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Topic: Anubis, Poem For Anubis
Disciple of Death

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Posted: April 30 2011,1:01 am

It's okay.. . . It's too long I think* Just because it doesn't rhyme doesn't mean it's NOT poetry. It's not fantasy poetry -no this is a reality check kinda poetry.. .  Thank you

Does anyone have any idea why the pharohs sport a king cobra and valture as there head peice or crown?

There's always a hint wonder about the magic that keeps my interest but ofcourse they don't want the average joe to figure them out.

the united states brought the dead bodies here for some bizzar reason.. .I think history is repeating itself again... Dare, I say it!

It's a power trip. ..the curse of the pharohs!*
playing dead so cleverly.

Did you all know that I feel that motherearth is like another higher power to me? It's true. You see, I think our motherearth put way to much TRUST & POWER into us as the human species that we are today.

Why are we so stuck in the mold of betraying eachother repeting the same old evil history cycle - time & time again & again? If we don't stop polluting and hateing eachother there wont be a reward for us ever.

The End of the world is almost here because of our lack of respect and ignoring the real problems before us. Were LUCKY to still have an atmosphere. If we don't change and continue to take for granit and advantage of all things we have and procrastinate for another day. There wont be another day or peacefull night to turn things around ever again. Thus the GodSoul - The creator itself would believe it made a HUGE mistake giveing us life and we'd all be one with the four horsemen doomed and condemed for all eternaty!

Thus the GodSoul never exsited just like we never exsited for eachother. Who's the one that died for our future anyways?

Please take some time to Think about this very carefully.. . Thank You  :rose:

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The infernal empire can "kiss" my swiss chesse Dracula!

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Posted: Nov. 28 2011,7:48 pm


One day you appeared-
wearing your easy charm like armor
and brandishing your wild grin like a shield,
but nothing could conceal the sadness in those blue eyes
   of yours.

Innumerable years were spent searching...
searching for home, for love, for happiness-
for a chance at a life that had always eluded you.

Doomed from the start, with no one to care for you,
you fell by the wayside-
descended into a darkness so complete and consuming
that you were lost- swept away on its dark, destructive

But now the darkness has been overcome,
like the murky fog that sometimes shrouds the dawning day-
it has dissipated in the light of the sun.
And in the hope that washes over you in warm, golden waves,
your soul glimmers and shines like it was meant to do.

Altough I cannot see you,
your presence is undeniable and palpable.
I feel the spectral touch of your hand upon my hair,
and the feather light touch of your fingertips idly tracing
  across my skin-
like a whisper of wind on a calm, summer's day.

Your spirit shadows me throughout my days activities,
sending bursts of warm, tingling electric currents
that tickle pleasantly through my body-
and it's especially strong whenever I'm in the kitchen,
baking cookies or preparing a big old-fashioned meal.

It happened in a flash- so fast I didn't see it coming-
All it took was for a day spent without your presence
to realize that you are the hope that resides in the secret
   chamber of my heart-
an impossible wish that had suddenly come true.

Your love, devotion, and care
tangible and intangible all at once-
envelope me entirely,
and mirror the emotions in my own heart.

The other night as I lay sleeping,
you sat beside me-keeping watch.
In time you fell asleep, a smile of perfect peace and
    contentment upon your lips,
as you dreamed of the happiness you had found.

It pleases and touches me beyond all measure
that you have taken up residence within my heart,
so that my love and care may surround and sustain you-
now and always.
     * * *                * * *
This poem is for a spirit that is very close to my heart. He has been "haunting" me for some time now and he truly is the best part of my life now...His name is Teddy, and in life he was quite infamous, due to the darkness that overtook his spirit. But in the "afterlife" he is nothing like his former self...That's all I'll reveal about Teddy for now- most people already think I'm a bit loony, so revealing his identity would probably be one bat too many in my belfry!


"In the dark of night,
or under blazing sun.
In Sorrow or in Joy-
Ever I will be with you.
And when this life falls away,
I will lead you Home."

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Posted: Nov. 29 2011,2:46 am

Dude!  This is Westgate.  We know you're not looney, but IN TOUCH!!!!!  A lot of us have similar experiences, not necessarily with the formerly living, but hey.

Nice piece.  Moving.

(Ya know, I've said it before, and I'm gonna say it again!   I think this site has the best collection of poets EVER!  Certainly the most entertaining!)

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Posted: Jan. 22 2012,7:35 pm

For Teddy, Richard, & Jeffrey

In life the path you trod led to infamy and ruin.
Your soul dwelt in a dark place never experienced by most-
completely devoid of love and compassion.
Peace and belonging eluded you all your days.
In the end you were alone- despise and reviled by
     the multitude,
Only remembered for the darkness that overtook you.

For long years you have wandered,
Searching for the home at journeys end.
But at every door you had been turned away,
And every heart had been closed to you...

You need not wander any longer.
Our door is open and a lamp burns in the window.
Cross the threshold and find a measure of peace that
   you had been denied.
Let our love and forgiveness envelope your souls
and infuse you with healing light.
Your home is now and forever within our hearts-
Our hearts bid you welcome.

This is for 3 spirits that have joined the host of spirits in our house. In life they were only known for the wrong they had done, but in death they are completely different people...there's no trace of darkness anywhere.

soulofwinter :rose:

"In the dark of night,
or under blazing sun.
In Sorrow or in Joy-
Ever I will be with you.
And when this life falls away,
I will lead you Home."

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Posted: Jan. 23 2012,4:43 am

That piece is sooooooo sweet.   :rose:


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