life and begin to speak and move.  He was interested in me, how I was doing and what I'd been doing, the same kind of inquiries a father might make if he hadn't seen his child in a while.

At which point I get to witness myself being pulled inside a tomb (already in my coffin) - to the soothing voice of that father figure - by a series of chains and more or less finding out that I'm dead and I wouldn't have been leaving anyway.  Which was weird. I remember thinking (as I woke up) 'Oh right, here comes the nightmare bit.'

My own lack of fear shocked the hell out of me. I spent most of my childhood having nightmares about walking, talking skeletons.  This is an absolute turn around from any impression I have ever had of moving corpses.

The weird thing?  As I came around and my eyes flickered open I had just a seconds impression/glimpse of a dark shadow that was very, very tall and thin. Jack skelington style, it looked like it was wearing dark trousers/clothes. It strode out through my bedroom door at speed, (and by speed I don't just mean walking. I mean the speed of thoughts when thoughts run at maximum capacity) just as I struggled to wake up to see if it was really there. I had the impression of a bowed head that had faced me, but was now turning away in the direction he was walking, and intelligence. By the time I'd blinked, he was already gone.

Trick of the eye?  Quite possibly my own overactive imagination, since there is a black dressing gown on the back of my door. Either way, it put me in a good mood for some reason, left me with a nice feeling and sparked some inspiration.

Dante :rose:

Posted by: THE DARK ANGEL on April 18 2007,9:28 pm

darkus I live and breathe............lately I've been dreaming of myself either dead OR dying. I find it invigorating but hey that's me and probably everyone of you here. Death can be sweet. You're dreaming of teachers, darkus? Maybe you have a thing or two to learn. As if we all don't. :laugh:

darky :doom:
Posted by: boneshadow on April 25 2007,11:16 pm

i normally do not remember my dreams,but i remeber the one i had last night.i watched the coroner perform my autopsy. when he was done he shook his head and said "so that was the problem." i could not help,but find it funny. :laugh:
Posted by: boneshadow on April 25 2007,11:19 pm

does that even count as a necromantic dream?
Posted by: Morgan on April 25 2007,11:57 pm

boneshadow, yes it does.

Dante, I missed it when you posted it, but wow!  Awesome set of dreams.  Good memory of them you have there.
Posted by: boneshadow on April 25 2007,11:59 pm

thanks morgan.
Posted by: darkus markus on April 26 2007,1:41 pm

Dear Dark Angel, it's wonderful to hear from you... sorry i missed your post 'till now... yes, i have a lot to learn... the 'teachers' many times present themselves anonomously disguized as others, or as creatures, as situations, puzzles or quandries... the important thing is that even though i am not aware that i am dreaming, i have the abliity to make decisions in my dreams and accordingly the dream responds to my decision-making with a new set of stimuli for me to act upon. Each new 'program' is the direct result of the choices i make on the former prezentations.  If i am privileged to remember the dream after waking, i can act upon it consciously.  Otherwize, i believe my subconscious will act as waking guide.
Here's hoping that in your Death Dreams that you are at peace and happy... :rose:
Posted by: Adar-mortis on April 27 2007,12:05 am

I had a dream once:

I was standing before a lake, the grass was green and there was a forest on all sides. I looked out to the centre of the lake and saw a figure, standing on the surface of the lake.

Almost as though the figure knew I was watching, it danced across the lake. When the figure got close enough I realised it was my Grandmother (She died of cancer).

She was dressed in her line-dancing uniform and she danced right up to me. She had the scent of flowers... and we had a chat. It was beautiful.

That was my dream....

Posted by: boneshadow on April 29 2007,9:56 pm

that is so beautiful,adar-mortis. i had that autopsy dream again last night. it is kind of funny i always seem to wake before he says what is wrong with me, i guess i will just have to wait. :laugh:
Posted by: darkus markus on July 03 2007,1:54 pm

Last night I had a dark room table candle dream... the face in the candle-light at the opposite end of the table was Adolph Hitler. He stared at me blankly.... I decided to keep the conversation light so I asked him if it were true that he was a vegetarian.... he hung his head and said softly that it was. After pausing for a moment he continued by saying that he used to tell the cooks at Bertesgarten to make sure that no meat was included in any of his meal because ever since the mustard gas attack in 1918 all meat tasted to him like leather. Then he looked at me, sweat pouring down his face, and confessed that he had lied to the cooks... It was true that he was a vegetarian but he had become so disposed in 1917, a year before the mustard gas attack.... it seems that he had adopted a white dog on the battlefield that year from the enemy dead who did not understand a word of German. He named the dog Foxil. The dog was very intelligent and learned many things quickly from his new guardian. " Then one day, Herr Hitler lamented, I returned from dispatch duty and my comrades were sitting around a campfire and eating meat - a rare thing on the Western Front in those days. They invited me to sit with them and have some to eat.... I thanked them and did so. As I was eating, in a state of exhaustion from dispatch duty, it occurred to me that Foxil was not there to greet me, as was always the case upon my return from my missions sending messages to and fro when regular communications were down. They told me that he had been stolen in my absence.... I looked down at my food, realized they had lied to me, threw what was left of my 'meat' into their fire and walked away..." Then he looked deep into my eyes and said, "Do you see how one lie leads to another lie? and to the cooks at Bertesgarten, no less! They had fed to me my dog!"  He stood up and handed me a letter - "Take this to Dumbarton Oaks!", he commanded: then he was gone and I was standing in the snow, in the middle of nowhere with the letter in my hand...

Posted by: Leilah on July 03 2007,8:14 pm

Now, that is TRULY a fucked up dream, Darkus....but so poetic, don't you think?

Dog, the "other" white meat..... :laugh:
Posted by: wraith on July 03 2007,8:33 pm

That's one of the most bizarre dreams I've ever heard, and yet so believable....
Posted by: Morgan on July 04 2007,12:44 am

Ewwwww!  I like the story of Tantalus better.
Posted by: unchained spirit on July 04 2007,9:48 am

Dunbarton Oaks is familiar.  A series of meetings there in 1944 were what created the United Nations.

The Dumbarton Oaks Conference was held between August and October 1944. The principal objective of Dumbarton Oaks was to discuss the possibilities of creating an international organisation that would maintain world peace after the end of World War Two.

In fact, there was not one meeting at Dumbarton Oaks, but a series of meetings. These meetings were attended by representatives of the Soviet Union, Great Britain, the United States and China. The structure and form of a United Nations had to be discussed though the primary issue was the make-up of the Security Council and what its relationship would be to the League of Nations that was still in existence.

The main issue at stake was the use of the power of veto in the Security Council. This was to come to light at the Yalta meeting again and continued at the San Francisco conference of April to June 1945.

How shall we say "no"?
< Summary here. >
Posted by: darkus markus on July 05 2007,4:28 pm

Bless you, unchained spirit.... all i was able to find on Dumbarton Oaks was some place located in Scotland. I feel this is VERY important information.... and I won't search for anything on the internet.... thank you thank you thank you for the link-up, I am going to read it RIGHT NOW. :rose: rip

I will be damned!  Dumbarton IS spelled with an 'M' - I thought that I had heard Hitler's pronounciation of that word  incorrectly....

Posted by: darkus markus on July 05 2007,4:39 pm

You shoulda been there, Wraith... that dream was total 3D.
Posted by: Jentzi on July 05 2007,5:42 pm

I keep wondering what the letter was about...
Posted by: unchained spirit on July 05 2007,8:23 pm

---------------------QUOTE BEGIN-------------------
Bless you, unchained spirit.... all i was able to find on Dumbarton Oaks was some place located in Scotland.  I feel this is VERY important information.... and I won't search for anything on the internet.... thank you thank you thank you for the link-up, I am going to read it RIGHT NOW. :rose:  rip

I will be damned!  Dumbarton IS spelled with an 'M' - I thought that I had heard Hitler's pronounciation of that word  incorrectly....

Ah well, that's the disadvantage of only hearing.
Dumbarton Oaks is also important for several conferences in Byzantine history.

Posted by: darkus markus on July 06 2007,3:04 pm

ach ya, Jentzi - I also wonder what the letter said - as I was standing in the snow, I started toread it, but I woke up only after noting a few words ( the nice thing about my dreams : everything is in English ) and those words escape my memory... I am trying to jar it back by researching Dumbarton Oaks.  I looked in an encylopedia but all that was listed was Dunbarton Oaks - spelled with an N - hence I thought that I had heard Herr Hitler incorrectly... Dunbarton Oaks refers to a region in Scotland.  Then when I checked out unchained spirit's link on the subject I discovered that Dumbarton Oaks
( with an M )  WAS the correct pronounciation and therefore the most likely of the two words to have reference to Hitler's message.... I then checked in a Collier's 1945 yearbook for the Year 1944 and several United Nations conferences took place that year, world-wide, but there was no mention whatsoever of the Dumbarton Oaks conferences... and now unchained spirit has tipped me off that there are Byzantine connections as well... I hope that those conferences are spelled with an N, as this MIGHT serve to narrow my search for the bit of information that will refresh my memory about what I did manage to read of Herr Hitler's message before waking up.   So there you go - a region in Scotland that permeates history, as well as Security Council stipulations for the impending United Nations, and now Byzantium has popped into the picture ( to my relief, as I have no feeling for the first two possibilities, even though the Dunbarton Oaks conferences were contemporary with the final years of Hitler's life ).  I see a library in my future.....
Posted by: unchained spirit on July 06 2007,3:50 pm

The histories involved, the incredibly long imperial history of Byzantium (its denizens would have insisted that it was the Roman Empire) and the 12 to 13-year span of Nazi Germany have two common elements-- power and decline.  
Because we have experienced the Enlightenment, we are inclined to think that reason should naturally accompany the institutions of power.  But in a world sense, we know that's not true.  It's the scariest thing about the institutions of power and human nature I've ever encountered.
I suspect, Darkus, that in the process of just being yourself, you've brushed shoulders with something tremendously powerful.  Regardless of whether or not it is rational, because it possesses power, it must do things like make decisions and ultimately, accept responsibility for outcomes.  
The Hitler figure is sighing.
Michael, the last of the Byzantine emperors in 1453, lost consciousness in the midst of his councillors when he heard his defenses were breaking.  On 5/29/1453, it was over.
Similarly, at the end of April 1945, Hitler celebrated his birthday and committed suicide all within a week, and by that time, it was May indeed.  
So you see, there are some concentrated analogues in the two historical narratives.
When I teach Hitler, I teach that he was just a human being.  Your sighing Hitler is, I hope, closer to the one I teach than the man living in 1923 and trying to convince Germany that he would save her nationhood by way of racism and slaughter.

Posted by: Leilah on July 06 2007,6:48 pm

Hum...this tie between Byzantium and Nazi Germany opens a whole can of Hitler's past lives.....Maybe what you were seeing Darkus, was part of the Cliff Note version of some of his incarnations?

Food for thought...He was a deeply troubled man...
Posted by: darkus markus on July 07 2007,10:13 am

Well, I have not heard of Cliff Note 'till now, Leilah.... but i'll look him up and see if there are any clues in his books/movies/whatever.  I am intrigued by the Byzantine/Michael/May/1453/1945 stepping stones... Dunbarton was originally Dumbartonshire...
There is a Byzantine collection at Dumbarton Oaks, which was donated to Harvard University in 1940...
There are lush gardens there, and a snakey sculpture...
Byzantium was Constantinople in 1453...
Constantinople is now Istanbul...
I was looking in the Collier's yearbook of 1946 for the year 1945, hence no mention of Dumbarton Oaks conference, which was in 1944...
1923... League of Nations,  !944... United Nations,  1917...Hitler inadvertently eats his dog Foxil...
The first three words of the message were... i dunno...
Posted by: darkus markus on July 07 2007,1:14 pm

I had a little lie-down in the basement.  I remember what the message said and I know what it meant.  Yes, it was addressed to the 1944 Dumbarton Oaks conference, specifically for the North American delegation.  Apparently when General von Paulus surrendered his German army to the Bolshevics in January of 1943, marking the turning point of the War which would lead to the ultimate destruction of the Third Reich in May of 1945, Hitler came to the realization that Communism was the greatest enemy by far of all that were arrayed against him ( and the Fatherland ), whatever his sympathies had been against the Jews, or what he  considered to be the consorts of Zionism, namely the allies.
He was firmly convinced, despite the propaganda portraying him as an immovable madman, that the only ultimate hope for Germany, and indeed for the United States, regardless of the outcome of the War, was to awaken his adversary, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, to the realization that the United States and National Socialist Germany were in fact brethren in the spirit of ideals as well as in the pursuit of similar goals.  In the face of this, stood the Russian Bear that was destroying Germany with American assistance, a Germany which should have been allied with the United States rather than opposed to them, as in the scheme of things that had come to be unfolded as the War progressed, Russia was turning into a superpower that not only would destroy his country but ultimately the USA in its struggle for totalitarian domination of the Western World.

The message on the letter was simply this:

"They are feeding you your dog."  rip
Posted by: Orion-Dis Soldelumen on Aug. 14 2007,2:42 am

I keep Having a dream of being in a war. There are walking corpses all around me protecting the living. We are at war with both the good and evil in this dream. The fight is signaling the rebirth of old for the side I am fighting for. Both good and evil are fighting and out if it there are those of us who decide we dont want either around. I remember this army is actually run by a hierarchy based on magical skill and the ruling party is necromancers and elemental sorcerers. In this dream myths are reborn and are no longer mythical.
I also used to have a pretty major dream when I was a kid that scared the heck out of me. I had to have not been more than 5. My family would have been taking me on a trip in it and we stopped at a store. all of a sudden everything got creepy and everyone looked dead, even my family. I would be frightened and I would scream to my mom to drive fast get me away. She would begin to drive but I would fall through the car like it wasnt real and they would leave me there in the middle of all these dead people surrounding me. Sometimes I would run and I would find my way back to my family who was fine and would ask where I was. i would get in and all the roads would keep shifting direction and shape. The we would all drive off a bridge that just appeared in front of us and the thing where I fell through the car would happen again and I would watch them die. Other times when I would run I would end up near my street and there would be this creepy house I entered (this is the more weird one) upon entering I would be chased by something that took the form of Freddy Kruger but it wasnt him. He would chase me all over this changing house that felt like a creepy mansion, and one he would catch me he would shake me saying "your one of us this is why you shouldn't fear us" and gash open my arm. Blood would cover my whole body and when i looked in the mirror I turned black, his voice would change and he would then say "happy birthday" and all of a sudden music would start and I would feel happy and we would dance together. I know a little psychotic huh. At least the child shrink thought I was wacky. Luckily this was before doping children became super popular.
I had another i cant remember well that even awake if i try to remember makes me shudder. Only part I remember is a lady who's face is obscured answering the door, she kneels down then takes me by the shoulders and begins to wisper to me. For some reason she frightens me and trying to remember still makes me shiver to this day. If I knew someone who was as good at doing regression as me i would have them help me remember all of these in detail. I know the lady one is important somehow.

Posted by: Jentzi on Sep. 23 2007,5:53 am

I had an interesting "half-dream" a couple of days ago.

I was just about to slumber, and at times when Im in that state I semi-project, I dont know why really, and this time there was a being in a black cloak. I didnt see the face though, but I think its a he, didnt feel like a she..didnt have the figure of a female either, come to think of it.
He held out the cloak, and I slipped into the dark part of it.
It was dark all around, and...remember that garden-thingie I posted about, where there were purple giant berries and when holding them there came a flood of "life"-noises?
I saw that garden again, but from afar this time. I began thinking of it, and I felt that some part of me had a conversation, but I dont remember much of it except that I said that I was thankful for the visions I had been seeing, and that Im still considering them.
Then I just slipped into full sleep.

Anyway, now after that dream Im feeling like things are moving forward but in a good way, not like before with hitches and problems all over the place.
Im being more relaxed and actually enjoying things again, not without problems, I still jitter and get restless, but not as much as before.
Posted by: darkus markus on Sep. 25 2007,8:22 am

Being thankful in the realm of dreams can go a long ways, Jentzi.
Posted by: Morta on Dec. 04 2007,10:07 pm

I'll start with the fact that whenever I dream of my deceased father, someone dies.

I have dreams of death often......sometimes bodies, sometimes coffins.....I'm still trying to learn what it all means

Posted by: Lady_Lucius on Dec. 10 2007,5:33 pm

I have had a dream of Death a few times - This one I remember the most (Note: I had this dream when I was in about 2nd or 3rd grade):
    Me and my classmates were walking down a brick road, passing houses who belonged to... well... strange people. All of the children screamed and yelped at the sight of this world. The sky was dark, halloween decorations, things like that. After saying a friendly hello to the woman/corn bush, (Hey, I was in Grade school! ) a boy walked up to me while the screaming children went on ahead. He was about my height, short dark brown hair, I think... and he wore a tuxedo. I don't really remember what happened next, except that the boy left. After he left, a skeletal person came to me again, also wearing a tuxedo. He caressed me, and I don't really remember but I think he kissed me, then left. I was sad when he left.

My most treasured dream.  :color:

Posted by: darkus markus on Dec. 11 2007,3:39 pm

Posted by: Lady_Lucius on Dec. 11 2007,4:53 pm

Posted by: Moonlitrose on May 18 2010,8:12 pm

Been popping around the forum, seeing where the best place to put this would be... I believe it to be a newer connection for me, but perhaps more common to others here.

I was dreaming (deep enough where when you wake up you don't feel like you've been there the whole time) I was preforming and acting as a kind of a "reaper", I watched multiple forms of death and was helping them to where ever they needed to go or do... I think I may have saved a life on top of it. It felt very "spirity" as I was not entirely visible to the world around me. I remember I had to see a few children go (one was hit by a shool bus), I was very caring for them on the way, one was very young and I played building blocks with him for a bit till his spirit had to be sent away.
After a bit I was leaning on a railing on some porch and a tall older man was standing next to, had a beard and had a wise and knowing look about him. He said hello and that his name was "Thanos". I replied, "no... Thanatos!?" Like it just rolled off my toung. He had a look that seemed to say "ah, you got me on this one" He went on to explain how well I was doing and did a wonderful job "but, we can't keep you..." (as in, as I relise now, I am still of the living and need to wake up) I woke up after that.
Im familiar with the name Thanatos, but it usually doesn't come up in my daily life as with Azrael does. So a bit of a change out of the ordinary for me :rose:

Posted by: Morgan on May 19 2010,3:35 am

That's what my Gate Keepers (Donn and Thanatos) in my story set do.  I just woke up from a dream of helping Donn, myself.  That, and helping people clean up their lives and sort themselves out before 'transfer'.  Of course, my Thanatos is totally hot.  Both versions of him, but I have yet to draw the form he was born into.  I'm gonna wait until my publisher finds the dude for his photoshoot.   He's gonna try and find someone who looks like John Waterhouse's Thanatos, which is fine by me.  That's  kinda like how I described him, so. . .
Posted by: Moonlitrose on May 20 2010,12:18 am

I know that history says it's a greek name for death.  But I kind of find it funny that... i think the old man thing, was supposed be a disguise.  Which is why the name deal.  Who knows true form right?  But it was a nice dream in the end... they usually are for me.
Posted by: Elie87x on May 20 2010,12:46 am

I've had a lot of dreams with Azrael or at least some mysterious death figment in them.

My favorite one was when I seemed to be going through some dark pitch black cave on a boat. It was kind of like a viking ship, it had metal old kinda rusty shields on the side.
And a black dragon skull on the front like. I was standing at the back and some dark cloaked figure, assuming it's azrael stood at the front.

When I'm nervous in the dark I start singing, and thats what I did (I was nervous) I didn't know if I had died or not. I didn't ask either, I just stayed quiet and we were following this current. Then the cave turned into like nightfall or something. There were stars out, thousands of stars...some just normal..others in different colors. There were flashes of lightning and what looked like fireworks or something I'm not sure. I could even see planes blinking distantly..

Azrael pulled out this violine and started playing it, but there was other music too as I was singing. For some reason though I started crying as I was singing and I felt really sad.
My heart hurt, I felt a lot of pain. ( I didn't really understand the dream) But yeah I was crying while I was singing until I couldn;t sing anymore. Then he came over and took my hand and walked me to the front of the boat and asked me if I was scared. And I said no, I faced the darkness before us streight on and then the entire boat fell into darkness and I woke up T.T...sadly..

Truly epic dream gone to ruin..

But when I woke up my head was all spinning and I felt dizzy lol could hardly get down the stairs..I felt weird...

I don't get it...  :shake:
Posted by: Autumn on May 20 2010,5:05 am

Death seems to have so many different faces!

Elie, you start singing when you get nervous in the dark? Sounds like a good idea!
That was quite an amazing dream, by the way...

I can only remember one dream of this sort. When I was 12 to 13 I thought about Death personified quite a lot, although I didn't think of it as more than a fictional entity.
So here it goes... I dreamed that someone had set up a small red tent somewhere in my neighborhood and I was curious as to what it was. So I went there and I saw that it was some sort of traveling New Age gift shop. When I saw the owner I immediately knew who it was - at that time, I called this entity "the Reaper". It was a tall, thin, pale woman in her mid 30s, dressed in black, with very long black hair. I can't remember anything else except that she was very kind and she sent me on some sort of errand. And I was really glad I had met her.
Posted by: Tokageko on May 04 2011,7:36 pm

A year or so ago, I had a dream that felt like I was in an alternate reality.  There was a natural disaster that resulted in me and a number of other people becoming trapped in a flooded tunnel.  I remember very little of how we got there, but at the end we were trapped in a cave.  Our path in had been blocked by falling rocks and the only way out was a deep pool of water.  One of the others volounteered to see if there was a way out.  He drowned.  The rest of us sat there until we ran out of air.  It was a peaceful death.  There weren't any reapers around though.  So, I led them to the other side.  What greeted us was a wooded place with overcast skies and no wind.  I kept everyone together, figuring that someone would be along soon to finish taking the others where they needed to go.  Of course, I was just waiting to wake up.  Eventually I started to accept the fact that I might not wake up, and worried that I might never see my loved ones again.  About that time, reapers showed up.  I don't remember anything except a white light and waking up gasping for breath.
Posted by: Samaelz on May 09 2011,11:23 pm

Hey, I remember trying to save a friend who was drowning under water. But he was traped in some kinda new cement and just his hand was revealed.

I had a death rattle shake that it was me -and right out of the dream* Woe, that was spooky!

There was another dream like that -with a small hand closing a door of darkness. The VACUUM behind the door was way to extreame to open and its small hand was between the door and the wall - I woke up before it,s hand fell off. I was so frightend! It seemed as though it was my own hand thats why I was so afraid.

Posted by: Cwelan on Jan. 02 2013,2:42 am

I haven't been remembering my dreams much lately, but yesterday I had one that stuck with me, I don't recall the first part as much as the end, I was in this small cemetery surrounded by tall cypress, it was cloudy overheard and there were smaller dead trees outside the area, the air smelled nice and damp. I was walking around the side of this place when suddenly a wolf came out from behind one of the bushes and locked eyes with me for what seemed like a long drawn out time, then I woke up in my bed.

Not sure what it meant, but it stuck with me for the rest of the day, when I think back on it the dream didn't seem threatening, just like it was trying to tell me something, but I can't put my finger on it.
Posted by: Leilah on Jan. 03 2013,6:18 am

A dream like this is usually the harbinger of good fortune, especially seeing as how the wolf was not aggressice toward you. Welcome back, btw!  :rose:
Posted by: Elie87x on Jan. 18 2013,8:44 am

that's a beautiful dream o.o wolves are magical spiritual and divine symbols :) I believe personally.

I had a dream that I was living with my parents and sleeping in my old room. Then my dad, who I felt wasn't my dad but some very bad deity. I didn't feel good or safe at all, I got goosebumps and our house was dark. My dad gave me this creepy look then walked away back to where mom was sleeping. I went down the small hall, where it got even colder, and I got more goosebumps, I am not one to feel evil often. I am a nice person and if a spirit is scary towards me, eerie in any way I typically try to calmly sort it out with them. I don't want to judge people, call spirits evil ect, I want to help and bring love, warmth to those who need it. I can't imagine why such an evil cold thing would enter my dream  :cry:  :shake: it made me sad.

I told my mom I didn't feel right, that I had a bad feeling that something evil was in the house. Then suddenly I heard Azraels voice, he was trying to tell me something. Then I felt his pull and whatever happened, Azrael yanked me out of the dream. I saw his arm and his shadowy form yank me out o.o

Then I woke up and thought about it for a while.

:( I don't like when I have bad dreams
Posted by: EnchantedEther on Feb. 09 2013,12:11 am

I dream vividly but not often. When I do dream I pay attention.

I had come home exhausted and passed out on my bed. I began to have this strange twirling sick feeling in my stomach and then I am riding in this older model brown car in my dream next to a corpse in poor condition and looking like it needed a nice dirt nap. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and told him to enjoy the ride! I remember a smell I can't describe. I want to say flowers but that's not quite right. I wasn't alone on the car ride besides the corpse, my friend Jen and two others I did not recognize were there and as we drove to a rickety yard with decaying vehicles and rotting metal laying about, I got this terrible feeling in my stomach that something was wrong with the car. Passing by the windows of the car are hospital stretchers with each of us on one. Then we are not in the car anymore but in a place that had lots of clocks I could not read. I hear a voice in my head and suddenly I am awake and on my hands and knees on my bed sweating and screaming at a shadow in the corner by my door, "NOT MY JEN!". Just out of nowhere as if it burst from my soul. The shadow disappears and in the blink of an eye I'm on the phone hardly taking a breath telling my friend Jen about the dream. Turns out she had just purchased a rust-brown car and was trying to decide whether to have it looked at before she drove it home when I called her trippin out. She decided to have it towed since I freaked her out and after it was looked at a mechanic said the brakes were shot and it was unsafe to drive. No brake fluid either.

The following night after finding out about her car I had the most beautiful dream. The shadow was there in what I can only describe as a void with a half light or light that looks far away but bright enough to see stuff. I impulsively grabbed the shadow to find it soft and smelling like that strange smell from the first dream and something like soil in the garden. I felt so safe and comfortable. I felt guilt that I yelled. I burst into tears and thanked the shadow with all my heart thinking He must have spared my friend from the previous death dream but what it said chills me still, "No laws were broken and it is as it is. I wondered what you would do." That threw me. I suppose He was just watching since nothing was going to happen anyway. Jen never drove it and scrapped it instead. I still dream of that wonderful smell.
Posted by: Necromorti on Sep. 10 2014,7:15 am

Necromantic dreams you say?

Oh ####... I usually get the typical dreams, but from time to time I have speciffical type of dreams "similiar to real life by the fellings inside of them" and for me thoses dreams are important - Because by them I know usually what is going to happen.

Example no.1 : I had a series of tooth dreams. Even at the end of July, I had a dream where I meet the gypsy, which showed me the ground in my park(my park actually is located at the old necropoly). When I took a look there - I saw a plenty of white tooth, similar to plants growing up from earth. The gypsy suggested me to get them for my own good.

And few days later my friend told me that he was about making some deal with me from xx time, but he decided to speak about it with me now - So here we go with the explanation of tooth dreams - whenever I had them , he were thinking about this deal with me.

example no.2: I had a dream at the end of 2013, to which my deadly grandfather get in. He told me one sentence "You have forgotten about something" and while I asked him what did I forget, he continued"About the castle, and the last one saved. The only one saved and one death. Remember about this person and the castle".
Similar to this one example is no.3" a dream in which I was talking with young men(in simillar age to mine). First the group of bats,were flying all over me - and this guy told me that this is normal, and its good for me. Then at the end of dream I had simmilar situation - but with bees.

I think that thoses two examples are connected - cause this days im working on getting into the abyss - And from the time perspective, I see that this connection seriously makes sense to me.

By the way - sorry for grammar mistakes, if I had took any of them while I wroted this  :cat:
Posted by: darkus markus on Oct. 05 2017,1:52 pm

Who are all those people inside my nightly dreams?  I do not recognize any of them whether they are playing supporting roles, major roles or are just extras.  Also I was wondering if these people are constructs of my subconscious mind or are actual people and if they are actual people are they amongst the living or are they from the dead?
  One thing is for sure aside from this, I dread dreaming about my dead dog growling or snapping or maiming or devouring me. It hasn't happened to me yet, as far as I can recall, and my recall is shitty.  Morgan had a dream about her cat snarling her but she knows how to deal with the guilt and anxiety over the incident.  I greatly admire her for that and wish I had the same capability.
Posted by: Morgan on Oct. 17 2017,10:49 am

Had a nice long dream of me and John (Jonathan was his later adopted name.) Frid having a nice long walk and philosophical discussion which I can't remember anything of.  Nice for him to give me a dreamscape visit.  I hope I get the same from David Selby, Lara Parker, Kathryn Leigh Scott and Alexandra Moltke if they go before me.
Posted by: darkus markus on Nov. 10 2017,12:44 pm

I know I am dreaming prolifically but now I am forgetting them as fast as I wake up... very frustrating... it's like losing part of your life... experiencing but not remembering...
Posted by: darkus markus on Dec. 12 2017,3:56 pm

Still not remembering part or parcel of what it is that I am dreaming.  At least it's only about 1/6 of my 24hr occupancy in the segmented realm of sunlight and darkness, not that my waking time is really any more fulfilling.  I feel as if my plugs are being pulled out of the wall and that there is nothing I can do about it except to take it in stride until it reaches some kind of ending.  Just hope that when it happens I can just close my eyes and accept the fate that comes to those who are like me.  I do not think it will be very pleasant.

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