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Topic: The Valley of AZRAEL, Gothic

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Posted: Dec. 10 2011,8:40 am

Greetings: Here is a new one i just wrote.The forums input as well as darkem and ladydeath is very welcomed.                                                                                   As  i walk through the valley  of death.I walk without fear,no more sorrow or selfish tears.within the valley of the shadow of death.  I smell autumns bittersweet and damp upturne earth that is naught of this earth.                                                                                           As i walk through the valley of the shadow of death.I scents a fragrance of dying jasmine so divine withering on along choking vine.As i walked through the valley of death. i  see shadows converse.Moving slowly throght the valley like a long black hearse.                                                                                       As i walk through the Valley of death,ther i do find Azrael outside space and time.Ever an old friend even after the fleshes end.For i know now he is naught the end.

Scott C.

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Posted: Dec. 10 2011,10:18 am

Not bad content, but again, you gotta reformat and check syntax.  Hard to read as it is.


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