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Lost Soul

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Joined: Oct. 2013
Posted: Oct. 25 2013,6:10 am

First we crawl before we walk mumble before we talkkn
Cry before we laugh
All this to grow and show
We see the world when we are innocent perfect,nothing could would or should bring us down but in this life hate to say fate takes it's toll so this is where and why I am here for u my dear relinquish those fears keeping u here hold strong stand tall I am here to catch shalt thou fall dont be afraid to shed those tears and this warm embrace and allow me wipe those Tears from ur beautiful face. Please oh don't hang Your head in disgrace you have stumbled path take my fathers.hand for he will help u stand and will guide you to the summerlands BLESSED YOUR SOUL AND WALK WITH ME AS AZRAEL SHALL GUIDE THEE

Blessed be life is empty without thee sad lonely lost so here i wait till the day we meet till then blessed be

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